WordPress Basics – Easier Than You Think

You may not be computer savvy when it comes to learning software like WordPress, but you do not have to worry.  With the ‘easy to understand’ training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, you will find yourself growing in leaps and bounds.  As the title suggests, learning wordpress is easier than you think.  You do not have to learn masses of code to create a stunning site.  If there is any, it is minimal.

Remember that as a Starter Member with Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 free websites.  With these you can practice creating your site.

So let’s begin..


In the picture, you will notice Step 2 is where you  build your website.  This is done in 3 steps.


1.  Under Training on the left-hand side of your computer screen, you will see a picture looking like this;


Click on Site Builder.

2.  This will open a new window looking like this:


If you are a Starter Member you would click on ‘On a free domain’.  If you  have become a Premium Member, it would be either free domain or ‘register a domain’. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will get 25 free domains and 25 domains that you pay for.  As each domain is just $13 a year, you  will see that you are getting a lot for your money. It will take you a long time before you use up all your domains.

3.   After clicking on the domain button, you  will come up with this:


All you do is follow the steps.  Choose a domain name with dashes between words or capitalise the first letter of each word  in your domain name without spaces.  It should sum up in a nutshell the concept or topic of your niche.  I have written a post on niche selection which you can check out here.

Enter a title for your website – simply your domain name but with spaces.


3.  Choose a design for your website.  In other words a ‘Theme’.

As a Starter member, there are 12 themes to pick from and as a Premium you will have more than 3000. and you only need one to start with.

Pick a theme that you  not only like, but find it easy to navigate around. This simply means when you  type in some words – they look right, and are where you want them  on the page.  Also, when you start to add images, you can place them where you want with ease.

Once you have chosen a theme you like, click ‘install‘ and then ‘activate‘ The theme will look a little diferent from the original until you add and fill it in with posts, images and menus.  Let’s call it a skeleton theme.

Now that your new site is up you must activate two important Plugins.  These are All In One SEO and EWWW Image Optmiser.   All In One SEO  manages the search engine optimisation of your site – that is everything to do with making ranking easier.  The image optimiser makes sure any pictures or images you upload to your posts do not slow your site down and are of the right size.

Delete the ‘Hello World’ Post

Next, you can delete the default posts, pages and comments to make way for your own.  For more detail on how to do this, just read Kyle’s training;

Every time you type in a phrase into Google search bar, you will notice a list of related sites come up and run into lots of pages. Google is called a ‘Search Engine’ and holds a database of 1000s of sites related to every search term under the sun.  Sites are ranked in order of relevance, authority and ease of navigation.  So you will learn SEO basics (Search Engine Optimization) to enable your site get good enough rankings to be on Page 1 of Google.

Sites on page 1 have more viewers and therefore higher cashflow.

After logging in to your WordPress site, you will see a Dashboard.  This has a list of the site’s properties that you can add to , edit and customise.

You can create posts and pages.  As your site is more of a blog with archives of posts – this is the function we will use to create your content.  Your ‘About Me’ and ‘Prvacy Policy’ Pages will not be included in what is called your blogroll (list of posts).  They are stand-alone items for your site.

Your About Me page will be a short story about yourself and the purpose of your site.  Your Privacy Page is set in standard format in a template created by Kyle – co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can find your templates in what is known as Site Content.

It will make your writing easier and works seamlessly alongside WordPress.  If you have a knowledge of MS Word for Windows – it is similar to that.


Creating Your First Post

In WordPress, after you have logged in, you will be faced with a page looking like this:



Updates  stands for any new changes made to plugins you have activated.

All in One SEO  is a standard plugin recommended for all WA members’ sites. It enables your site to run more efficiently

Posts mean just that – normally arranged in date order.  Containing your content.  Whenever you add content and publish it online, it is called a ‘post’.

Media means any imagery you put on your site.  This  could be photos, cartoons, logos, videos or podcasts (audio).

Pages are not part of your ‘blogroll’ (series of posts) and are normally ‘srand alone’.  They are normally placed at the top or bottom of your site – in what is called the footer’.

Comments  are a section normally at the bottom of each post (but above the footer).  They are views, questions, replies and comments made by viewers and the site adminisrator or editor.

Appearance represents changing the design of your site.  This could be background colour, font size, theme design,  menu and widget placement.

Plugins are ‘add-ons’ to your site that improve it’s functionality.  For example – Child Theme Configurator, Share Buttons, Contact Form 7 to name a few out of the thousands that can be installed.  The standard rule of thumb when building your site is to only have not more than 5 plugins in a site.  Because they can slow the speed of your site down.

Users simply means Administrators of your site – The default is set to ‘admin’ which you should change to your chosen user name. The admin person has the authority to make changes to modify the  site design, content and themes.


Creating a Child Theme

A child theme is a copy of your chosen theme design with all its attributes.  Meaning all your content, with header images and footers, fonts, background colour, menus and widgets, etc are exactly where you put them.

The advantage of making a copy of your theme (called the Parent theme) is – if you delete it or make drastic changes that you might regret making later – you have the Child Theme already in place.

It’s also a good idea to make a Child theme especially if you  decide to change to a different theme design to see whether it would suit your niche market better.

Let me show you what I mean;


  1. Install and activate a theme and put some content on it by writing a post
  2. Next, install and activate Child Theme Configurator plugin
  3. Go to Tools  and click on Child Themes in the wordpress dashboard. You should be brought to a page saying “Thank you for installing Child Theme Configurator”
  4. Further down this page, click on the button for ‘Create a New Child Theme’
  5. Select your parent theme (in this case, it is ‘Sparkling’)
  6. Click the blue button “Analyze’ and all the attributes of the parent theme will be copied over to the Child Theme.

Phew – No Coding!


There is more to learn and that is why I don’t want to overwhelm you.  Everything I show here is what I have learned on the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.

There are lots of other programs out there that are very good.  The difference is that you have plenty of support from other members of  WA who have more expertise.  As the months go by if and when you join, you will find that you are learning, doing and teaching others what you  have learnt.

Learn from the best and you will become like them.

Here are a few examples:


Okay, these are simple screenshots.  There are more than 100,000 members in Wealthy Affiliate – all at different levels of the training program and all at different points of success with their websites.  The best are ranked from 1-200.  It is easy to get there, apply what you learn and share it with others who are new as well as veteran.

You learn at your own speed.  If your computer breaks down like mine did – you simply get it fixed and carry on from where you left off.  Consistency and a willingness to learn is all you need.


You can do this!  If you would like to know more, just leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to help.




  1. Hi Stella,

    Thanks for sharing the process when it comes to building a website,

    I do consider myself quite good when it comes to computers, but when I made my first website with Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago I had to ask a number of times to site support (wealthy affiliates support team) and the community to get me on the right track. 

    Now I have set up websites it’s become even easier as I have got used to the process, however there are still things I need to practice and learn with it comes to WordPress

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Josh, 

      I must admit everything I have written I learned from Wealthy Affiliate training.  At least I hope I come over as clear to understand!

  2. I created a website with wealthy affiliate and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been. They really do provide everything you need to get going with step-by-step tutorials that walk you through the whole process. It’s been amazing and I’m really happy with my website right now and where it’s going.

    I’ve surprised myself with the amount I’ve been able to learn so quickly and the beautiful website that I’ve been able to put together. I have even learned a couple of simply codes that I can use to enhance the site as well, although as you said you don’t need the codes to create an awesome website.

    • Hi Mariah, yes it is quite easy to use WordPress and build a beautiful site.

      And you are learning code too?  More grease to your elbows!

  3. I was glad you explained the child theme more–I was confused about that and learned a lot about how to do it and what it’s for from your post. Thanks! I’m glad I don’t need to have extensive website design experience to use wordpress, that’s so nice. I find I still have lots of technical issues that I rely on my techy husband to help with, but soon enough I’ll learn.

    • Hi Holly, I am very pleased you understood it as I am not too techy myself.  

      This goes to show that if you stick with Wealthy Affiliate, take notes and ask questions – the training material will stick and you will be training others in no time – no matter what niche you are in…

      I wish you all the best!

  4. Stella,

    After reading your great review of Income League, I wanted to check out more of your site. Since I am relatively new to using WordPress, this article stood out for me.

    I like how you give easy directions for setting it up and using it. I had never heard about making the “child theme.” That is a really good idea. I have been known to delete things from time-to-time!

    When I moved one of my sites from another domain to Wealthy Affiliate, I used site support and they were such a wonderful team of experts. They were able to tell me in just a couple of messages what I needed to do to make my site active!

    • Hi Karin, it’s really good to know you enjoyed reading my review.  I will try and do at least 2 a week as there are so many of them to choose from.

      And yes, a child theme is very important to create.  A more experienced WA member turned me on to the idea.  I am glad I listened!  Site Support are wonderful aren’t they?  Where would we be without them?

  5. Thank you for your informative article about WordPress Basics. I am a new affiliate marketer. I joined Wealthy affiliate in last month and I am still in the learning process. This is a very useful article for me. Thank you for describing each step of creating a website. It is really amazing how one can create a website here at wealthy affiliate without any prior experience. Thanks for this article. Keep up the good work. 

    • Thanks Fahim and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

      You will get plenty of support if you need help with setting up your site.

      I wish you all the best,


  6. Hallo there Stella, 

    I just joined wealthy affiliate and I’m loving the experience thus far.

    I was trying to learn more about WordPress to get acquainted fast with the things there so as to move faster and am very happy I got to your post.

    You have offered lots of value here and what I liked the most is the child and parent theme. This is something I have been hearing many people talking about and you have put it into perspective so well for me.

    Thanks a lot. I will be stopping by again to read your other posts. 

    Have a good day!

    • Thanks Dave!

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.  I am sure you are in for a great journey in affiliate marketing.  All you need is consistency and determination to succeed and you will.

      All the best,


  7. Even though I’m now quite familiar with the WordPress dashboard, I know there is tons of stuff I haven’t yet learned and for sure tricks I will come across as I go.

    I have seen the terms “parent site” and “child site” several times before but I had no idea what exactly that meant or how to create such a thing.

    Thank you for explaining this concept and why it is a good idea to have a child theme. This would have been helpful for me to know before I played with my theme a few weeks back hah. Thanks so much!

    • That’s alright Shannon,

      I learned a lot of things from trial and error and also following the more successful WA members in the Top 200. They have lots of excellent trainings!

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