What Thrive Leads Is

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin designed by the founder of Thrive Architect – Shane Melaugh… It is used for creating and designing opt in or contact forms for your website.

Thrve Architect Video Tutorial Pic


  • Thrive Leads’ Features include;

  • Templates (you can either use default templates or design your own opt in form on a blank template)

  • Animation

  • Editing function

  • Video

  • Icons

  • CTA button (Call To Action)

  • Background colour configuration

  • Text (Font type, size, colour)

  • Images

  • And the List goes on

As I mentioned earlier, you can use Thrive Leads default templates and replace the text with your own words.

Simply click on the content box where the text is and highlight the text.  Then replace the text with your own wording.

It is more cost effective to be a Thrive Member.  This way, you get access to all of Thrive Architect plugins.  This includes, Landing Pages, Thrive Headline Tester, Thrive Clever Widgets, Thrive Quizzes, etc.

Choosing to get the plugins separately will set you back $67 each time for a single license.  It will come up to hundreds of dollars if you do this.

This is why, through Jerry Huang’s tutorial on WA Bootcamp Hacks, I decided to be a Thrive Member.  It is a bit of a learning curve but if you are patient and spend enough time going through the product tutorials, you will  be up and running by the end of one month.

WA Bootccaamp Hacks

24/7 Support

As a Thrive Member you get access to Support and Thrive University.  Anything that is technical is sorted out within hours..

In Thrive University, you can learn everything from Copywriting techniques to List Building and Landing Page Design.

I was really glad that I bought into Thrive Membership and I had to use FileZilla to transfer my files to WordPress and activate the License.  I had plenty of support from Wealthy Affiliate Help Centre and have my plugins running smoothly.

Thrive Architect has recently been updated and you just need to go into the Product Manager and upload and install your plugns.  All done in 5 minutes!

Thrive Leads

Though I am new to Thrive Leads and creating Opt In forms, I managed to put a Contact Form on my posts and put them in the sidebar as Widgets.

I also managed to connect the Thrive Leads opt in form button to my autoresponder.

What You Will Need For Opt In (Contact Form) Creation

  • WordPress

  • An Autoresponder Service

  • Thrive Architect

  • IdPLR (optional)

  • Persistence!

  1. WordPress  You can learn how to create a site with Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.  This is 5 Courses; 10 lessons each.  Once you have created and edited 10 posts (pages of content, you can begin to market your posts.
  2.  There is a big choice of autoresponders; from ConvertiKit, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Aweber to Mailerite and Get Response etc.  You will need one to send your email messages to your subscribers.
  • Magistudio’s Webinar Series from March and August 2018 are focused on Email Marketing and      List Building.  Magistudios is Wealthy  Affiliate’s Member No. 3 and he works alongside WA founders, Kyle and Carson.
  • Fresh Webinars are created every week by him.  As they are live, you can watch the Webinar Recording if you do not want to stay up late to watch them. You will miss the 20 minute Live Q&A session at the end though!
  • Thrive Architect Membership Costs $228 ($19 monthly) for the whole year. As I said before, you get plenty of plugins to choose from, including Thrive Leads.
  • IdPLR; This is optional, but is useful for using as blog content, creating emails, newsletters and bonus reports. The material comes in ebook format, audio podcasts and also templates and video.  All you need to do is modify them and give it away or re-sell as your own.

IdPLR is $147 for Lifetime Membership (1 payment only)

As you can see this is way less expensive than hiring and outsourcing a writer who you will also have to train to write in your style.  NO Thank you…

If you want to find out more about creating your website in 3 steps just click here…

If you have any questions about Thrive Leads or Thrive Architect, do so in the Comments Section and I will get back to you.





42 thoughts on “What Thrive Leads Is”

  1. Hi Stella, I’m also a Thrive Themes member and have access to Thrive Leads. Like you, I also think it saves money to get the full package for $19/month rather than just $67 for each use…but it’s all personal preference I guess.

    It’s been quite a learning curve for me too but I feel the Thrive Themes training is super helpful and their support is very good too.

    Have you used any other plugins like this before? How does Thrive Leads compare?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      This is my first time using Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect. It is the most cost effective one. Clickfunnels I had a look at, but it is to expensive for me!

      I normally spend at least 2 hours daily making sure the widgets are in the right place and all links working. This is the stage I’m at now…

  2. STELLA! Great article, I never thought of doing an email campaign with my WA affiliate reviews. I think I missed the boat with emails! I gotta step up my game here! Thanks so much for the good information, and keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Stella,

    WordPress has been such a powerful tool and the amount of plugin posibilities is just staggering. Thank you very much for your review of Thrive Leads as a possible tool to assist with making our sites better.

    What would you say is the ideal setting to use this tool and is there a specific type of site that is best suited for these theme such as electronics or gardening?


    • Thrive Architect is specifically designed for high converting landing pages and optin forms…You can use them in any niche. Once you havethis, you won’t need so many other WPress plugins.

      I realised Thrive Leads is part of Thrive Architect and is useful for optin widgets, and opt in form types of your choice. This could be lightbox, slider, sticky or widget.  

      I prefer to use the default templates and adjust the text rather than start from a blank template.

      Definitely check them out!

      To Your Success!


  4. I am so glad I came across this information on Thrive Leads! I have been trying to create contact forms for my website without much luck. I have tried several WordPress plugins and none of them work the way I want. Or once I create the form, I can’t even find it! This looks perfect for me and what I need.

    As a Thrive member, I understand there is a cost. Also, I am pretty new to all of this. What is an autoresponder service? I have heard of Mailchimp, but how does that work? and why do I need it?

    Thanks again for your review! I think this will work for me and it sounds like as a member I get a lot more than just the ability to create forms. I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Karin,

      If you follow Jay’s Training (Magistudios) you will find a lot of information on Email Marketing and List Building.

      Check out his webinars from March and August 2018.  All in Live Events..

      I suggest you take your time and work at your own pace.  It took me 2 months of replaying Jay’s videos to fully understand how email marketing works.

      Then I followed Jerry Huang’s tutorials and became a Thrive Member.  Much cheaper than Clickfunnels!

      To your success!

  5. Thanks for this article, it is really helpful. I believe  thrive leads will make it easier for people looking to start blogging such as myself to create their own website easily and it will help them to have a great traffic to their site. 

    Thanks for this post it is quite helpful. I would definitely share this article with my friends and family. I believe this will help them.

    • Thanks Oloyede,

      Yes, Thrive Leads is a very useful plugin to have.  I am pleased you enjoyed reading about it.

      To your success!

  6. Hi, you’ve got me interested in thrive leads. I will have to do some more research on it. I like Jerry’s training you recommended. I will look into that a bit more as well. It seems like quite the learning curve though. I do promote be WA in one of my websites and hope to be able to apply this to get more referrals.Thanks for the great review of thrive leads. 

    • Hi Jagi,

      Am really glad that Thrive Leads is of interest to you.  Yes it needs a learning curve but remember after you apply the video training of Thrive Leads and other Thrive Architect plugins, it will get easier with time.

      To Your Success!


  7. Hi Stella

    Thrive leads certainly does look like a good idea. I had not previously considered using it – do you find that it really is worth the monthly subscription? And could you tell us what else is included in the Thrive Architect subscription please?

    Do you have to pay extra for idPLR? That sounds like something I could really use!!

    I would think that anyone who is really new to working online would need to go through Wealthy Affiliate’s training before starting with Thrive Leads, would you agree with that?

    Thank you so much for a really informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie, 

      I paid for the whole year for Thrive Architect… It contains plenty of plugins; from Thrive Leads for Optin Form creation, to Clever Widgets, Landing Pages.  You get 24/7 support from Support Team.

      There are too many plugins to mention.  Just go to Thrive Themes website and you can peruse to your heart’s content.

      Every since buying Thrive Architect, I do not need anymore plugins.  Thrive University which is very detailed is another part of what you get  for the deal.  

      Highly worth it and I use it every day.

  8. I have used thrive themes to build my first sales funnel and I think it is a great product for beginners. Much better in my mind compared to clickfunnels as it doesn’t have the ridiculous upfront cost. It can be glitchy sometimes but everything seems to be well integrated. What is your intention with using thrive themes? Do you intend to build any sales funnels with Thrive Architect?

    • Hi Elan,

      I have put Thrive Widgets in my sidebar in all my posts and spent time learning from Jay’s training webinars on Email marketing and list building.

      The 2 trainings go hand in hand. I am still implementing my email list building strategy… It is a funnel yes. Without upsells and downsells though.

  9. This sounds like a really good wordpress plug in and could be something I would think about in the future.

    Are there any similar free plugins that do a good enough job? I will definitely think about using Thrive Leads but currently, since my site is very new, I don’t think it would be worth me investing in it just yet. 

    Thanks for the review though, it will be very helpful in the future 🙂

    • I agree Joe, wait until you have about 15 posts or pages up on your site ready for publishing.  Before marketing it.  However, an optin form in the early stages can be very useful to you.

  10. it look really interesting. I have seen many platforms that are like Wealth affiliate. I would like to know…

    What the difference between wealthy affiliate university and thrive university?

    I am a newbie and that is why I do not understand much about this kind of topics…

    I would really appreciate your answer! Thank you beforehand!

    • Hello Fredery,

      Wealthy Affiliate trains you to build a business around your passion. It teaches you about WordPress and how to create and edit your site(s).

      Thrive Architect is a suite of plugins to help you build your site effectively.  I use Thrive Leads to build my Optin forms.  That is, the part where, people enter their emails to sign up to my email list.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Great write up Stella, I have never used thrive leads but I’ve used thrive architect and several thrive themes and my opinion is that they are just perfect. 

    I have never ran any email campaign or lead generation funnel for any of my site or product. But anytime soon I’ll be launching my very first email campaign and with this honest review of yours I think thrive leads will be a good fit for me. 

    One quick question, how fast will I learn to use thrive leads? and are there any limitations as to the leads generated.

    • Hi Lok…

      The speed at which you learn Thrive Leads is totally up to you.  All you need do is follow the training and ask Support Team when stuck.

      You simply add your Thrive Leads form where you want on your posts and that is it. The hard part is designing the form.  But you can use a default template and just reword the text to suit you.

      To your success,


  12. Hi, this is an interesting option. I know Jerry from WA too and his website looks really good and is very successful too. I’m not ready yet to invest another $19.00 per month but keep an eye on the thrive option.

    So far I work with the “Elementor” plugin, a free version that too allows drag and drop editing. There are buttons and all kinds of stuff. The opt-in form I create at the autoresponder site itself, that is included there.

    I think with time I have to change my system due to slow site loading times, I think this might be caused by the elementor plugin.

    • Hi,

      I realised I was spending a lot of money on monthly subscriptions so got my Premium yearly membership along with Thrive Membership.  I paid yearly for that too.  I still pay monthly for Jaaxy and Depositphotos for stock photos and images though.

  13. Hi stella, Good writeup

    Thanks for bringing to our knowledge Thrive Leads, it seems like a good tools to help bloggers new and old, haven’t tried it yet but i will soon, there is so much to learn and so much to try . please continue to keep us posted on your endeavor with Thrive Leads so we can as well learn from your experiences good or bad.

    • Hi Zuchii,

      I got the idea to use Thrive Leads from Jerry Huang, WA Member.  He wrote a training series called WA Bootcamp Hacks. One of his resources was Thrive Architect, so I got it.

      He is a very up and coming person.  One to watch out for on Wealthy Affiliate.

      Apart from the learning curve, I can’t fault Thrive Leads yet!

  14. Hi there,
    Thanks for such a comprehensive article – i thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve been a passive income earner in affiliate marketing for the past 5 years now; still learning new stuff every day and your post had a few great nuggets in there too 🙂 thank you!

    Have a lovely day!


    • Hi Karina,

      Glad you enjoyed reading about Thrive Leads. It is possible to liven up a website with their templates!

      Affiliate marketing is not just work for me, but also fun. I am sure your feel the same way.
      To Your Success,


  15. That is such a good article of what Thrive Leads is and being my first time to hear of it, I am impressed that I can do so much with it.  Its interesting to note that it has many features such as animation, editing function, video and icons and the fact that it has a 24 hours support is a great plus!  Thank you

    • Yes, Rutz,

      There is plenty of online support with Thrive Leads.  I paid for Thrive Architect as  it contains a host of other plugins like Thrive Quizzes, Thrive Apprentice, etc.  

      Check them out!

  16. Great post! I’m always on the lookout for a solid WordPress plugin and will definitely be checking this one out further through your page here. I really like how you listed the features very clearly in bullet points straight away and you went on to explain Thrive Leads very well. Wealthy Affiliate is a great online platform and community and I encourage all who read your post to follow your links! All in all this is a very positive and helpful post, well done!

    • Thanks Pentrental,

      I would consider myself still a beginner when it comes to marketing and have a lot to learn.  Thrive Leads is actually a plugin you buy from Thrive Themes.  Thrive Architect is their all-in-one plugin set and is cheaper than buying them separately.

      Glad you enjoyed reading the article though!

  17. I think I will understand better by becoming one of the thrive leads members. Am just seeing this for the first time. The reason being that, am just a beginner and learning fast in becoming a veteran blogger very soon. The little information I got about thrive leads  would definitely be of help in creating a nice looking website. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Stella,

      I would suggest you have at least 10 pages on your site before going into optin form creation which has a bit of a learning curve.  Check out Magistudios Email Marketing Strategy  in Live Events on WA.  I learnt everything about email marketing from his webinars.  Very useful indeed.  If you get stuck, all you need to do is watch the video over and over til you get its message.

      However, if you already have 10 pages, it would be better to buy Thrive Architect as it contains all the plugins you would ever need.  It also worlks out cheaper than buying their plugins separately.

  18. Hi Stella, I just found this post from last year, but it is very relevant and contains great information! I have started using Mailchimp to funnel to my email campaign and I also use HelloBar. I haven’t got much traffic to my optin page so I’m very interested to see how Thrive can help. Maybe I missed it, but is there a free option to be able to check it out before I commit?

    • No Tama,

      There isn’t a free option for Thrive Leads.  I bought Thrive Architect which is the all-in-one plugin set that Thrive have created.  I am very satisfied with my optin form design and will be using their Thrive Quizz and Thrive Apprentice for making course outlines for my site.

      The only way I suggest you can get instant traffic to your site is either by Pay per click (PPC) or going to a forum that is in the same niche as your site.  PPC is instant traffic and I explain more about it on my site.

      However, it is best to set up your optin form first, then when you have got traffic from PPC (for example) they have an optin form to contact you via email…

      All the best,


  19. Hi,

    I have recently created a website and I need to set up a way of getting people to opt in to a mailing list. Thrive Leads is not a plug in that I am familiar with until now. Do you find that it gets you a better response than using a Mailchip pop up opt in form?

    • Hi Tom,

      I only just set up my optin forms before my computer broke down.  I am still relatively new to it and am yet to have people use the form. I actually use Thrive Leads for my optin form design and Aweber for connection to my site.  Hope this is clear?!  

      Aweber and Mailchimp are specifically for setting up optin forms on your site.  Magistudios has made videos on WA in ‘Live Events’ that explain more about email marketing and optin form strategy. 

      The plug in is great and Thrive Themes website has a community of helpers to fix anything regarding your site.  I actually dived in and bought Thrive Architect (all the plugins they have in an all-in-one set).

      If you read Jerry Huang’s WA posts regarding setting up a website, you will find he recommended Thrive Architect.  I am very happy with it. 

      All the best,


  20. I’ve never heard about it and it seems to be a shame. It seems this covers everything what I’m missing for my page. I’m going to try it out, and of course, take the best deal they have. Thanks a lot for sharing it, it will be a very good help for me! 

    • Don’t worry Emmanuel,

      Til I joined WA  in November 2017, I had never heard of Thrive Leads either…. But thanks to Jerry Huang, I have…You might as well get Thrive Architect instead of buying the Thrive plugins separately and save some money..

      Have a pleasant day!

  21. Good to hear that it’s a really straightforward system and that you get all the support you need on top of a bunch of services. The pricing seems about right based on your description of the features, though I’m not experienced enough to judge myself. I suppose these kinds of services are there to give their users an extra edge and make their lives easier. Might check it out and see if it’s useful for me

    • Yes Faheem,

      Go ahead and check out Thrive Leads – which is part of Thrive Architect (plugins).  I am sure you will not be disappointed!


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