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Hi – welcome to this short guide to Wealthy Affiliate. Training.


First some background info

My name is Stella and like yourself, I got tired of the rat race and decided to Google “make money online”.


I stumbled across affiliate marketing by accident and came across a site called Data Entry Bank. All I needed to do was make some tiny ads that appear in page 1  of Google.   People would search and click for what I was advertising and I got paid 75% commission. After 3 weeks I made £500 and was over the moon. 


But then the hard part came in. I did not know how to make a connection with the people who bought from me with a website and an email campaign.


So people bought and I never heard from them again.


Years passed before I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate whose step-by-step training taught me how to create a website and an email list. This short guide is to show you how you can  create money with affiliate marketing and especially what it is.


Affiliate marketing is basically you being paid a commission every time someone buys from a link that you are promoting on your site.  Every time someone buys from an affiliate network like Amazon or Clickbank product offer that you are promoting, you get paid.   How cool is that?


You don’t need to have stock, a shop, pay for rent, pay for delivery or do customer service or deal with refunds. You don’t even have to leave your house if the product that you are promoting is digital.  If you have a computer and an internet connection you’re good to go. All you need is set up your affiliate marketing  system and this is how you do it.  First, you need to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and you will have access to the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneurship Certification.


You will also get 2 free domains or internet marketing space to build your sites.


Don’t worry – you don’t need to know any code. Your site can be anything on any niche or market segment of the 

  1. health

     2. wealth or

    3.  relationship industry 


Narrow your choice to be really specific as you will be writing and creating content for your site  This could be in video or written format.


Please note, although Wealthy Affiliate is mainly for creating an authority site of 50 or more pages, you can still just create a 20 page site if you want.


Once you create your site and have at least 10 pages or posts on it, Join Aweber which is an autoresponder service.There are many more autoresponding services that you can choose from, but Aweber is one of the most established services and gives lots of support and instructions for you to follow if you get stuck.  This service helps you build a relationship with your visitors through email.


There is Wealthy Affiliate training on setting up your email campaign. Run by Jay Neil or rather called Magistudios. Email campaigns can  be anything from 5 emails to 20 or more.


Your goal is to build a relationship with your visitors and let them in on offers you promote every 5th email.   Remember do not bombard with offers.


First give 80% inspirational content and 20% promotion of your irresistible offer. Then drive traffic to your site with the help of social media or Pay-per-click where you pay for Google  ads to show up on the first page of Google. Pinterest is a great visual search engine that you can use to drive traffic to your site.


You can even create Facebook groups around your niche and highlight your site links on your Facebook business pages. You receive all the training you need in Wealthy affiliate just follow the steps and after your first month it is $49 per month or $495 per year.  That may seem expensive but if you compare it to a college degree you’re really getting good value training


 I cannot fault it for pennies on the dollar. You can also do the Affiliate Bootcamp which is also included the price and earn money promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Check out this page to grab the juicy details. 


Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take you time to write and create content for 10 to 20 pages for your site. You have to put up all the affiliate links to various networks on your site that you want to use. Edit and put up relevant images and share content to social media


The good thing is once you’ve got your affiliate system setup it will run on autopilot and you will earn money. Enough to quit your job.


Just remember: 


  •  Create content for your website and edit.
  •  add affiliate links and visual images like photos pictures that are benefit 
  • Get indexed and ranked on Google
  • Promote you posts and links  on social media to drive traffic to your site 
  1. promote offers through to your email visitors.


If you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


 If I don’t know the answer I’ll point you in the right direction to someone who knows more than me as there are other Wealthy Affiliate members who are willing to help.


You can find them in the very active Live Chat on WA or technical support (Health Centre).


So what are you waiting for?