Udemy – Worth It’s Weight In Gold?

As you know by now, I am a Wealthy Affiliate member for good reason.  However, before I became a member, I regularly visited Udemy to pick and choose courses that I was interested in.  Continue reading my review to see whether it is worth it’s weight in gold…


Website:               Udemy.com

Course Prices:    $0-$200+

Founders:             Erin Bali, Oktay Cagler and Gagan Biyani

Overall Rating:  8/10




General Overview

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults of all ages. It is in the business of using content from online content creators (teachers) to sell for  profit.  This content is mostly in video format, but also includes PDFs and other formats that students can choose from.   Udemy also provides tools which enables experienced people of most subjects, to create a course, promote it and earn money from tuition charges.

Udemy courses are used as a means of improving job-related skills. Some of the courses generate credit towards certificates.  What Udemy has done is make an effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees in their company.

As of 2018, there are 65,000 courses and counting on the website. The range of subjects covered is wide and includes IT and software, Health and Fitness, Languages, Music and Online Marketing Strategies.

The prices of the courses are often heavily discounted which is one of the attractions of Udemy. Obviousy, some would think that there maybe a hidden reason for this, but I find that even the discounted courses are of good quality.


I was a Udemy Student

In 2016, I bought a course called ‘Clickbank Success Affiliate Marketing Without a Website’  by KC Tan

In his Udemy bio, it said KC Tan is experienced in developing professional websites for business owners and helping them to market their business online through search engine optimisation (SEO).  Today, he is involved with training using Udemy as a leading platform, bringing his expertise to students and businesses alike. They learn how to market their business online.

As the course was especially geared towards people who DID NOT have a website, I signed up for the course and followed the videos which KC presented in clear easy-to-follow instructions.

When choosing an instructor to learn from in Udemy, I always look at their rating which is out of 5 stars. I also look at the previews of the video lessons in the course before I buy it. This helps give an informed decision based on the teacher’s delivery style,  and, ease of understanding his lessons to put them into practice.

Clickbank Success scored 4.5 out of 5 stars. It also had 4,659 Reviews with a total number of 49,500+ students that KC Tan had taught in his Udemy courses.



Udemy courses are mostly heavily discounted.  For example, ‘Clickbank Success’  is still currently on offer for £19.99 this month of March 2018, down from £194.99.

Course Description

Each course includes;

  • The number of hours in video you will be watching
  • The number of articles the videos cover
  • Supplemental resources you may have to buy
  • Full time lifetime access after paying
  • Whether accessible on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion (optional)

Course Support: 

As KC was the only one who answered my queries, and was also in Singapore, I could understand why he took 6 hours to answer the two questions I had for him.  He did his best though and I understood his answers.

Other tutors who are native English speakers and who are also located in the same country as you, may get back to you quicker. Depending on their workload.

Udemy courses are very well designed on the whole and are very low-priced.  They suit every budget.  The courses are also very specialised, targeting beginner to advanced level students.

At present, I am learning about all the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2018 as Facebook has changed their advertising platform a lot in the last 3 years.  I only paid £12 for the course and am not being disappointed.  Obviously, the more courses you take up, the more you have to fork out money-wise, so you should go easy and learn 1 course at a time, maybe every fortnight unless you have a larger budget.

Udemy Courses Are….

  • Affordable
  • Easy to follow
  • Valuable
  • Informative



There is a very good pricing structure with huge discounts every month

The courses are laid out in video format and are easy to understand

Udemy has an affiliate program for those who want to earn money by promoting them

You can even become a teacher yourself and earn money as an Udemy instructor



The low pricing can be enticing, but can easily add up the more courses you take up

Some of the non-native English speaking tutors are hard to understand due to a thick accent


Final Thoughts

Udemy is a great place to learn everything from Social Media marketing, to Amazon, to Kindle ebook writing and publishing to singing and mathematics.  Very few other training programs have so much on offer for such low prices.

It is well worth your while extending your learning curve with Udemy courses.  You will not be disappointed.

This is why I give Udemy an

Overall Rating – 8/10


If you want to know more about how to build an income producing website, while using Udemy course strategies, click here.  You will NOT be disappointed.




16 thoughts on “Udemy – Worth It’s Weight In Gold?”

  1. Nice post Stella.
    I am a new Wealthy Affiliate and I am learning as I go. On this road I found your page very nice and clear and gave me good ideas. I also enrolled in several of courses from Udemy The courses are of high quality and well developed on the learning curve point of view. I know that Udemy does the very discounted prices, which are extremely low cost towards the end of the year and beggining of the next. Their strategy is to sell high quantities and that is the particular reason for lowering the cost.
    I am still doing a complete web developer course which for the incredible amount of videos and quality of the training only cost me 11 dollars.
    The course is taught by Rob Percival and he has several others in Programming and developing.

    P.S. if you would like to visit my website the link is below.

    • Hi Pablo,
      Thanks for the information you passed on about Udemy course prices. Udemy are known for their quality courses at low prices and are a useful add-on to what you can learn from Udemy. I find that if you get stuck, you will have a much faster response from the Wealthy Affiliate community though.

      When I checked out your website, the link didn’t work. You might have to fix that. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your time with Wealthy Affiliate, like most are who have been there for some time. It is a very high quality training program with plenty to get your teeth into. You will be challenged to come out of your comfort zone, but at the end of 2018 you would have achieved a lot if you keep adding quality content to your site on a weekly basis.

  2. I’ve never heard of udemy before, but it sounds like a nice way to broaden your knowledge in the online world.

    Did you buy any other courses other than the one, and if so which ones?

    Also since your a wa member, would you say there some things you learned in udemy that’s not there or has wa been the best place for you?

    • Hi Michael, 

      Udemy is an online learning university (as it were) that I have taken several courses from.  Clickbank Success was an example.  I have done a Kindle ebook course with them and am currently learning Facebook Advertising from them.  They also have copywriting courses which are very useful.

      There are many teachers for the same subjects so I always listen to the preview of courses I intend to start. The preview is a free taster of the course – a video snippet. I have learned plenty on Wealthy Affiliate in regards to SEO, free traffic and how to build and edit a site using WordPress.  I can put in practice what I learn and get my questions answered fast when I get stuck.  You cannot put a price on that and I love WA for it.

      Udemy is a training ground for  both teachers and students in different subjects eg, Maths, Music, IT, Languages, etc.  A lot of the students have become Udemy instructors, but that is not where I am headed.  I have always been a fan of affiliate marketing which is what WA specialise in.  Udemy supplements what I do not learn from Wealhy Affiliate regarding affiliate marketing…

      I hope I have made myself clear, but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

  3. I joined Udemy while I was searching for trainings on Game development. I think it’s a wonderful platform.
    Especially, as every once in a while, as you say, there are discounts when you can join trainings for 10 dollars! I actually consider starting trainings there as a tutor when I’ll have time!

  4. While I found your article very interesting I was not sure if you review was about Udemy or Click Bank Success.

    Maybe it took so long for you to get an answer to your questions was due to the different time zones.

    You say you did the Click Bank Success have you had any success from it?

    Has the Facebook training helped you in any way?

    • Hi Bill,

      My post was about Udemy and how diversified the courses it offers are.

      The Clickbank Success course with KC Tan was very good and I enjoyed it a lot.  Easy to understand and do.  There was no problem with it, but with Clickbank you have to choose a very ‘hot’ product to promote, 

      Also the Facebook training was useful and I applied what I learned.  One of my Facebook pages has got organic likes now just because I boosted 2 posts over a year ago!  It is still getting likes even though I hardly touch it.

      Udemy’s courses supplement my Wealthy Affiliate training.

      I’m glad you found my article interesting though.

      All the best, Stella

  5. Is this cheaper than wealthy affiliate? I wanna cut down cost too. I want the cheapest possible while I am still new at this. Until I see a way that I can really get money with it, then I am willing to pay bigger amount of money for better service.

    • Udemy is different from WA..

      There are lots of instructors teaching things from different niches. And some instructors are better than others.  

      Depending what you want to learn, the price can start to add up.  Also WA has better and faster support turnaround.

      For a foundation of site creation and building a business, WA is superior.  It is actually more cost-effective and high quality training.

      Try out a Udemy course and see what I mean.

      All the best…


  6. What I like about Udemy is that you can pay a decent price for each course. For me, the one con regarding thick accents might be a downturn since I’m hard at hearing those speaking in the accent (Pittsburgh-English, or as some say, Pittsburghese) that I’m used to. Either way, for prices ranging from $0-$200 per course, Udemy is worth the look-in. 

    • Yes, I agree Todd,

      Udemy fills the parts where Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t reach or hasn’t reached yet.  Very few sites cater for absolutely everything online…

      Udemy is definitely a brilliant add-on.

  7. I started looking for courses on affiliate marketing and that’s how I ended up at Udemy. They sometimes give great discounts on expensive courses and Your review about Udemy is very informative and clear so I do have 1 questions about Udemy. How do you create an online course with Udemy?

    I wish you good luck

    • Hi Peeters,

      Ah, you have me stumped…I do not know how to create an online course with Udemy…

      It looks like you will have to go to the Udemy Site and post a question there.  As most of it is in video format, you will have to be quite good at this and make sure you explain things in a simple way for your viewers to understand.

      Remember that a lot of viewers have English as their second language.  As I am going to make a course using Thrive Themes, putting it on Udemy may be something I think about for the future…

      Thanks for inspiring me Peeters!


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