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If you are a blogger, author or website creator, you will find that your main job is to do a lot of writing, especially if you are a blogger. This means that you will have to write at least one new post every day; each post being anything from between 1000 words to 5000 words and I haven’t even mentioned anything yet about editing!

Over the course of a few months you will find that you are getting progressively tired of writing and may take more and more frequent breaks. So what can you do to speed things up yet be more efficient?

Thanks to everlastingly changing technology that makes our lives easier and easier, we can now use speech-to-text software that basically has an inbuilt microphone in such software as Google Docs.  All you have to do is load up a new document which is blank, click on the screen microphone in Tools (Voice Typing) and begin to speak. Now I’m not sure if Google Docs can handle thick accents but I am sure there must be a way around this.  Also I am not sure if Google Docs can handle other languages as my main language is English. I tested Google Docs speech-to-text software at home and was quickly impressed and surprised to see how correct and efficient it is.

And The Cost?

Google Docs speech to text software is free and instead of wearing myself out writing each day on my worn out laptop keyboard, I will be using Google Docs speech to text software on an ongoing basis, saving time and energy.

When it comes to editing, your spoken English needs to be of a standard where you can proofread your own work well enough so that viewers have a very good reading experience of your work. So this means you must pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling and also double meaning of words, for example; their “t h e i r” as opposed to “t h e r e” even if you use Grammarly or a spell checker. it will make either of those words seem correct depending on the context of what it is you are trying to convey.

This post I am actually doing now is all done in Google Docs using speech to text software and it has only taken me I5 minutes to write almost six paragraphs.  For something that is free, thanks to Google, you will see that instead of writing a post every other day or once a day you can actually write out much faster and in less time.  If you are paid per word as an online writer, this equates to a faster work turnaround and more pay!

The reason for this being that you speak at least five times as fast as you write.

When it comes to editing, you can now spend all your time or most of your time doing this kind of work using your new toy.  So that’s it what have I got to say. If you have any questions or comments about speech-to-text software or know better ones than Google Documents speech-to-text software, let me know. I particularly want to know about the free software because we all know that online marketing is expensive and we can find ways to be cost-effective and use free but efficient tools.

Now maybe the next invention could be speaking or Speaking and explaining the drawing that would appear before your eyes as you spoke but then I think that is taking it a bit too far isn’t it?



What If English is My Second Language?

For those of you who are not native English speakers you may have to brush up your English to the extent where you understand grammar and proverbial play on words that is often used in the English language. You will have to learn about adverbs, verbs, adjectives, nouns pronouns, present, past and future tense, spelling, punctuation, acronyms and understand plural and singular nouns.  For you to be an established author on the net you would need to have your English up to a good enough standard that people would want to keep on coming back to your posts to spend time reading them. Otherwise you will find people will quickly bounce away from your site and go to one that is more readable and with a more user-friendly experience.

And you don’t want that do you!! Another thing that you will have to learn as an author or someone who writes for a living, is it’s important that you if you are writing for people, not just doing your own blog, you would have to learn how to take on their style of voice, which is a person’s manner of speaking. Whether its satirical, humorous, dry humour, informal, conversational or much more formal speech, you would have to be quite businesslike and know how to avoid slang.

As a native English speaker it does take time and I am constantly amazed how vast the world of writing is. However, as time goes by you will find that you become more proficient and excellent in the work you do.

You may find yourself writing courses offline and online to educate people who would like to know how to earn a living online with writing. As time goes on you will find that you become an expert on the subject and can command fees matching your expertise.  This could be hundreds or thousands of pounds.


Yes Teacher…

It really does pay to pay attention to your teacher in class when you’re in Junior and Secondary school especially when it comes to English. Let’s not talk about maths! All the maths should be included when it comes to pricing your courses and working out how much money would need to be used for such software as auto responding services like  Aweber, Get Response, Convertkit, MailChimp etc.

You will also find that social media is another way of copywriting. You will need to understand how to write engaging Facebook ads, Google ads if you are using Pay Per Click advertising. Or if you are just writing posts, you want to engage the reader,  becoming friends first before you propose that they buy something from you.

So whether it is writing email copy,  sales copy, landing pages, letters, proposals, summaries, reports or essays, your English, like I said before, does need to be at a standard so that you stand out amongst many other authors or writers online.

As for the type of writing services that you could join up with, these could be anything from Fiverr, Upwork or Textbroker just to mention a few examples.  As competition is quite stiff it would be best to hone your skills through starting with Textbroker before you move to more professional services.

Your typing speed should be up to at least 45 words a minute so that you can meet the deadlines of people you work for.  You will also need to understand Outlook, PowerPoint for presentations and Excel for spreadsheets.

Besides Microsoft Word, these extra software are useful in organising and prioritising your work so that you can get and have a fast turnaround. And there you have it!  I hope that you’ll find you what it takes to be an efficient author or online writer using speech-to-text software and other software.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section and I will be glad to help.

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8 thoughts on “Speech To Text Software For Efficient Output”

  1. Wow, this is a nice post. I see you talking about speech to text and I’m was surprised too to see that this technology has being incorporated into writing. I think I would try this out and see it’s effectiveness. For the issue of English, I am a native speaker so I shouldn’t have so much stress with that. Thank you Stella for teaching me a new way to write my articles.

    • Yes, I found out about Speech to Text (Voice Typing) through a Youtube video.  

      It saves a lot of time!  And you end up writing your articles much faster.  The only thing is you must know the topic you are going to speak about, very well.  As the microphone picks up extra words you may say.

      Having said that, I have managed to write 4 articles in 4 days, so am very pleased with the result.

      If you do try it, I am sure you will enjoy using Voice Typing.

  2. I use google docs for my blogs and my books! It’s really easy to use and you get fast access on any device. I switch from my phone to my computer depending on if I’m going out that day. But the thing is I never knew it had a built-in speak-to-text took! That’s very new to me. I will definitely give it a try. 

    • It’s really useful.  I managed to write 4 articles in 4 days using this.  And each post averaged about 1500 words.  Definitely worth looking into.

  3. Wow Stella. 

    I learn something new every day. I am a blogger, and it takes me all day to complete one article. I have seen the microphone on my page before, but I never got oil any notice if it. 

    I had no idea it was there for Google docs. I will face to check this out , if I can save me time I might be able to complete two blogs in a day . How does it work with punctuation? 

    Can you  run the finished blog through Grammarly and fix up any punctuation, it is there a way to do this while you are speaking? 


    • Hi Jim,

      I found out about Speech to Text on Google Docs just a week ago…I must admit I do not use Grammarly.  Rather, I edit each article manually after speaking.

      So far, the only way I have managed to get Google Docs to help regarding format is to say “full stop, new paragraph”.  It does that, making it easier for me to edit and spot errors.  I manually put all the correct punctuation in.  But then I used to be a secretary, so that comes easy to me.

      I’m not perfect, but I am sure Grammarly will go a long way in ensuring a high level of article output for you. However, you will still need to manually go through and check your work.

      Nevertheless, Google Docs Speech to text saves me a ton of time and I was able to do 4 articles in as many days. All articles averaging 1500 words each.  You have to remember that people do not read super long articles. They skim through them.  Most of the highly literate folk on the net are based in LinkedIn.

      Do check them out…

  4. Great post and this will really help me out alot. I have been trying to get this voice recognition to work because I have a book I want to write but hate typing. 

    Thanks for this great post. I remember back in the days (about 9-10 years ago) I had the hope that all my writing could be done with speech recognition software. Thanks to advancement in technology.


    • You seem to be a very patient person as your hopes were realised.  But it took some time.

      Here’s wishing you all the best for your book.  Mind you, you will have to edit each page after speaking to your computer screen.  I have only been using the Voice Typing (speech to text) for a week and still have things to learn about it.

      However, when you say “Full stop, new paragraph”. It does exactly that.  This is good as you are not faced with a wall of text which would be daunting to edit.




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