Solo Build It! 2.0 (SBI) vs Wealthy Affiliate

SoloBuildIt! 2.0 is the new name for SiteBuildIt! Starting in 1997, there have been a few changes to the lesson layout.  For example, SoloBuildIt! for WordPress users has been added to the mix.

As I wanted to build a website for a long time, I came across SBI and joined because of the testimonials and also the value-for-money factor.  For $299 per year, it seemed everything was included.

Everything meaning;

  • Hosting

  • Brainstorm It! Keyword Tool

  • Support Forums

  • Website Builder

  • Online video lessons

  • Text lessons

The drag and drop website builder was useful, because I do not know any code.

The core mantra of SBI! is C T P M – short for Content Traffic Pre-Sell Monetize. You are always reminded to create in-demand content that will attract targeted traffic.

This traffic would already be pre-sold by your engaging content and then all you would have to do is put a monetization strategy in place that would earn you an income.

Wealthy Affiliate training is similar in that you are always told by Kyle to create engaging content with intent.  Both training programs stress the importance of building a site that is made for business.  Not just to sit pretty on the net without anyone knowing it is there.

With SBI! there lessons are laid out in a 10-Day format;

Day 1   Master the all important basics

Day 2   Develop your best site concept

Day 3    Brainstorm more profitable page topics

Day 4    Investigate and plan monetization options

Day 5    Refine your site concept and register your domain name

Day 6    Build a site that gets the click

Day 7   Build free traffic from a variety of sources

Day 8   Develop relationships

Day 9    Know your visitors

Day 10  Monetize

Bear in mind that these 10 days could turn out to be weeks and months as there is a lot to learn and implement at each stage or Day.


In SiteBuildIt! I was meant to build a ‘theme-based content site’.  It would over-deliver superb, original content.  This site would build high volumes of targeted pre-sold traffic.

Only after this, was it time to monetize.

There are several in-house forums where I can learn from people more experienced than myself.  In fact, more than 15!  Also, with Search It! you could find out the financial value of keywords.

You are recommended to build at least 30 pages and identify the best ad opportunities, keyword value and also site information that gives in-depth, competitive information about each keyword you have.

The main difference between SoloBuildIt! and SoloBuildIt for WPress is that  you are hosted by SiteSell for the former, but you have to get external hosting for the latter which is half the price of SoloBuildIt! You are also using WordPress to build  your site instead of SoloBuildIt all-in-one.

Mentorship and Site reviews are given.  You can even get your site built for you – at a price starting from $3000.

What I like about SoloBuildIt is the very thorough and detailed training.  This encourages you to build an  authority site in a profitable niche.

So why did I quit (3 times!!) when all  seemed so promising?  Simply because I did not and still do not understand the BrainStormIt! feature.  Not being a fan of math, I did not understand how to come up with a useable MKYL. Or Master Keyword List.

It hurts my head every time trying to figure out what all the numbers meant for each seed word and so I will not even dare to explain it here.

With Jaaxy Keyword Tool it is very simple – Use keywords with >100 Traffic and >100 QSR.

This comes free with Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. After a certain number of BrainStormIt! uses, you have to pay each time to use its service.  This is the stage where I normally quit.  And of course, I lost my yearly fee for membership as well!

Another thing that the founders have to work on is site design in the original SiteBuilder…It is rather archaic and needs updating.  On the other hand, it is good to know Solo Build It! for WP is available and you can use any theme design you like.

Although hosting for a private domain has to be done through a 3rd party site like GoDaddy, you still get all the training as the original SoloBuildIt! 2.0.


So How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare?

Kyle and Carson, the founders make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly..  They also add items like SiteRubix, Site Content, Site Comments, Site Feedback and Site Management to their Online training lessons.


There are 2 sets of courses –

1.  Online Entrepreneur Certification

2.  Affiliate Bootcamp.

Number 1 – is for total newbies and will help understand and lay down the foundational principles of site creation, editing and marketing.

Number 2 – Affiliate Bootcamp, is a more advanced set of courses aimed at affiliate marketing and all it entails from email marketing to designing custom header logos.

Each course is made up of 5 Phases and each phase is made up of 10 lessons.

I have found the structure of the 2 courses to be very comprehensive and also easy to follow.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I really struggled to build a site, even after doing private WordPress lessons.

So what does Wealthy Affiliate cost? Absolutely Free for a Starter Member where you are given 2 free SiteRubix domains to practice applying the first 10 lessons of Online Certification.

Here is a checklist to see what you get..



If you upgrade to Premium membership during your first month it will only cost you $19.  Thereafter it is $49 per month.  This may seem pricey at first, but if you look elsewhere on the net you will not find a more cost-effective deal than what you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

Also the support and training by experts in the WA Family is 24/7.  Yes, there is always someone on hand to help  either in Live Chat or Help Centre.  What’s more you get answered within minutes whenever you get stuck.

There is also a Black Friday Special every year between November 23-26 where you can join WA for $299 yearly.  The price stays the same.

I rate Wealthy Affiliate over SoloBuildIt! purely because of the more comprehensive  and tighter structure of the lessons, which even a 17 year old could do.

If you want to join Wealthy  Affiliate and get a discount on the yearly membership during Black Friday Special  just click on the banner below and I will see you on the Inside.


If you have any questions about joining Wealthy  Affiliate, just leave them in the Comments Section below and I will get back to you within a day.



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42 thoughts on “Solo Build It! 2.0 (SBI) vs Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. With the above comparison, I think I did join Wealthy Affiliate over Solo BuildIt, since you’ve made it clear even A 17 years old can understand the training.

    I always love value for my money, so I definitely would love to understand every training I have to go through to build my business. But something caught my eye about the Solo Buildit, what you said about targeted pre-sold traffic, what exactly does that mean?

    I also want to have everything I need to run my business all in one place.

    • Hi there,

      Pre-sold traffic means that on your description about your product/product review, you explain the benefits of the product to the potential customer. You do this in such a way as to gently warm them up to the idea of buying from you. For example, today I met with a friend and sat down with her to get a picture of her eating habits.

      I noted them down and asked her about her drinking habits, for example how many cups of water she drank daily. She told me 3 daily. I then told her that as she was 75% water, her journey to health would entail drinking up to 8 glasses of water daily.

      I then explained to her that vegetable juice is wetter than water and that the body sees vegetable juice as real food containing more nutrients than water. I then explained about the 2 different kinds of juicers there were.

      By this time she realised the value in buying a slow masticating juicer for £299 instead of a £40 centrifugal juicer which she owned and barely used. I explained how much I used mine. How durable it was compared to 4 centrifugal juicers bought in 1 year costing between £40 and £90.

      My friend realised she was actually going to save money in the long term and decided there and then to save up for the Omega juicer I recommended to her.

      I warmed my friend (target market – people who want to take charge of their health). That is, pre-sold her to the idea of using a better juicer than what she had….I did not try to convince her to buy…I just told her of the benefits and downsides to both types of juicer.

      I hope this is all clear. If not, please leave your comments down below and I will do my best to answer them.

  2. Never heard of Solo Buildit. Clearly Wealthy Affiliate is superior. This is really useful information and I appreciate your detail of Solo.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to learn everything about affiliate marketing. I like it a lot.

    Do you still use Solo or did you move on to WA permanently?

    Thank you for this great information.

    • Hi Curtis, 

      Like I said, I tried SBI 3 times and quit 3 times.  I have been with WA for 1 year and absolutely love it.  Very easy to understand the lessons.  If I get stuck there is always someone on hand 24/7.

      Can’t be beat….

      And thanks for reading this. My pleasure to share..

  3. I haven’t heard of Solo Build It before, but when you mention there is math involved, it would hurt my head as well.  I am not great at math.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and as a complete beginner I can say that it has helped me to learn about affiliate marketing.  I am currently doing the online entrepreneur course, and have learned so much, and the community within Wealthy Affiliate is so helpful, and you can get answers to any questions quickly.  I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any beginner, or anyone wanting to improve their online business.

    • Hi Jenny, 

      Yes, WA is a business we can enjoy.  It means working smart, managing time, but the results are worth it in the end. It is also very cost-effective with Black Friday Specials grand fathered in.

  4. Solo build 2.0 it vs. Wealthy affiliates this was a great review. I really love the way you compare the two but wealthy affiliate is the only way to go when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online. They have so many web features and free online web tools to where you have no other choice but to be successful in your online experience with wealthy affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliates about 4 months ago and my affiliate marketing skills and formation you can get from them is incredible.

    Thank you for this amazing post.

    • Very true Quinn!

      With WA you get support very quickly, make good friends as well as excellent training.  I haven’t found this anywhere on the net.  If it is, it normally 5 times the price.

  5. I love to read such articles because it gives me more trust on Wealthy Affiliate. From a person who tried other platforms and found them wanting am sure that anyone would take WA very seriously. 

    Before I found WA I had tried other online marketing platforms that promised heaven only to offer hell and turned out to be scammers. According to this article, SoloBuidlt 2.0 doesn’t seem to be scam but the cost and structure is not as good as that of Wealthy Affiliate.

    That’s a very good contrast and one can easily choose the better option, Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. I liked this review on both programs Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate, what I like most about this review is that you actually have invested time and money in both programs. It is always nice to see a review where you have invested in both and not just one you know?

    Wealthy Affiliate is a nice program I learned a lot when I first started and I feel like WA is a good program for anybody that is willing to put in the work and want to build a business.

    I seen that SBI case study they did and to be honest me personally I thought it was a little biased but that is my opinion though.

    The jaaxy keyword tool at WA is awesome I use this tool all the time and the fact that now it is integrated into WA is nice. Before Jaaxy was separate they had a keyword tool on WA but if you wanted all the features you needed to upgrade in Jaaxy. I feel the tool is such a handy and easy to use and find those low competition keywords it is a priceless tool well all need.

    Plus you cant forget the black friday sale which is a nice little incentive and I believe anybody on the fence should take this offer I know I am.

    This a nice review and really informative for the ones that are trying to figure out which program they want to get into I hope the best for you   

    • Thanks Matt,

      SBI is great but needs some serious updating.  They have very good intentions, but I have learnt and applied WA training and it has stuck.  Even some of the technical bits!

      I wish you the same and thank you for such detailed feedback.

  7. Maybe I got it wrong, but it seemed to me that Solo Build it is a platform with a predesigned program to lead you to specific niches that are in the list of keywords, while Wealthy Affiliate is more like a kind of school to teach you how to build your ideas from scratch, am I right? Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

    • SBI teaches how to build a long standing  quality website that will bring  in a substantial income. Before WA came along most people used SBI to build websites without code.  There are plenty of very successful SBIers.

      However I found it hard to use the drag and drop editor and BrainStormIt! keyword tool.  I just did not understand how to come up with a Master Keyword List with seed words.  It seemed you needed a Maths degree to understand it.  

      Which I don’t have…

  8. Seems like they are both pretty good options. I personally am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I really like it. I agree that it offers tons of value for the money, especially when you pay yearly because it’s less than a dollar a day. I’m pretty new and haven’t made any real money yet with my website but I think big things are going to happen soon, so I’m pushing forward.

    • Mariah I wish you all the best.

      Keep on working on your site daily and watch it transform over the course of a year.

      You will be surprised at how much you have grown as a person and how much more you understand about Affiliate Marketing.

      To your success,


  9. Hi Stella,

    Good post , easy read . I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and I agree with you, it is a great place to learn and through that knowledge, create  an online presence.

    Yes fantastic mentors, starting with of course, the Co Owners, Kyle and Carson and everyone else you meet; great Entrepreneurs, who start with little knowledge and grow their own huge on line presence and help  others in return.


    • Hi Michele,

      I am trying to be decent and not biased towards WA, but after 12 years of searching online for something cost-effective and worth my while, it is nice to find something that ticks all the boxes, isn’t it?

      And yes, we have excellent mentors with sound intentions for everyone they come in contact with.

  10. Whenever I see a program online that goes up against a wealthy Affiliate I need to check them out as I have not found anything like the WA program in my few years of surfing the net. Awesome comparison between the both but after looking at the pros and cons from each side, to me, it makes sense if you both work together.

    Does that sound like a plan to you?

    Either way I have your back whatever you decide :))))

    • SBI has been running since 1997…It is very authentic and makes people rich as long as they put the hard work in.  I just found it very hard to implement in some parts of the lessons  Like BrainStormIt for making a Master Keyword List using seed words. I tried using SBI 3 times – 2007, 2011 & 2015…£299 for each of those years.

      I am sticking with WA because it is easier to understand, implement and you make very good friends on it.  Which we all should have, don’t you think?

  11. A great review in favor of Wealthy Affiliate.  I see these other opportunities on a daily basis and at the end of the day Wealthy Affiliate will always come out on top.  I would like to know if you know what bonuses are going to come with Black Friday this year.

    • Thanks Dale,

      If you join Wealthy Affiliate between 23-26 November, as a Premium Member you only pay $299 instead of $359 per year. It works out $0.82 per day…

      If you have anymore questions about Black Friday WA Special, just PM me…and I will be glad to help..

      All the best,


  12. I agree 100%.  I looked into other website hosting and blog training programs but Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that I’ve found that has everything you could possibly need.  I’ll admit that there are other helpful blogs that offer advice on how to manage your blog, but if it’s on another website, it’s on Wealthy Affiliate too and it’s most likely more comprehensive.

    You mentioned using Jaaxy which I do too and I’m wondering if you have upgraded it.  I’m not really sure what the upgrade has that the free tool doesn’t and if it’s worth my money.

    • Hi Kristi, 

      I use Jaaxy Pro which has all the features of Lite but with 2000 Site Rank scans a month.  I use that feature al lot because as I am in site creation phase and writing weekly, I need to find out if my posts are ranking on the first 2 pages of Bing, Yahoo & Google..  

      If not, I then edit my posts accordingly til they do.

      You can find more features of Jaaxy Pro when you click on Upgrade in Jaaxy when you are in WA dashboard.  For me, Jaaxy Lite did not contain all the features I needed, hence the upgrade.

      I hope this is clear.. If not, just PM me..

      All the best,


  13. I was pleased to see these comparisons. Wealthy Affiliate definitely sounds like the better deal. In fact, I had tried SiteBuildIt a couple of years ago and it was all very confusing to me! It also cost more than I could afford after paying separately for a training course and having to purchase my own domains elsewhere.

    I would have chosen Wealthy Affiliate sooner if I had known about it sooner that is for sure.

    BrainStormIt sounds very confusing. I am still uncertain how to use keywords. Do you have any recommendations on how to better understand them? I don’t know why they boggle my mind.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Karin, 

      The reason I did quit SBI three times is because I simply did not understand BrainStormIt  It seemed like something someone with a Math Degree would understand.

      I haven’t and I didn’t!  Enter WA…Yay…!

  14. Thanks Stella for this great comparison of SoloBuildit! and Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I’ve had a look at Solobuildit! but never got involved, even though I think they are a good place to learn online marketing. However, I think I got confused from the beginning about the two different price points depending on whether I used their hosting or not?

    Because I never signed up with them, I don’t think I ever knew about getting a website built for $3000? Or even the KW tool they charge for?

    Here’s the things I love about Wealthy Affiliate:

    Anyone can get a free 7 day pass to look at and use everything in WA with no credit card. Even though the platform seems confusing to most any newbie, It is by far the simplest and most comprehensive online marketing course anywhere in the world. No matter how new a person is to computers or marketing online, it all begins to open up within a couple of weeks – providing the basis and education to start and maintain a very real business online.

    And face it, any online marketing business depends on hosting and keyword research and content – all of which is right on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. What that means is where else are you going to have an income producing business and the constantlty updated training to make it work for $299 a year with the Black Friday Special, or even if you pay the regular price of $49 a month. 

    It doesn’t matter how far one looks online or offline, there is no place that compares with Wealthy Affiliate for both learning and maintaining an online business

  15. Hi Stella, I’m really glad I came across this post. I’ve been heard a bit about SoloBuildIt and was interested to know more about it.

    It’s interesting to read your experiences and how there were certain features that made it a bit difficult for you to push through with the SBI platform, such as the Master Keyword List.

    Looking at your comparison, I can see that Wealthy Affiliate appears to have a lot more to offer. I like that they have a free membership as well.

    Does SBI offer a free membership or free trial with their platform?


    • Hi Stephanie,

      No SBI does not come with a free trial or membership. You either pay monthly or yearly from the start.

      WA is simpler to understand and carry out even though I don’t consider myself tech savvy. When it comes down to it, WA is really value for money and I say that from my heart. I have also tried Maverick Moneymakers, Passport to Wealth, Traffic Monsoon, Easy Daily Cash, Google Sniper, Commission Blueprint, etc. None of which come close.

      I hope you make a sound decision that saves your time, effort and money.

      All the best,


    • SBI cost only $29.99 a month, so they are cheaper than WA. A yearly membership is $299, not only on the Black Friday, thus again cheaper than WA. They do much more for the people to learn how to get traffic, what is the life of your website. Without traffic, you don’t have a business. And WA members are kicking every company into the ground, just to promote WA and earn money, no matter how good the company or product is.

      I can tell you that SBI is better. There are many things totally wrong with WA, for instance the training created by members. Some people just put some garbage together to make money. This is totally wrong. I will probably the first one on the internet that is going to write a very negative review about WA. SBI is also complaining about WA members and their negative reviews. Read it all here (see point 4)

      • Hi Nico,

        I totally understand how you feel about SBI. I loved it too and spent 6 months at a time every time I joined. I tend to do a lot of research and always thought SBI was top notch. I even told friends of mine about it. But what I have learned with WA is how to build a proper functioning site in WordPress from Day 1.

        Honestly, if I had managed to get my head round BrainstormIt! way back in 2007, I am sure I would have stuck with them. I also found the drag and drop builder very clumsy and did not understand how to make my site visually appealing from instructions supplied.

        I understood I had to write content and plenty of it. I also understood about niche research and concept. However, I rarely got past the stage where domain registration was required.

        This review is to help people see that website building is much easier than thought. SBI really needs only to update their web building platform and also make BrainstormIt more understandable to people who are not math experts. I definitely am not.

        Wealthy Affiliate is a direct competitor to SBI!. I am sure we can happily co-exist…This review actually is quite fair and I do not mention it being a scam. As for price, WA works out cheaper at $0.82 cents per day if the Black Friday Special is taken out. It is recurring at the same price each year.

        I do apologise on behalf of WA members who paint SBI in a negative light… They obviously need to be more tactful and non-biased.

        As I have a good education, I can tell a good teacher of internet marketing from a good one, so only take training from people who have been internet marketing successfully for at least 3 years. Their training is clear cut and easy to apply. Also the support is fast and there 24/7.. I do not know where I would be site creation-wise, without them.

        I hope this has cleared things up and I wish you all the best at SBI Nico!

  16. Thanks for the comprehensive review for solobuildit and how wealthy affiliate is way better in terms of the value for money factor and also the simplicity for jaaxy.

    Not to forget, the superb value that siterubix has to offer for anyone who’s interested in building a WordPress site from SCRATCH.

    Like you’ve mentioned, even a 17 year old can do it. I believe literally ANYONE can do it!

    I’ll definitely opt-in to wealthy affiliate for the value it has provided.

    • Hi Chris

      I am pleased you enjoyed reading it.. SoloBuildIt has a special place in my heart as I learnt quite a lot about research from them and the importance of writing quality content.

      However, I have learnt a lot about building a good WordPress site from WA which I had previously paid separate private classes for and still found it hard to understand and use the information after the lesson.

      It would be good to say both programs are good, but personally I find the teaching and training at WA easier to follow.

      I wish you all the best with Wealthy Affiliate Chris!

  17. Hi Stella

    Thanks for this good post.

    I think Wealthy affiliate is the best. It offers an opportunity to build a business. To create something which will last longer. Wealthy affiliate teaches how to create blog that will get search engines rank your website longer. My personal goal is to have passive income and with the training from Wealthy affiliate, I think I can make it.

    Again great post!

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is very thorough training and is remarkably cheap for the price.  I find it so well formatted and easy to follow.  I have learnt a lot and what I notice is that the training sticks in your mind once you do it a few times!

  18. This is the first time I have seen a review and comparison of the two platforms Solo Build It 2.0 and Wealthy Affiliate side by side that has been done by someone that has been a member of both. That is unusual, due to the high cost that can entail, but I definitely like how you described both.

    The conclusion that you reached, with Wealthy Affiliate being the best choice due to the tighter training and great tools, features and support were ones that made sense to me as a reader looking to learn which might be right for me to get started with.

    One factor that also sways the direction to take for me is the lower outlay starting out with Wealthy Affiliate. It will take some time to start making money with your online website or pages, and meanwhile you have already spent $299 with the Solo Build It 2.0 but considerably less with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Great comparison and review, I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice, although the Solo Build It 2.0 is also a legitimate platform. It comes down to the training and the features and Wealthy Affiliate takes that category for me. Thanks for your effort putting this together!    

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate as it is easier to follow and I understand it a lot better.  I am glad you found the information given interesting and can now make an informed choice on what platform to use!


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