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As you are probably aware, online content writing is very different from fiction writing. You have a particular audience in mind and are writing with the purpose of them connecting with you via email, a purchase of your product or service or just leaving a comment. So where do you start? I left a clue earlier on in the paragraph…


You start with identifying your audience! We all know that people in their teens and 20s think  less wise than people in their 60s and beyond. So we can start with age, then perhaps gender – male or female. Income earning potential would be a useful qualifier on your identification list.

What does your audience do as an interest – what is their lifestyle like? Busy working 9-5 and coming home to a houseful of kids or a more hermit-like gardener type of existence.

What is the problem they have and how are you going to solve it?

Could it be needing more me-time, family time, extra income to fund 5-star holidays? Paying university fees up front?

Let your mind get inside theirs.


Middle Class Audience? Or Well To Do?

For example: Working parents who want to have enough money after paying for their children’s university fees to have extra funds to pay for a countryside home in the UK.

We are looking at around £450,000 for a semi-detached 4-bedroom house with a front and back garden. I can leave you to get really neat regarding fine details.

When it comes to your writing, it would be for literate people who could even be graduates. Of course, you will not be writing essays online. More like dinnertime conversation – relaxed, yet to the point. Give your audience a taste of your writing and of your product or service. So they will remember you and come back for more.


Comments, Questions and Answers

Be real, share your views and let people feel free to respond in the Comments section. This part is where the total combination of words in comments and replies can add up to a significant number. As posts are meant to be between 1200 and 3000 words, this will liven up your site and give the impression that you are attentive to what goes on in your site. Hope that’s clear!


Check your Grammar

Although this should be understood as you are in the business of writing content – your site becomes more top-notch the more grammatically correct it is. If this is not your forte, always type your posts in Notepad or MS Word, making sure to use Spellchecker or Grammarly. Punctuation and words that should say “their” instead of “there” can quickly be corrected if and when the need arises.

When starting a new post, take time to draft an outline of the topic, title and subheadings

For example:

White-Washed Furniture – Vintage Revisited

When you have a collection of furniture – tables and chairs of different colours and finishes you can make them more uniform by painting them all white using whitewash…

Chairs – (Image here)

The following pictures show you step-by-step how to get that fresh from the 60s look.

White Blends In With Everything

It really does! Of course, you could liven your rooms up with colourful curtains, cushions and rugs…


So Really, Quality Content Boils Down To This:

  • Identify your audience in detail and list at least 3 to 4 things you know about them
  • Identify the problem they have
  • Write up in one sentence how you will solve their problem
  • Find keywords using Jaaxy Keyword Tool and research ones that are relevant to your target audience, yet have income earning potential
  • Outline your post into titles (incorporating your keywords), subheadings and image position
  • Edit using Spellchecker or Grammarly
  • Engage with people by posting your content on Social Media. Pay attention to posting etiquette
  • Respond to comments and questions within 24 hours


Now, if you are anything like me, you may think this is all a bit much. Yes, it can be daunting at first, but Kyle, from Wealthy Affiliate gave us a brilliant tip. POWER WRITING!

This is a 30-minute task where after you have found your concept and identified your audience, you write as many words on your topic non-stop. It is absolutely brilliant for helping you burst through your ‘300-words max’ ceiling. I have personally done the task and found it useful. Honestly, my first website was full of 300+ posts. Now, 1,000-1500 is more the norm.

Not that you want every post to be that long as variety is indeed the spice of life. Some of my posts are just 850 words. But I do strive to write content above this word count. Consistently.

An even greater challenge if you are falling behind the course work at WA, is to write a 2000 post every day for 30 days.

I know – the mind boggles… But you will be pleasantly surprised at how chuffed you will feel after completing these tasks. And remember, it’s not just about how many words you can come up with, but also adding such value that your Comments section will be bursting at the seams.

My question to you is – CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Only time will tell.

Just for the record – this article was thought of by Jerry Huang, one of Wealthy Affiliate’s Top 50.

It is especially for those of you who don’t like writing;  How To Hire a Writer.

If you have a comment or more questions to ask about online writing, just leave it below and I will happily help!



8 thoughts on “Online Content Writing – Built For Your Audience”

  1. Hey Stella, thanks for pointing out the very first aspect of content creation. Content creation happens to be the most important aspect of Online marketing and identifying your niche will always come first, because once you know your audience then it will be easy to create the right content for them. Nice article.

    • I am glad you agree Enoch!

      It is soo simple…Know your audience – can and will write.
      If the audience is ‘everybody’ – then that normally means no one as it is harder to pitch to all and sundry.

  2. Nice post lots of little nuggets for me to take away. Totally know the feeling of just getting things done head down bum up kind of method just straight writing. Cheers for the information

  3. Very nice one Stella, haven’t been long I started writing content, and I find this post really helpful. I used to have and liked notepad but however the ads that comes with using it got in my nerves so much that I had to uninstall it. But not a problem though, as I believe I have a better one in the platform I use. Lately I have also heard people talk so much of Grammarly and I was wondering if its something I can use in my mobile? Will be visiting your site again, as I enjoyed this piece. Thanks

    • Yes Queen,

      Grammarly can be used on your mobile…I understand you don’t like Notepad. Ever thought of typing sraight into wordpress?

      You can save any posts you make into draft. Below the ‘publish button’. Where you find ‘public’, just click on ‘edit’ and it will turn to ‘private’.

      Do the same for ‘visibility’. You can also find out about child themes (a copy of your current theme), using Child Theme Configurator plugin. You can play around with the theme design and if you make a mistake, it’s alright as you have a copy…

      If you need to know more, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you out.

      All the best!


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