Niche Selection and Monetisation

A niche is simply something that you are passionate about described in a few words.  It is also a segment of marketing that can be broad or narrowed down.  Most people have one or two hobbies  that they are passionate and knowledgeable about.  The trick in selecting a niche is whether it can be monetised.

For example: knitting   could be a hobby of yours.  However, when you use the Google Search,

you will find out whether knitting cardigans or jumpers and hats is a broad niche with stiff competition.

With stiff  competition from other people who rank on page 1  in  Google, you will know if you can outrank their  sites with better quality content and images.

Another niche could be beauty or male grooming..The sky is virtually the limit with niche selection.


How To Monetise Your Niche

When it comes to making money online, it may seem that all you have to do is just build a site and drive traffic (people) to it and make money.  It is not as easy as that and quality content with good presentation goes a long way in making sure your site is actually seen and ranked high in Google.

To monetise your niche, you will need to do affiliate marketing which is basically being paid a commission every time someone clicks on a link on your site, that leads to a merchant’s website, and buys a product from them. Amazon is a big contender in the field of affiliate networks.  They are easy to join and it is very easy to place affiliate links on your website with the instruction you get from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also monetise your site with ad placement from Adsense. With Adsense codes, that you simply copy and paste into your site, you get relevant ad images placed in strategic places on each page, receiving revenue when people click and  buy the product advertised.

Email Marketing is also a way of making money.  It is very simple.  You send a sequence of emails from what is called an autoresponder, to a capture page on your site.  This capture page has a part where a visitor places their name and current email so that you can send them emails on a regular basis.

What is so good about email marketing is that you can build a list of people who may become a ‘warm’ list that buys offers you present from time to time.  This is a list of people that have grown to trust your site as it  grows.  You have the potential to upsell product prices to quite a lot of money as the weeks and months go  by.


What If You Cannot Write?

If you can explain and mention examples, you can put this down on paper.  Make use of numbered lists, headings and sub-headings and you will find that when you put them in order of importance, you will have an outline of what to  write about.  I believe in the Who, What, Where, Why, How, When approach;

  • Who is my target audience
  • What are their interests and what problem can I solve for them
  • Where do they come from
  • Why would they come to my site
  • How can they use the information and products listed on my site
  • When – A Call to Action to purchase something from my site

This approach can be used to break a subject down into sub-headings.  As time goes on, you will become more of an expert when it comes to writing out content for your site.

Remember that you can always write articles in a conversational style that makes for an interesting read.  Yes, you will have to do research to get the particular information that you need for writing, but as time goes on, this will be like second nature to you and at most you will only spend a few hours gathering information and taking notes about your chosen niche.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool and Niche Research


This is a valuable tool for finding out the online competition and the demand and supply for keywords relating to your niche.

A keyword is a word that can describe your chosen niche and information topics in 2 or three words.

The image to your right shows the Jaaxy Profile.  Jaaxy is free to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate.  Your first 30 keyword searches are free.  When you use them up, you can upgrade to Jaaxy Pro, which also offers more keyword searches and more items that can help you in your keyword hunt.

It is also used for finding exactly where your site has ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo. That is, page number and position.


Keywords are the bones that you build your articles in your site around.  As mentioned before, the knitting niche is quite large and in it you can search for such terms as knitting cardigans for babies. The idea is to narrow your chosen niche down to one that still has good monetisation potential yet the competition is not so stiff you find it hard to rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo.



  1. Hello. I would like to start making money on the internet, but I do not know what to do I have heard recently about affiliate marketing and I think this is it. Thanks to you now I know what a niche is and I am going to continue to learn other things from your blog. Do you think that the niche associated with computers is good? Thanks for this useful article.

    • Hi Michael, remember everyone was once a beginner learning how to make money on the internet.

      Make sure that you fully understand the part of internet marketing that applies to your marketing strategy.  There is a lot to learn but, hey just take it one day at a time and never quit.

      I take it as an honour for you to follow my blog…thank you

  2. Hi Stella; I have read through your post and I really admire the timely way in which you have laid out the information given.

    Your definition given in the area of a Niche is so good for especially beginners. This article is helpful Stella I will be following the steps as laid out.

    would you suggest that Tailoring as a niche?

    • Hi Dorcas,

      I am glad you find the information useful   When you talk of ‘Tailoring’ – do you mean bespoke tailoring for women, men or children?  What kind of cloth – African style or English?  You may have to narrow it down to be more specific…

      Then go into fine detail about your niche – skirts, fabric, smart, casual, special occasions, etc..

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hello Stella,

    It is excellent to see you helping affiliate marketers, especially the beginner.

    Your comments about niche selection are important.

    The choice of niche is the backbone of a website. In my experience not enough time is spent on choosing the right niche.

    I like the analogy of choosing a niche to having an address:

    Sport     =   Country

    Snooker =   Province

    Snooker table = City

    Snooker table size = Street

    Full size snooker table price = House

    Each time you narrow down on a topic (niche) you become more specific attracting a very certain group of people.

    In the last example, you will attract people who want to buy full size snooker tables!

    I hope, this helps you and your visitors.

    Your post is excellent!


    My Life Is My Passion

  4. Hi Stella,

    selecting a niche is crucial to your internet business.  A good niche is a good start.  I have been battling with that topic for quite some time.  I think I was just overthinking all the time.  

    In hindsight, I believe that I should have gone with my passions instead of starting with something.  I ended up thinking that I would only “sell” one product on my website.  Now, as I have a deeper insight into affiliate marketing I see how wrong I was and how much I need to change that.

    The niche is basically what you like to do and what you know something about.  Of course you can go with things that you don’t know anything about but are willing to learn.

    However, in my experience, I would only do that once you can devote full time to online marketing.  When you have a full time job, you cannot take all that time to research a new niche.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • This is true, Oscar

      It  is much easier to be in the zone and focus when you are doing this full time.

      It gets complicated when doing one set of tasks at work and a different set at home.  When you should be relaxing!

      It is my pleasure to share..

      Here is to your success….


  5. I am pretty sure you are doing great dear Stella. I got stocked and confused trying to choose a niche. This is probably one of the most difficult decision to make while trying to set up and start running an online business. Thanks for sharing “Niche Selection and Monetisation”. It has truly helped me to get the tips needed to select a Profitable niche.

    Keep sharing.

  6. Stella, I’ve been rooting my way around your site and I’m impressed! You are very good at putting into a shorter lesson what others have written hours worth of reading about.

    Someone like me doesn’t need to read for hours just to find out what you recommend to facilitate monetizing a niche. I already have some ideas what I would like to monetize and I wanted to get an idea of how and where I could do that.

    How long have you been a member of the site that you’re recommending? In that time, would you say that you are where you think you should be?

    See, for me, if I join, I know it will take some time. I know I can take advantage of free membership for as long as I want to, but I would eventually want to become a premium member. I think a measure of success in 1 year would be for my membership and website registrations to be self funding. Without hyperbole, is that reasonable expectation?

    Thank you for writing concise information regarding taking my idea online to make money.

    • Hi John,

      To be honest, it really depends on how productive a person is in putting out quality content.  Some people make it faster than others. I became Premium the same day I joined because I realised the potential of WA to teach me what I had been searching online for 12 years.  I tried SBI and couldn’t get my head round their keyword tool.

      The good thing is I now know the difference between a scam and what is legitimate.  I also recognise excellent teaching and teachers when I see their style and methods. I have been Premium for 1 year and feel on the verge of a break through…

      One thing I understand about internet marketing is that at first, you don’t see any money for some months, then a trickle comes in which turns into a river.  If you put quality content on your site and make it seamless and easy for people to navigate, you will have success.  

      Experiment and find out the best marketing methods for you whether that is email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, arbitrage or article marketing.

      Be the best, over deliver and success will come.  Don’t bother about competition.

      Just be the first in line and never look back…

  7. Hi Stella! This is a very important decision when starting at affiliate market. Finding a niche can be a bit challenging. A niche is a group of people. A niche is an audience.

    I’m glad you recommended using Jaaxy to evaluate how competitive a niche may be. And I also appreciate that you have mentioned the forms of monetizing our site.

    But I have a question concerning people who think they can’t write. Having English as a second language could be considered as an impediment to write online?  

    • Hi Henry, 

      I believe that as long as there is translation software and your language is covered well, you can publish your site in any language you like. You have to remember that most English speaking people are just as handicapped, we cannot speak 4 languages to reach out to more people.  

      At least I don’t!

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