My Lead System Pro – What Is All The Hype About?

MLSP stands for My Lead System Pro which is a lead generating system for people who are coaches, speakers, trainers, authors, affiliate marketers, internet marketers or people who own brick-and-mortar stores. In this review, I will take you through the ins’ and outs of MLSP and what I consider the hype about becoming a Premium MLSP member.



Product Name:       My Lead System Pro (MLSP)


Founders:                Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer and Norbert Orlewicz

Price:                        $10; 10 day trial

Basic Membership

Level;                          $49 a month

Pro Level;                 $149 a month

Premium Level:     $299 a month

Overall Rank:          5/10


There are 6 steps to complete before having a complementary onboarding session with an MLSP Experience Representative.  In the session, you can ask questions and gain valuable insight on how you can start to make your business more profitable with the tools and training provided by MLSP.


Step 1 – Foundation and MLSP Overview

  1. You are taught about how to become a leader in your niche.
  2. How to create your own blog easily with 1 click
  3. Build your own brand – YOU
  4. Create funnels and offers for your business products and service
  5. Drive traffic to your products, offers and services
  6. Leverage a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  7. Build a business in any niche and become profitable
  8. Use MLSP as a front-end to your business, build your list and get leads for your business with amazing high value free training giveaways and earn money from the 90% who will say NO to your business.


LAW 1  –       Attraction Marketing

This simply means ATTRACT prospects and customers to you by adding value, providing solutions, serving your target market and, creating content market’s No ! challenge.  (This could be in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, Facebook Live Streams, hosting webinars and so much more. ALL of which you can learn inside MLSP).

MLSP is going to help you find your target audience online and what their biggest problems are…And when you create content that addresses these challenges/problems -you will gain trust with your prospects and they will Buy Your Stuff.

Examples of Attraction Marketing (and serving your market vs pitching)

  • Life Coach – could create content like  a PDF around ‘breaking free from the past’
  • Network Marketer – could create content like video on how to get more leads and make more money
  • Real Estate – write up a checklist on what to avoid when buying your first home


LAW 2   –  Of Online Business – Brand and Build YOU

  • People buy products from people and BRANDS they like and trust – so you must become a person and brand people like and trust
  • When you brand YOU, you create trust, authority and credibility in the eyes of your prospect

In essence – YOU are what is going to set you apart from the marketplace.  You are your greatest asset. Nobody is like you as each one us is unique. You have a voice and a message that the world needs to hear.


LAW 3 – Your Real Business Is

Your List of customers and prospects and your relationship you have with them.  This list is set up with an automatic Funnelizer which comes with MLSP.  It helps you set up capture pages on the fly and you have 25 funnels which you can use as a PRO Member.




Two things are important  to a business owner – your list and blog

This is well explained in that you follow the steps of MLSP which is Attraction Marketing in motion and is the ONLY online solution engineered to attract prospects and customers to you. (No more chasing, convincing and cold-calling).   Set up your blog (only 1 offered) at PRO level and 2 offered at Premium Level

  1. Build your list and create your own offers and funnels using MLSP’s Funnelizer which is software designed  for  building funnels automatically.
  2. Leverage a CRM – Customer Relationship Manager which collects data about your prospect, eg – their interests and pet names
  3. Daily Wake up Calls – I live in England and the calls are 1.00am my time.


Step 2 – Live Weekly Ongoing Training and Education

  • You can join the MLSP Member Facebook Fanpage
  • Register for upcoming New Member Oriention Webinar
  • Training which comes in video format, addresses such marketing strategies as social media, blogging, email marketing, Paid advertising and Facebook Messenger Marketing.  There is plenty to cover and what I found useful is that the training courses were grouped into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  This helped to know where to start and what level I needed to know more about.


Step 3 – Creating Your Future with MLSP

This is in both video and PDF format – in fact, all 6 ‘Start Here’ steps are.


For the Record – Brian Fanale – the co-founder of MLSP,  created a 7-figure business in 3 years flat using the following methods –

  • goal setting
  • mental rehearsal
  • emotional triggers
  • mental programming

Here is a look at how to goal set for 30 days –

Write your goals down, sitting for at least 10 minutes a day focusing on having already achieved your goals.

If your goal is truly strong enough and, you do your 10 minutes per day of mediation and mental rehearsal – NOTHING  will get in your way, you will be ON FIRE and you will get all your wants and more.


Write Up Your 30-Day Goal Using These Guidelines –

1.        Ask yourself what you really want and write this down saying ‘by ‘x’ date I am/I have already helped/I have given/I own/My business is/My life is, etc.

2.       Why do you want it?  Ask yourself why you want this goal.  Keep asking yourself why you want this goal until you uncover such a deep reason’WHY’  you will hit this goal by ‘x’ date that nothing on this planet will stop you from getting it.

3.        Who You Must Be (and avoid being) in order to reach this goal.  How would this person act, talk, walk, dress, treat other, think, etc. Also using the same points, the things that the person should avoid being.

4.        How Would You Get It? Dream big and get inspired.

Then there was the 60 Day Goal,  90-Day Goal, 6-Month goal, 1-Year and also 5-Year Goal setting using the same parameters as above.


Step 4 – Integrate your business opportunity product or service into your MLSP system

Step 5 – Why you need an autoresponder and how to integrate it into MLSP.

An autoresponder is a service that allows you to collect names and email addresses from your prospects. It is your own personal email database of interested prospects and buyers.

Step 6 – Schedule your onboarding session.

Get on the phone right now with an MLSP Team Leader and compress time –  being crystal clear on what you CAN do right now to get leads and make money in your specific business today.


Tools and Software

I tried going into the part where I could set up my affiliate account, but this option did not work – perhaps since I was still  only on the 10-day trial. My plan was to set up a funnel using the funnelizer as it really intrigued me and I wanted to have some experience using it. However, this was not to be.


Rather thin on the ground.  There is live chat available to Premium Members only.  I was rather disappointed with the timing of the onboarding session. I booked it and the first slot available was 14 days after I joined!! Bang goes Step 6!


Referral Bonus Structure

My oh my – this is why confusion isn’t an adequate word for what happened after I had taken notes after watching the video on how to earn some serious cash in affiliate referrals if I became a Premium Member.

The video set out to explain how much money a person could lose as a Basic Member for $49 a month. In comparison to Pro and Premium Members when it came to first time subscription bonus from a new prospect who joined in their first month.

A first time bonus would lead to a basic member earning $30 if a prospect joined at the basic level, $35 if a prospect joined at the Pro level and $45 if a person joined at the Premium level.

If a person joined at Profession and Premium levels, and was a Premium Member however, they would be paid $100 and $200 respectively.  That was the easy to understand part.



As the video goes on, it describes the Leader Level Bonus…which is where the confusion set in.  Apparently, you get between 30%-35% on each subsequent month that a prospect is signed up to MLSP depending on the leadership level that you are on.  I was left wondering what the leadership level meant and how you could earn and move up the leader boards.



The diagram looks very simple and I understand that when people start they are obviously at Leadership LO and they receive 30% commission at that level.

What I was puzzled about though (and I wasn’t not the only one as members were asking lots questions in the MLSP Facebook page) was how to get to Level 5 on the Leadership Ladder and how many people would I have to refer to MLSP to reach 15% level, not to talk of the 50%.

The Premium Membership bonus payouts was hyped up a lot, and then I realised it was only for people who were going to either pay the yearly cost upfront ($2,999) or 3 instalments of $1,099 that would receive 50% commissions continuously.

Even I, myself was almost swept along by the rising frenzy of people who were going to jump in at the Premium level.

I took a day off to relax, get my hair done on Wednesday and just shake all the confusion out of my hair.

By Thursday, which was Day 5 of my 10-day trial, I had made my decision.  “Stella darling – it’s a lovely risk. If you join even at Pro Level which is $149 a month, you will have to live on bread and butter til you make the cash back.  So honey, this is actually a bad idea.  This shiny button is too big to handle right now and you are busy with the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp anyway.

Don’t put your finger in too many pies….”

I am glad I listened to my inner voice and chose instead to buy a coat because London weather is having a free-for-all snow blanket sale.


To Avoid Confusion – Go Have a Walk in Some Snow


Verdict – If you have the cash and want what is called ‘instant results’ you may find you can afford to lose $3,000 or so.

But for newbies and people who are easily led by hype, I’ll give a friendly piece of advice;

My Lead System Pro is way too expensive to begin with and you could end up getting your fingers badly burned by the pricing and upsells to Premium membership level.   If you do want to make money you are safer with Wealthy Affiliate as it is 1,000th the price and there are no upsells except for $19 to go premium and after that $49 a month.

What’s not to love?

Now you can understand why I give the following score here:

My Lead System Pro Rating – 5/10

5 points for Attraction Marketing ideas/Goal Setting Layout  and -5 for the confusing referral  bonus payout system and little or no support system for new members.


I hope that my review clarifies things for you. However, if you  have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here below.




22 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro – What Is All The Hype About?”

  1. So I gather this is some sort training on how to capture emails? It sounds interesting enough to motivate the individual who has a hard time getting started in the online world.

    A tad bit confused on what exactly I will be gaining from a price tag 0f 299 a month.

    Lead capture is very important so I want to know how well is this program for a newbie?

    Thanks for sharing as I will take a look at the possibilities of the program.


    • Hi Shannon,

      The 10 day trial is $10, then there is an upsell promotion to $299 per month.

      I looked at the pricing and commission structure. The pricing, as a Basic member, is $49 per month. Then there is the PRO member – $149.99 a month, followed by the Premium membership at $299 per month. The higher the membership level, the higher the referral bonus payouts are.

      I am on Day 5 of my 10-day trial and have only managed to build my blog and put one post up. My complementary session is on March 9 when I have the chance to have any questions I want to ask, and receive clear answers. I am not waiting that long as I am not going to fork out $149 for the PRO membership. It’s rather high for my current budget.

      Hope this is clearer for you.

  2. Hi there Stella.
    I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say that this is a great review of MLSP. You covered everything that I needed to know here. And by the way, I think you made a good choice in not joining the 3k premium membership. Wow, that’s expensive! The people behind these sites know that they can build people up and some of them will get so hyped up that they pay it in the spur of the moment. I think I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Andrew!

      I’m glad you liked the review…

      The main reason for not forking out loads of cash for what seemed a to-good-to-be-true marketing system is that I simply can’t afford it!

      Wealthy Affiliate is cost-effective and the support alone is worth hundreds if not, thousands of pounds.

  3. My Lead System Pro seems to be a great platform for gathering leads and earning an income from those subscribers.

    I also like that you can try the system out for 10 days for just $10 which is reasonable. But in my opinion, the trial should really be free.

    However, what I hate the sound of is the “onboarding session” because it’s usually a technique for the leader or advisor to sell you expensive membership packages. They come across as “salespeople” instead of coaches lol. It’s the same strategy that Digital Altitude (and maybe MOBE) uses – They put you in touch with a coach who recommends that you pay $100s/$1,000s to upgrade your account.

    With the high cost of MLSP and especially the various leadership levels and commissions, I also have a feeling that it’s a “scheme” just like other high-ticket training platforms out there.

    There’s no doubt that you gain value from the program, but there are way cheaper alternatives like you point out.

    I appreciate the review.

    • Hi Neil, I am pleased you enjoyed reading it…I took note of what you mentioned about MOBE and other high-ticket programs, as well.  And totally agree that cheaper alternatives that deliver the same, if not better alternatives are out there and they are on the rise.

      As I said, though I was geared up to pay for the PRO level membership, when I realised that the onboarding session would hold 2 weeks after I had joined –  my balloon went into deflate mode very fast.

      Good thing..

  4. Great review of the MLSP platform Stella, your illustration was definitely a knowledge-based agenda, thank you for that.It is amazing what kind of money these platforms seek, after they articulate their sometimes illusion’s of hype, yes they have their potential, however it is generally, extremely overpriced, typically because their platform is weak in the first place. After several attempts to move forward with some high-level hype organizations, I was ready to give up, then I ran into the WA platform, then the reality of the truth in affiliate marketing opened up. The green lights, where no upfront fees just a real platform with great upfront help 24-7, sincerely, Jack

    • Hi Jack, I agree with you about the high pricing for MLSP. It is rather OTT isn’t it?

      Wealthy Affiliate is affordable and also high quality with plenty of support from within. Even if I could afford the Pro membership with MLSP,  I would only be able to builld 1 site rather than 25 with WA.  That is a HUGE difference!

  5. This is a very great site, and filled with lots of interesting content. How engaging it is and well presented. This review is a very good example of a perfect educational site.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Louisa,

      I am glad you find the information here interesting. I enjoy giving value to such readers as yourself.
      This is the whole point of writing!

  6. I do acknowledge as valid with every one of the thoughts you have presented for your post. They are truly persuading and will work. In any case, the posts are exceptionally concise for beginners. May just you please stretch them a bit from ensuing time? A debt of gratitude is in order for the post.

    • Hi Miller, I’m glad you enjoyed reading thes posts and apologise for only responding now.

      When you say “stretch them a bit from ensuing time”, could you make it clearer what you mean?

      Meanwhile, hope you have a pleasant day…

  7. Very engaging review of the MLSP you have up here. It covered every bit of question I could come up with while reading through the post. I’m a very skeptical person and very prudent with spending, the monthly 299$ in my own opinion seems somewhat huge for lead capturing. Seriously, it seem like a very sure platform with great services just that, I’m  not really sure I can get myself on board with them as of now.

    • Ro,

      I understand how you feel.  It is very expensive and some of their upselss go up to thousands of pounds. 

      very offputting for a newbie!  Thank God for WA!

  8. Great and thorough review of My Lead System Pro.  I had heard some buzz about this program, and so I decided to check it out, but I don’t think, just like you, that I can really afford it.  I’m so thankful you took the time to try it out and write up this review.  It does sound good, but I don’t understand why these programs have to charge so much.  I mean, Wealthy Affiliate is so inexpensive, and look at all they give their members.  You get up to 50 websites, you get secured hosting, the full community, all that training, I could go on and on.  I think, like you, I’m going to stick with Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Well said Babsie!

      These days, people have got wise to paying loads of money for programs such as MLSPro..Now we know that you can get a lot more for less money as you said!

  9. Hi Stella

    I don’t think that MLSP is something that can last. I don’t refuse to invest money in my online business but I want to do it for a sustainable future business. And when I read your review, I understand that using MLSP, there is not a point where you can enjoy an income without investing. My goal in creating an online business is to enjoy passive income. And MLSP just doesn’t give me that possibility.


    • Hi Adyn,

      Passive income means you create a marketing system to help you earn money on autopilot. My Lead System Pro does that but is way too expensive for what you receive as a member. 

      Wealthy Affiliate offers up to 25 free websites compared to MLSP’s 2, yet is way cheaper!

  10. This review is able to pass across necessary information I need to know about ‘My Lead System Pro’ . It would have been a great platform one can explore if not because of its exorbitant price as a pro and premium members. Anyways, there is no cheep success. 

    It is a platform suitable for gathering leads and earning income from many members that can think twice before spending their money in acquiring goodies. But one needs to be very wise because I keep wondering how quick one can make profit from these high priced platforms.

    All those legit affiliate marketing I have seen e.g WA do offer first free membership til you are ready to go Premim, but MLSP is not like that. I must say you made a wise decision by subscribing for the first 10 days trial.

    • Hi Stella,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is cost-effective isn’t it?  Everything a high ticket program offers except for 1-1 classes.


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