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Affiliate marketing has become complicated.  If you don’t have laser beam focus, you will find yourself becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.  Why do I say this?  Well back in 2006 you could set up a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) without needing a website.

You could focus and concentrate only on creating ad campaigns and scaling winning ads. It was a doddle and profitable results followed fast.

Fast forward to 2019 and you have to;

  1. Choose a profitable and evergreen niche
  2. Create a WordPress site
  3. Learn SEO strategy
  4. At least 3 times a week, create relevant content and edit it.
  5. Add photos or videos
  6. Post your content to Social Media
  7. Add relevant Marketing widgets to your site
  8. Create a drip email campaign to establish a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers without spamming them
  9. Create sales funnels
  10. Possibly create a product, a PDF, video or ebook for your subscribers.
  11. Answer comments on your site
  12. Learn how to train a virtual assistant to help you with some of the above

As time went on and my site began to gain traction, I realised I needed to set my goals more tightly.  I meditated on what I could do to become more productive and came up with the following strategy;

Establish Laser Beam Focus

I wrote my goals down and set myself a target of concentrating on fulfilling just 3 important affiliate marketing tasks a day. I would do the tasks in order of importance and set a timer for writing posts (Number 1).  I would decide what were the necessary tasks that I procrastinated  to fulfill and do those second (email letters). Then I would post to Social Media.

I would  make sure extra tabs were closed, the phone was turned off and I had eaten a large salad the night before in order to keep my mind keen with creative ideas. Yes, even the sound system was put off as well, even though I love music.


Getting Better With Time

As the weeks progressed, this is what I found;

  • I became a master of any given task I set myself to do.  Besides this, I felt a greater sense of achievement.   I could take a 20 minute break without  feeling guilty  that I was wasting time. The break would give my mind refreshment and I savoured every moment of it.
  • I became more creative and also more in control of my work.   Indeed, I treated my online business as a business and stopped pussy footing.  I began to attack tasks I found boring with gusto.
  • If I came unstuck and needed help, I was quick to submit a question to Help Centre if it was technical or Thrive Themes Support Forum or even WA Live Chat.
  • It became  a doddle to write and publish 1000-1500 worded posts. After all, I told myself, you can write and type fast. Others at Wealthy Affiliate who were determined to succeed but with less typing experience than yourself were experiencing breakthrough. Therefore I had no excuse but to up the ante!
  • I decluttered my mind and decided to write not just 1 post a day, but 2 to make up for the 4 months I lost while my laptop had been playing up.
  • This online affiliate business is now not just work to me, but FUN!

Think Like

People such as Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels, Anik Singal, CEO of the LURN  Centre, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield and Nick Laight of Canonbury Publishing,  who each  had a vision.

They also decided to overcome any fears or doubts they had and goal set, delegating work to wise people they could trust.

They also did not take NO for an answer and paved their own way to success in a fashion that brought joy to those who got involved with them.


Including You!

You too have what it takes to succeed. So stop making excuses and break the goals you set into sizeable chunks.  Find out what branch of internet marketing you excel in and become a specialist in that area.  You know what I mean?

Instead of being a General Practitioner, become a Surgeon in your field.  Yes, it might cost a few nights and a holiday-less first year, but look at some of the successful Wealthy Affiliate Premium members and read their inspirational stories.  If and when you need to.


Andy Calvin, who joined Wealthy Affiliate in November, 2017,  blogs about his monthly progression:

Here is An Update of Month 3


Jerry Huang, a 21 year old from Taiwan also charts his progress:

Look At One of His Trainings On Hiring a Writer Like a Pro


Lynne Huy,  a former drug addict, made good:

10 Tips For Newbies


Lauren Jean  from South Africa:

Mummy Blogger


Final Thoughts

As you can see from reading the above posts and training of several Wealthy Affiliate Members, they have this in common; all of them have steadily progressed to become authorities in their given niche.  Some succeed faster than others, but all of them had one thing in common – a Laser Beam Focus in accomplishing their tasks for the coming weeks, months or even years.

Someone once said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

He was right. And I am sure you agree.   So what are you waiting for?  Find out how Wealthy Affiliate can make a difference to your affiliate marketing knowledge and understanding.  Escape the scam merry-go-round you’ve been on lately and get to it…. We are halfway through 2019, but you can see your New Year Resolutions coming to pass as of today.

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member to see what I am talking about.  It is only $19 dollars in your first month.  That’s all I had in my account when I joined, but I became Premium the same day and do not regret it 1 year later.

Wealthy Affiliate over delivers on top-notch training that is updated every week.  It’s like the Facebook of Affiliate Marketing and you will not only learn how to succeed in this business, but make life-long friends too.

But don’t just take my word for it… Find out and see for yourself.




26 thoughts on “Mindset – Laser Beam Focus”

  1. This is some good stuff and you’re absolutely right, they have laser focus and you need that with any kind of business, be it online or offline. When you start and run a business, you have to show up every single day, focus on getting tasks done and then do it all over again the next day. 

    And you said how running your business is fun, and I think everyone should have fun with their business or at least learn/force themselves to as time goes by.

  2. How to be you? As I read your article, i can’t help but to admire your knowledge about affiliate marketing. I have only been a member for a month and there’s so much to learn. For a month, I haven’t come across and have no idea about number 7-12. Those are my worries and I sometimes doubt myself if I can do this. Thanks to you, I have an added list of what I should to to make my niche profitable. 

    This is the reason why I am glad to join WA. Aside from all the tools, training and webinars, I also get knowledge from the affiliate members’ content. I especially like any tips that can help me to pursue. Thanks for the encouragement. You are selfless for sharing these important insights. Next thing to do is to put it into practice. 

  3. nicely said Stella,

    Though I try to hide it, I think that I too am exactly as you said, a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. I should focus more on what I’m good at and be at the top of my game with the laser beam focus. Surprised to see you writing 2 posts daily, and here I am struggling to write even one a day! That’s it, I’m hyped! Time to focus on work and finish writing too, it’s more exciting when another person’s doing the same thing as you. Good luck on your blog growth!

    • Thanks Riaz,

      I noticed a painter/WA member managed to post 6 posts weekly while still at his job… I realised I could be more productive!

      I don’t think he knew what he started!

  4. Hi, thanks for your valuable tips as though I have to admit at first I thought you’re going to come up with some trick or method for compounding time, however I see that these are realistic Waze which will leave me in a sense. 

    This is because I know that everything that I am doing falls in line with what you were also doing as an expert marketer on mine. 

    So this does help me to think about and meditate on how I can improve my regimen daily. Thanks for these very timely reminders.

  5. Affiliate marketing does sound like a tough business – especially at first, when there are so many things to do. That’s why I think your laser beam focus thoughts and tips are an excellent preparation for those in their initial stages, as I am. 

    What if I lose my initial focus? As I know myself, I might give up if I don’t see any results in the first 3 months. And from what I read, a new website needs at least 6 months until it starts earning any money. 

    Has this ever happened to you, I mean thinking about giving up? If yes, what made you continue your progress? I really loved your website and you’re already an inspiration for me, so any advice would be really helpful.

    • In answer to your question Ashley, 

      All you need to do is pick up from where you left off. Like an energizer bunny, bright-eyed and raring to go. 

      I have well-meaning Christian friends who encourage me when I’m down.  They are very useful in those times. I also listen to inspiring music that takes my spirit high. 

      When my computer had problems I went to the Library. All I need to do is put my systems in place (automated marketing) and it should get easier with time.  

      And the same for you… I can’t promise you will make shedloads in 3 months, but if you put the systems in place, maybe you might!

  6. Hi Stella, 

    focusing on content is essential if you want to make your website grow – I actually experienced that myself. I used to work daily for about 7-8 hours, sometimes even more, 7 days a week. I never took any day off when my website was in its first months. 

    Guess what? One year later, it was making good money without any effort from my side. So I think it was all because of that laser focus and work I put in it in its initial stages. So I can tell you that everything is possible in terms of websites, all you have to do is focus on it and put all your work in it. It’s going to pay off sooner or later.

  7. What a fantastically inspiring post! Thanks so much, this was exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

    Unlike you, I do not have the excuse that my computer has been on the fritz. I simply gave in to the feeling of being overwhelmed with responsibilities due to family, schooling, work and trying to keep up with content creation. 

    After reading your motivating and inspiring words, a lightbulb went on. I see now that all I really need to do is break down all my tasks into chunks and schedule time for each. I will start on scheduling my list of tasks and goals today. I will check back and let you know how it is going. Thanks again! 

    • Hi Shannon,

      It’s good to find I inspire you.  I am slightly overwhelmed with the comments I am receiving for this post. 

      I think we are all much more wiser than we think.  If I am wrong, all of you have definitely proved otherwise!

  8. Stella, 

    I am glad to see someone else point out how the right mindset is essential to success. Focusing on doing essential tasks every day is part of the mindset. 

    Doing unprofitable or unproductive things takes time away from those tasks that generate money. Time is our most valuable resource. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. So I tell myself, don’t waste it.

  9. Hi, Stella.
    It was mindboggling to go through your article on Mindset.
    There are very few articles which take your emotions too deep down to root level where you stop, watch it from outside/inside, compare it with your situation and finally get motivated to take action. And your points on Mindset took me to all these levels.
    Thanks a lot for writing such motivational words which forced me to take action NOW.
    Will return soon.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav,

      What an interesting observation… 

      I was tired of wasting time and thought I would brainstorm on how to tackle it.  

      I’m glad you are inspired.  It’s quite humbling to know that.

  10. Sometimes, I wish I had started affiliate marketing way before I did when it was easier to get ranked. On the other hand, where’s the fun in that? 

    You seem to have a lot of self-discipline. I’m not yet there, but Ì’m trying to get better. I make a weekly plan and I’m trying to stick to it. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting close. I still get distracted though. I open extra tabs and the sound system is on a lot.

    • It’s easy to get ranked… A Bng PPC campaign of just $40 will get you instant traffic as you will automatically be on page one of Bing.  $40 campaign will only last for 3 days before the adspend runs out, but you will get quite a lot of visitors. 

      Set an email system up and write email letters to all of your subscribers you get from you PPC campaign.  

      Wealthy Affiliate email marketing strategy will show you how to do this. It is under Live Events by Magistudios. You will also learn about optin strategy and the difference between broadcast and drip campaigns. 

      PM me in WA and I will tell you more…

      Til then, take care!

  11. Hello Stella,

    Thank you for this post.  You’re spot-on when it comes to focus and setting goals.  I started doing that a little while back and saw a huge improvement in my ability to get stuff done.  Now I actually get annoyed if I don’t finish something on my list for the day.

    I don’t know everyone you mentioned in your article but I’ve heard of and actually looked into Russell Brunson and his offerings and I’ve chatted with Jerry Huang in WA Live Chat and via PM.  Very impressive people indeed.

    I’ll continue to set my goals, focus on the tasks at hand and become a better authority in my niche.

    Thanks again,


    • That’s fine Scott,

      It is good to hear how goal setting has made a difference to your ability to finish tasks.   People like Russell and Jerry must also be adept at that.  

      We live to learn!

  12. I think one get overwhelmed with the tasks to do and forget, what and when to do things. I remember forgetting to submit my newly published post to the search engines webmastertool!!  There are so many tasks to fill, if you do not plan your work, you really plan to fail.

    This is a very educative post, and I like the examples you gave, especially Jerry Huang, he really amazed me with what he did within a year or so. Great motivation and training!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, you are so rght.

      We need to break down our large tasks into smaller ones that we can manage each day so as to succeed.  It was a pleasure to share this article.

  13. Your information is great and so on point. I love how much you go over and all of it is so important. I need to really focus on what is important to me and stop doing everything I think I need to do. Laser focus is important in order to decide what is most worth my time.


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