Marks & Spencers Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing can cover any niche.  Take for example clothing. Marks & Spencers department store has an affiliate program that you can join.  Marks covers home furniture, and dining glassware, children’s clothes and womens’ and mens’ clothing.  Bags and shoes included.

They also stock cosmetics and skincare and do a bra-fitting service in the lingerie section.  Just in case you didn’t know!

One floor for each section..It takes several half hours to walk round the store, but you can get some really nice clothing to buy.  One friend of mine often asks me where I get that dress or skirt from and I always say Marks because of the quality of material.

You can put a few pieces together and mix it with New Look or Primark clothing and you will look fashionable yet well fitted at the same time.

In comparison, I find Primark has nice blouses, yet they do not fit as well as Marks’ blouses, jumpers or T-shirts.  Put them in the wash and Marks’ blouses retain their shape and colour.

On to the Affiliate Program

Rakuten is the affiliate network that hosts the US Marks & Spencers affiliate program.

And just so you are not confused – an affiliate network is a company that hosts tonnes of company or business affiliate programs.  You sign up with the affiliate network and then choose your affiliate program related to your niche.  Then you get your affiliate links to promote on your site.

  • For the US Marks, you get 7% commission.
  • You need to be approved before joining
  • You are paid by Direct Deposit into your bank account
  • The minimum payout level is $1.00


As a Wealthy Affiliate Member, all you need do is go to the Affiliate Programs section on the left handside of WA page, and after clicking on that, type in “Marks & Spencers” in the affiliate programs search bar.

Click on program details and a new page comes up, then click on “Join this program” on the right of the M&S US affiliate program page.

To the bottom right, you can “View this website”

Bottom left, you can get your “Affiliate Links” and also follow their site for updates.

As a WA member, you can write a review (centre bottom) and help others out. Others at Wealthy Affilite, that is!

Even better, you can”Discuss About Marks and Spencers US Affiliate Program so that people get an idea of the nature and quality of the affiliate program.


N.B  This is just one of the many affiliate programs you can join to earn a commission from

I did not want this site to only be about “How To Do Affiliate Marketing”.  Rather to show that you can pick and choose affiliate programs related to your niche..

As Top Affiliate Pro is all about affiliate marketing – I have included various affiliate programs for this to be clearer to you

I notice that people find it difficult to pick a niche as they do not understand what the word means simply a segment of the market you are interested in.  It must be evergreen, profitable and one you can write plenty about for the first year or two.

That’s just for starters.  You can read more about Niche and Monetisation here.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here below.




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