Managing Your Time….Waste It Or Save It?

We have all been there when it comes to time management or the lack of it.  I used to spend hours watching comedies as a child after my homework.  I loved cartoons – Tom & Jerry, Deputy Dawg, The Flintstones, Top Cat, etc.


Having Fun Wasting Time


I think the one thing I learned from all that time was developing a sense of humour.  Clean humour.  Now?  I am pleased to say I haven’t had a television in my home for more than 10 years.  I feel that I have watched enough TV for a lifetime. The result of going TV-less has been a huge impact on how I spend my time – mainly listening to soft music as I write, or cook in the kitchen, doing my chores, etc.

How Do I Relax?

Yes,, I Love Dancing – Don’t We All?


Listening to music! If I’m in a mood to take a break from writing, I turn the music up and have a 20 minute dance session.  I like dancing and make new moves on the fly…Good exercise and it gets my creative juices flowing too.

I organise my time into 4  categories – Work, Social, Grocery Shopping and Chores.

For Work – I have scheduled myself to write and edit for at least 5 hours daily, writing up to 3 posts varying from 800-1,200 words each.

Social – This is mostly done at the weekend with friends and church activities. It also includes my daily quiet time in prayer and visualisation.

Grocery Shopping takes 1.5 hours max from the time I leave home to when I return. I always carry the list wth me to remind myself not to get tempted by special offers – you know – buy  1, get 1 half-price…unless I need the item on offer in bulk.

Chores?  I clean up as I go, except for the kitchen floor which I clean and scrub once a week.


Time Management   

To begin to undestand how to manage your time, you must first understand its place in your daily life and as a whole. My pastor and mentor says this –

” Between every sunrise and sunset, there are those twenty-four hours. The management of time and life is to know that whether you live seventy or eighty years, it does not all arrive in one go.  It comes gradually.

If a man will live up to seventy years, he will need to know that 25 of those seventy years will be spent sleeping if he were sleeping 8 hours a day. 18 years will be spent in school and 5 years eating.

Without having to account for the time spent in travelling and work, these three major activities have already taken 48 years from the man’s social life.

The management of time and life is important. Time is the chief commodity you have to sell to employers to make money, or from those who need your services.”

Pastor Matthew goes on to emphasise in his book – ‘BE THE BEST’, “The management of time is a good indication of how your life will end up. So many people live their life hoping and wishing that one day, at the end of their rainbow will be a pot of gold without taking the steps required to fulfill their dreams.”  For example, the employee that refuses to keep training himself, re-engineering and adding value to himself will find himself marking time in the same position.

On the other hand, the employer who does not keep up and think ahead  of time, failing to recognise that we are in a constantly changing world and should be re-engineering his business, will soon find that what he sells is obsolete.

What is so interesting is that those who are successful and who have made an impact with their life never really complain about the lack of time. Time-wasters tend to complain that they have not got enough time to carry out the things they want to do.   We must all remember that it is not the number of days you live, it is the quality of life you give and the joy you bring.


“Good time management is an issue for all of life, not a thing to do only when you are pursuing success in a chosen area.”

–  Pastor Matthew Ashimilowo

If you want to do affiliate marketing, you will find that it is not all beds and roses.  There is work to be done and daily tasks that should be organised into important and lesser important ones.  You will have to discipline yourself because as an internet marketer you are in business for yourself and family.  By yourself physically, online with the training programme of choice Wealthy Affiliate, which has an active Live Chat and Comments section under blog posts that more experienced members write.

Here is a post from Mike Kearns, one of the Top 200 WA members….It shows you Online Marketing Strategy.

If you have any comments about managing your time wisely, please feel free to leave them here below.




14 thoughts on “Managing Your Time….Waste It Or Save It?”

  1. I applaud you for having no TV for 10 years! that is fantastic, something I would like to begin. I can honestly say that when I sit down and think about what I spend my time doing, that a huge portion is wasted on the couch watching things that are of no help to my progress in life.

    I like your categorizing of your time into 4 simple areas. This is something I’d like to incorporate in my time management. Keeping things simple. Great info, thanks!

    • I am glad you enjoyed reading this post.  I hope you will throw away your TV soon – it will make a huge difference and free up loads of time!

  2. Hi, Stella! Without question every person here on this Earth would be able to lead a more productive life if he/she were able to assess what truly is important and focus time, (only 24 hours in a day) towards achieving more daily. The problem with so many people are that they are so clueless as to how to manage what goes on in their lives, regarding time spent on things that, in fact lead to a high level of stress.

    I don’t necessarily believe that watching television is completely non-productive. For some people, stressed out with what is going on in their lives, the small amount of time that they may spend watching television shows as a form of entertainment might be the best way to relieve anxiety. A form of escapism from what takes place in their lives 365 days per year. I know that I’ve learned to watch only certain things as in fact watching news daily about all of the negative things that take place in this world can be quite stressful.

    Still, I admire you for not having a television available to you for, as you stated, the last 10 years in your life. For you a way of relaxation to alleviate stress in your life has been as you stated listening to music, (which I also happen to enjoy doing), reading a meaningful book, and etc. I also exercise several times per week as I’ve been an active bicyclist for over 40 years in my life.

    That was a fascinating and very educational article that you took the time to write, Stella!


    • Hi Jeff – thanks for your comments…

      I really love my music…Exercise?  Bikram yoga and free weights is where it’s at for me. I don’t do it often but feel totally chilled whenever I go to Bikram…it’s a cool experience.  and very expensive.

      Anything is better than TV though as I was a real TV addict watching one programme after the other. Something had to give and it was that.

      But once again, I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article!

  3. Time management is essential to business profitability as you clearly show by setting aside 5 hours daily for developing content. I have written posts about doing those tasks first that directly relate to producing income. 

    For example, reading email should not be a task priority unless it is related to customer support or similar functions. Time also should be devoted to promoting content such as writing tweets or posts for social media. 

    I have read that some major marketers spend 20% of their time developing content and 80% of their time promoting their content.

    • That is interesting Glen,

      That 80% of time is spent promoting yet only 20% is spent developing content.  I was not aware of that!  It is very important to put the groundwork in first before promoting.

      That way, people feel as if they are getting value for their money.

  4. Hi Stella,

    This is an important post for anyone to read. For most of my life I was guilty of not spending my time wisely, over the last few years I improved a lot. I still have some work to do in that regard.

    It is so true about never complaining about not having enough time when we spend it wisely. I don’t think I will ever forget that. In fact, whenever I want to start complaining about not having time, I will be reminded that I wasted time on something shouldn’t have.

    Thanks for your great post!

    Phillip Cowan

  5. Great article on Time Management and whether we waste it or not, I see you have organized your time well, I woke up early and usually I spend my time in prayer and writing, reading but most of all, organizing my thoughts because thoughts create our experiences and you can achieve so much just by organizing thoughts.

    Enjoyed the information on time management.  Wishing you success.

  6. It’s really difficult to manage time if you don’t have a list of what you will do each day.  Strategizing your work will make your day fruitful and you feel fulfilled.

    Time management is such a value in life that should be practiced with discipline. I would love that dancing as exercise added to the groups of engagements.  It is a very important aspect of a successful business and life wherein a portion of time be allotted. 

  7. Very interesting facts. Time to sleep seems too much, at seventy years, I will have had at least 25 years of sleep, hahaha, unbelievable. What if I sleep 5 hours per day, does it have any negative effects to my healthy?

    Thank you so much, I loved every bit of your article. Most of the time we tend to blame our parents, govt, economy, our forefathers, our race etc, but the real truth is we fail to manage our time wisely. We are not responsible and accountable to our actions. Unless if such people can change, success is an impossibility


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