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The term ‘Making Money Blogging’ sounds as if you have to spend days writing.  Actually, if you write about a subject that’s about a passion of yours, your blog can take on a life of it’s own. It can become visually appealing through the use of relevant and copyright-free images.  It can also become a field of comments in that section where people leave valuable impressions and thoughts about the information on your site.


A Blog A Day Helps You Play


 Topics You Can Write About  

  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Home and Garden
  • Investing
  • Beauty and Fashion

This is just the tip of the iceberg to get your creative juices flowing regarding the main theme of your blog. This should not be too broad as online competition can be rather stiff.  Using a keyword tool like Jaaxy can provide you with quality keyword phrases that you can build a topic around.


Overcoming Writer’s Block   

Don’t worry about this as it happens to everyone who puts pen to paper at some point. What you can do is write a list of relevant topics and go to sleep.  Yes, literally.  When you awake the next morning, you will feel more energised and inspired to write content for your blog. Writing content is easy; here are a few guidelines you can follow to succeed.

  1. Who is your audience?  This is the kind of people who you want to read your blog.  Their age range, location and interests.
  2. Are they literate? Make your writing easy to read and understand as someone who is not computer savvy or a novice in your chosen field could be reading.
  3. Use black fonts on a white background as this is clearer to see.  You can use coloured fonts in the sidebar of the page.
  4.  Use medium size and bold headings.  Also, sub-headers should be smaller than your topic headings, which shouldn’t be so large as to take up the length of a paragraph.
  5. Images should be to the right or middle of your content as we all read from left to right.  They should also be above the fold of your page – that is within view when the page is uploaded.  Size also matters and the images should not be so large as to take up half a page as they could take a long time to upload on some computers. This could be very upsetting to some readers, who will simply click away to another site.


5 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

1. Google Adsense

You can do this by using Adsense.  This is a feature of Google that chooses relevant ads for your content pages.  They come in different sizes and places on your pages. Make sure you don’t plaster your content with Adsense ads as this can look rather spammy and amateurish.


2.  Do Product Reviews 

With links that re-direct to merchant offers on their websites.   You can learn how to do this with Wealthy Affiliate.  Products should retail for over £50 as you only get paid 5-25% on most affiliate programs. except for Clickbank – a digital affiliate network.

Affiliate networks are geared towards any type of product either physical or digital and are a way for people like yourself to earn a commission any time someone click on a link on your review.This is then re-directed to a merchant site that pays you a commission.

Clickbank is an affiliate network that hosts thousands of digital products on their site.  They are very easy to join and pay out as much as 75% so you can make money on autopilot with them. Their products cover all sorts of categories, for example, Investing, Home and Garden, Health and Fitness, etc.

Amazon Associates is a very large affiliate network that has thousands of both physical products from most market segments, and ebooks for Kindle owners.


3. Consultancy Service    

For more experienced bloggers who have extensive knowledge about their niche (market segment of an industry),   holding a consultancy service, where you get paid for information you have an expertise knowledge about, can      fetch quite a lot of money as charge rates can run into thousands of pounds.


4.  Email Marketing

This is a subtle but good way of making money with your blog.  You will need to have a capture    page that collects readers’ email addresses and names.  Email sequences can be written and sent at particular times of the day over a period of time.

By the 6th-7th email, subscribers who have read them will  have more trust in you.  They will then be ready to buy offers you present.  They can remain loyal to you for years.  You can see that this can be a very lucrative means of earning your income.  Read more about email writing here.


5.     Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You simply sign up to an advertising network like Google Ads or Bing Ads, and link an affiliate offer to your page. You can broadly target your audience by country and language and pitch your ads to a larger audience than all the other methods combined.

Then you write out a short advert, following Google or Bing’s advertising guidelines, and set up an ad campaign.  You pay anything from a few pennies to pounds whenever someone clicks on your advert.  It is better to start with a small budget and scale up when you have a winning ad.

It may seem complicated but just as I have mentioned before, Wealthy Affiliate is a great training resource that you can learn a lot from with plenty of people to help you if and when you get stuck.


5. Social Media Advertising    

Social Media has transformed how we communicate to our friends and family online.  Wealthy Affiliate training program has a course outline that includes how to use Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter for promoting posts on your blog.  Advertising using social media is cheaper than pay-per-click methods and you can boost your posts, and include links to your blog.

I recommend WA highly as if you do get stuck, you can ask a question in the live chat section.  You will normally be answered in seconds by a member who has more expertise.

Here’s a post by Littlemama..a mother who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for only 2 years.  Tell me what you think about her post. I would love to hear from you.


Learn WordPress – Site Blogging Platform

You can learn how to use WordPress by going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate.  They use a Step-by-Step approach and also video tutorials and text explanations.  With each segment of each course comes a comment section where you can leave a question for the Wealthy Affiliate community and also the founders.



As you can see, making money with blogging can be achieved, but you just have to be consistent and post additional content at least 3 times a week.  The search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo prefer blogs with relevant content and images.  Your site will rank higher up the ladder as you gain trust with your audience.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.






4 thoughts on “Making Money Blogging”

  1. Hey. I’m happy that I found your blog. I learned further useful information. As I mentioned in your previous article, I want to make money online, but I did not know how. Blogging seems to be the best business to start at home. Now you have dispelled my doubts 🙂

    • Well, if you are with WA, all you need to do is follow the steps one at a time in the First Course then on to Affiliate Bootcamp which is more advanced.

      As long as you take action daily spending at least 2 hours a day learning and applying what you learn and building valuable content – you will succeed.  Give value that is a cut above the rest, engage with people and help solve their problems – then success and money will just flow in naturally!

  2. Hello there! I’ve been looking for a way to earn extra money for a while now. I heard great thing about blogging but my problem is that I don’t know how to start with it. Luckily, I found your article about on how to make money with blogging. Now I know ways to make money with my website how do I make the website? I really appreciate your response.

    • Hi – if you join Wealthy Affiliate, there is a step-by-step course outline on how to build a website using WordPress.

      There is plenty of instant support through the Live Chat which is VERY Active.  There are also  plenty of experienced members in Wealthy Affiliate who have also posted trainings through video and screenshots.

      Personally, I have overcome my fear of building websites and am now on my 2nd since joining in November 2017.

      Wealthy Affiliate is free to join.  If you join for free then decide to go Premium within 7 days of joining – it will only cost you $19, then $49 every month after that.

      It is the best and most cost-effective training program out there on the net.

      Go check WA out!


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