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As you have noticed, I am with Wealthy Affiliate and promote it.  Why? Because it is the only training program where you can learn and earn at your own pace and still make a decent income.  Why do I say this?  Because I was hunting around the internet for 12 years searching for the Holy Grail.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at these WA blog posts written by other members;

  • Zarina – has spent 3 years with Wealthy Affiliate and progressed
  • Jerry Huang used to work in a hotel, but is now earning enough to get married
  • Littlemama is an inspiration and shows us that diligence counts
  • Tony Hamilton work ethic does not count him out just because he is a veteran
  • Dylan Rieger failed at first, but kept on trying…
  • VitaliyG has written his 800th post
  • Lauren Kinghorn has been guest blogging
  • Eddy Salomon prefers CPA Networks

And the List goes on….There are more than 200,000 Wealthy Affiliate Members, some Starter but most Premium.

Need I say more, what are you waiting for?  You do not have to worry about losing any money because I noticed that the training you learn and apply sticks in your memory.

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I went after shiny buttons on the net and discovered that any program I joined led me to other resources I needed outside of the program.  Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to begin a thriving affiliate business all in one place.

I realised I was saving time and money and became Premium with the spare $19 I had left in my account.

I was not rich but I definitely do have a rich mindset.  I knew that if I applied what I learned and served others on WA as well as through my websites, I would become successful.




What Does Success Mean To You?

  • Does it mean enough income to work peacefully from home and not commute daily?
  • Time with family?
  • Holidays?
  • Extra money to pay towards University fees?
  • Or to give to your favourite charity?

Whatever success means to you, take the time to write it down and really think of a reason why you are afraid to be a Free Starter Member with Wealthy Affiliate. Because after reading those testimonials earlier you will realise that you are frightened for nothing.

Everyone at WA starts from the beginning with $0 profit. All they bring to the table is a desire to learn and apply the training.  Whenever they get stuck, they ask questions and they get answers. FAST.

If you find anywhere on the net that is equivalent to all of the above…Just let me know about it will you?

Because I don’t believe it exists!!

Think about this:

Do you know anywhere online where you can start your WordPress site in 30 seconds?  Well, because the owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) are Computer Science graduates, they know a thing or two about building sound websites that are fast to upload, and more.

You will find that the support you get from Wealthy Affiliate members is second to none.  So what are you waiting for?


If you have any questions to ask about joining Wealthy Affiliate, just leave them in the Comments Section below…




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26 thoughts on “Learn and Earn With Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi Stella
    I just wanted to pop in and second everything you have said in your blog. WA is the place to be if you want to be successful in an online business. I have been a member since Feb this year and have gone from knowing nothing to building two websites that are now making money. Anyone can do it with the training and support provided at WA.

    Plus I’ve made some wonderful colleagues and friends there. They support me when times get tough and celebrate the achievements. They understand what it’s like to be an online entrepreneur and with so many established and successful people to help it only sets us up for success too.

    So to anyone reading this – do not second guess yourself, jump in and give it a try, the Starter Membership is free so you have nothing to lose.

  2. No over hype, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be for any prospective or veteran affiliate marketer. I have tried several stuff online ranging from building Amazon niche sites to Clickbank affiliate program, but I could record little success. 

    Until I joined Wealthy Affiliate earlier this year and strictly followed all the training and tasks therein. Now I can see a green light to success and I can’t wait to share my success story.

    • Too true Lok,

      We at Wealthy Affiliate have found the training to be simple to follow and apply. It covers everything you nee to know about running  successful online business whether you are into digital or physical products.

      Marketing and WordPress site creation are all covered.  Nothing is missed out and if there is, the founders Kyle and Carson listen to the WA community and sort it.

      We are definitely in the right place.

      To Your Success!

  3. Thanks for the great overview of Wealthy Affiliate.  I am also a member of the community and absolutely love it!  Not only is the information fantastic and hosting second to none  but even the premium membership works out to be cheaper than hosting just a  couple websites and it includes 25!  Additionally, i am really glad that I found Jaaxy as useful as I do, it really is the backbone to getting ranked on google

  4. Hi Stella, 

    You have me seriously thinking about Wealthy Affiliate. I would like to make money working from home.  If I made more money, I could donate more money to worthy causes.   

     I know you provided a bunch of links to an impressive group of people that are doing really well with the things they learned at Wealthy Affiliate.   I don’t want this to sound like a stupid question, but I was wondering. 

     Exactly what is Wealthy Affiliate’s training about?  Due to the amount of junk email I get and the fact that my email address has been sold in the past, I prefer not to provide my email address  unless I  know exactly what I am requesting.  I am the same way with links.   Granted, I did click on a couple of the links of people you suggested.   However, I didn’t take a lot of time exploring their blogs.   

    Again, I hope that my wanting to know what Wealthy Affiliate teaches isn’t too stupid of a question.   Thank you in advance.  

    • Hi Sondra,

      In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make a business out of your passion or hobbies. Online.  You can find out more on my post titled Wealthy Affiliate Top Rated.  Everything is mapped out there.

      I understand about your fears as I too have been scammed in the past.  I have struggled with online business and affiliate marketing for almost 12 years.  Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, the struggle is definitely over.  Due to the awesome support that is 24/7.

      This support is in Live Chat from other WA members, on our WA blogs, or the Training Classrooms or, if technical, by Help Centre. It is also fast in answering your questions.

      The training comes in 2 Courses; Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons) and Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons).

      There are also Live Events or weekly webinars run by Jay Neill (Magistudios). 

      Wealthy Affiliate also run their own affiliate program which can give you as little as $1 per Free Starter Member all the way up to £175 per yearly subscription.

      The only way to find out more is join up as a Free Starter member and take a look around for yourself.

      You have nothing to lose!

  5. Hi Stella those are some great success stories that you have listed but I am curious about yours.  Have you had any financial success with this program?  So for $19.00 dollars a month what do I get?  You also mention Starter members and Premium members what is the difference in the two?  I think I would need more information before joining WA.Best of luck in your search for success!

    • Hi Maureen,

      It is $19 dollars for your 1st month, then $49 a month after.  The value is a lot more for what you get.  You can find out more on another post I wrote  Wealthy Affiliate Top Rated. It would be too much to list here.

      As for my personal success, I am at email campaign stage as I have quite a few visitors to my sites every day.  I am actually missing sales as I speak! I have enquiries about eczema products on my other site and people wanting to know more about affiliate marketing on this site.

      As a result, I am working hard at it as I do not want to let my visitors down!

      To Your Success!

  6. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community that has and is helping so many people to have online success and to be able to live their dreams. Wealthy affiliate is the place to have a successful online business.

  7. Hi Stella,
    A great blog post and straight to the point Stella! I have been making money online since 2007, I started researching Internet marketing back in 2004, it took me three years to make money online! How I wish that I knew about Wealthy Affiliate all those years ago!

    This really is a great platform, I have been a member for over four years now and I do not know of a better way to learn about Internet marketing. You literally learn as you earn, which is absolutely fantastic! Had I have found Wealthy Affiliate back in 2004 it would have literally saved me thousands and I would have gone from A to B at a much quicker rate.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a huge number of success stories, a lot more than many people realise, you have mentioned a few of them, Stella, as we know there are many more.

    If you’re thinking about an online business, I would recommend this product, unless you want to be like me, I learnt the hard way!

  8. Hi Stella,

    As I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to endorse the program as well. We all might have a different path, but one thing for sure, we all want to be financially comfortable and that is something that you can achieve with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am a premium member and I still consider myself as a newbie, due to my freelance work the hours are insane. That is why I haven’t invested my time with Wealthy Affiliate as much as I wanted but that is no excuse still. It will not be easy to be successful but It will happen I know in my gut.

    You are absolutely right, what is stopping you now from trying something new that can benefit your future? All you need is just an e-mail and name to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Trust me, after trying it you won’t regret. You might become a premium in a week like I did.

    • Definitely Nuttanee!

      After being scammed online for years, I realised the great potential of WA when I discovered it.  Too good to be true! And Kyle and Carson over-deliver on excellent training.

      What’s more they are ever-expanding and improving their courses.

      What’s not to love?!

  9. Firstly, I liked your title Learn and Earn With Wealthy Affiliate. That had a nice ring to it. And it spoke the truth. Your maze graphic along with your comments of hunting around the Internet for 12 years cracked me up! Your experience before discovering Wealthy Affiliate mirrored my experience and a lot of others too.

    It was exciting to see the examples of individuals who have been successful in creating wealth using the training of Wealthy Affiliate. You mentioned the number of 200k members. I thought the number was over 1.4M. Am I missing something here? Perhaps you can clarify my thinking. 

    I think you made your point about learning and earning. Great job Stella! 

    • Hi Edwin,

      Oops, it seems I might have my numbers for WA wrong…I might have to find out the true number.

      Yes, if you are focused and follow the WA training closely, you can make a lot of money!

  10. The mistake a lot of people make when starting out online is that they go after shinning opportunities that promise riches without doing much work. Personally, I don’t really think this is the best route to take especially for those just starting out because there is a lot they need to know before they actually start making money online.

    Wealthy affiliate encourages its members that to be successful online you have to work hard for it and put in the effort to learn and the good thing with this method is that as you are learning you are actually building your business which would in no time start making you money.

    I consider this a really good practice especially for those just starting out online.

  11. Dear Stella,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Since 2008 I tried many make money online programs to name a few… Paid to click, online surveys, captcha typing, ad posting, content writing, data entry, email reading, tele calling, virtual assistant etc., Nothing went on my way or helped me to become my own boss (Which is my dream).

    By trying different products and programs I nearly lost $4000. In September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate at that point I was totally fed up and almost coming to a conclusion that it’s not possible to make money online and all make money online programs are scams.

    I did my research for one month on WA and joined WA on November 2016 but I am not 100% sure and confident on WA. I was afraid and skeptical because of my past experiences.

    To cut it short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home. I am my own boss my dream came true because of WA. All the success stories you shared are true and many of those members are my inspiration and my good friends.

    Much Success!


    • Well done Paul,

      You are a shining example of being committed to working through  challenging  financial circumstance.  Simple by gritting your teeth and setting your jaw until you succeed.

      It worked and well Done!

    • Thanks for the compliment Alejandra.

      Though it is easy to get distracted sometimes, just pick up from where you left off with the prize in mind. As you become more consistent and determined to understand your audience, you will find it easier to find interesting topics, related to your niche, to write about.

      Let me know how you get on!


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