K-Money Mastery 2.0 Review – 5 Star Rating!

If you are like me and love to write (or talk) then you should seriously think of putting a book together of all your interests and passions.  I am talking e-books and everything you should know about publishing one.  One of my friends likes to write and asked me if I knew how to publish her articles in e-book form.  I looked into it and came across K-Money Mastery 2.0.

This training system caught my eye in a big way and I would like for you to read my review about what K-Money Mastery is all about…


Name: K-Money Mastery 2.0

Website: k-moneymastery.com

Price: -Free 7-Day Trial followed by $90 to continue using the course

Upsell: $67 per month to gain entrance to Full Disclosure Membership

Owner: Stefan Pylarinos

Overall Rating: 9/10



General Overview

K-Money Mastery actually over-delivers on training you how to write and produce top-notch Kindle e-books. As it was free for the first 7 days, I signed up to see for myself what this training progam could offer. This program was produced in 2013 by Stefan who comes across as a person who genuinely wants to help you succeed at writing e-books for Amazon Kindle store. The good thing is that he updates the training constantly.

Another bonus is that he stresses you do not need to have top grades in English to be successful.

The course outline covers lessons in easy-to-follow videos that cover everything from idea selection for writing ebooks to marketing your ebook and outsourcing to virtual assistants who are taught how to write a best-selling e-book for you.

If you don’t know how to design an e-book cover, that’s fine. If you are struggling with writing valuable content for your e-book, that’s sorted.  Even when it comes to outsourcing, there is the  ‘Kindle Virtual Assistant  Training Program’ where you are taught how to find, interview, hire, train and manage a team of loyal virtual assistants who will help you grow your e-book business.



Tools and Training



  1. Affiliate Marketing Mastery; how to build and create a successful online business with affiliate marketing
  2. How to Write a Book in Less Than 24 hours; Stefan’s 10-step method for writing your e-book in less than 24 hours.
  3. K-Money Mastery Full Disclosure Membership; this is an area for advanced members containing advanced videos and interviews with Kindle publishing gurus, live book reviews, Q&A videos. Access to the exclusive Facebook community is also included. New videos and content are added monthly.
  4. Kindle Optmizer 2.0; Software that increases sales and efficiency of your Kindle Publishing business.  You are taught how to submit your kindle book to 60+ free websites with a few clicks, tracking and managing your ebooks in one place.
  5. Kindle Marketing Secrets; 33 Ways to promote your book and increase sales.
  6. Life Mastery – How to unleash your hidden potential and achieve everything you have ever wanted.  This is available in both digital and paperback format.

There are also other resources you can use including ‘Land Pages’ and Optimizer Press to create high-converting landing pages and squeeze pages to send your Kindle customers to. In the future you can promote and market additional e-books you write.



Outsourcing; Writing e-books and promoting them can be quite an exhaustive process and if you want to scale up your e-book empire, it only makes sense to hire a virtual assistant to help you.  Upwork, Elance and Fiverr have plenty of such virtual assistants and, as mentioned earlier, there is a training program to help you pick excellent and cost-effective people as virtual assistants.

Support; Full Disclosure Membership where you have access to Facebook group who can help and answer your questions. There is also private coaching offered by Stefan himself. His brother, Andreas also does coaching if you get stuck during your website creation.



The Good

  • Everything from how to create and publish an e-book for Kindle, and comprehensive marketing strategies, is covered in this step-by-step training program.
  • The coaching service is provided if you really get stuck
  • Training virtual assistants is an important must-have if you really want to have your book well-written and marketed.
  • The facebook group is ideal for plenty of feedback and support from advanced publishing members

The Bad

  • You have to fork out quite a lot of money for the monthly membership and add-ons like A-weber, and virtual assistants and other resources, plus personal coaching
  • There is no mention of how to write good copy and copywriting techniques.


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed going through the K-Money Mastery training and found it very easy to understand and do. There is nothing I did not like about how the course was structured and I was very impressed by the thought of training a virtual assistant how to write your book from start to finish and also promote it.

I have looked around and found that this is the best course out there for Kindle e-book creation and marketing. The support is also there and will come in useful. It is a bit pricey, but nothing compared to a university degree and you may be able to get good returns on your investment within 2 months.

The only thing is that I was disappointed when I noticed there isn’t any copywriting training given.

Apart from this I give K-Money Mastery 2.0 my 5-star button. It could really be worth your while buying it.  If you want to look at what this course has to offer – Click Here!

Overall Rating; 9/10

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42 thoughts on “K-Money Mastery 2.0 Review – 5 Star Rating!”

  1. Hi there,
    What a great Review. Your review answered all the questions I had. Very thorough. But to be honest, it is rather expensive to join at this point. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am glad you liked the information shared. Affiliate marketing is more cost-effective so I would recommend that to begin with. Make sure to narrow down your niche as ‘computers’ is a rather broad term.. What kind of computers, desktop, laptop, tablet? What brand? Hardware accessories or software?

    Hope this helps and enjoy the blogging journey.

  3. I was curious to learn more about this program. After looking at your review it sounds like a pretty complete course. I read a little about Stefan Pylarinos, watch a couple of his videos, so I was wondering how good this course was really.

    Does it show you how to upload your ebook into the Kindle platform? Do you need a special software for that?

    • Hi there, 

      KMM has everything you need to be successful in ebook publishing including how to use the Kindle platform and make your ebook Kindle-friendly.

      In fact the training overdelivers.

      If you have the finances to be a member at $67 per month after paying $90 to join K-Money Mastery at basic level, then you will see how comprehensive the training and Full Disclosure Membership can be.

      Wishing you all the best, 


  4. Hi Stella
    The review is excellent and the overall layout looks pretty good; I like the choice of colours.
    Consider adding social media buttons on the page – Kyle recommends these are incorporated
    The product is a little high ticket for my taste currently, although I imagine a number of enterpreneurs will find it attractive
    Adding a CTA for the products (ebooks) might also be an advantage

    Best wishes


    • Thanks for the feedback Terry, I am concentrating on getting my content up first before I add the social sharing at the moment.  I’m on my 9th article and have 3 more to write by March 3rd…

      I agree about the CTA – as some people want to know where they can buy it…Everything from featured images,  affiliate links and screenshots are things I have to press on with.

      Thanks for sharing though…

  5. Writing an e-book is a plan in progress for me. This content seems to be the very thing i need at this moment. The only downside to it is the upsells,.i dont really like programs with upsells, makes me feel like at the end of the day if i am unable to pay all those money, I might end up not getting the concrete knowledge i need to suceed, meaning all my initial investment will be a waste. But since it offers a free trial, i will definitly check it out. Thanks.

    • Hi Queen,

      I understand how you feel. Yes, the upsells for K-Money Mastery seem quite steep. However, when you compare their prices to university fees, you will realise that KMM is quite cheap in comparison. The course is very thorough.

      Once you have the foundation of Wealthy Affiliate training under your belt, you will be able to earn enough to afford KMM.

      Here’s to the future…Queen.

      All the best!

  6. Stella, I have never even thought of leveraging my passions. interests and/or knowledge through Kindle e-books what a great idea! Your review has saved time for me and I’m sure for many others that are curious about this. Not having copyrighting training is a big gap in what this otherwise innovative service has to offer.

    • Yes Fleur, it seems that Kindle e-books would be a great way to leverage your interests, when you have the time.

      Kindle Money Mastery does not really deal solely with copyright training. They are more geared towards publishing your book on Amazon and learning how to be top ranked on the best-sellers list. Since this requires a lot of work, you are also taught how to outsource your work to reliable virtual assistants.

      Think about using their services in the future. I know I will!

      All the best Fleur.

  7. Hi Stella
    Thanks for this review, I have my eyes on purchasing this product sometime in the future. Stefan is an incredible teacher (I follow him on YouTube, he has some fantastic content) and I believe this is one of his flagship products. I think the price is reasonable for the amount of content you get, have tried out any of his other products? Will definitely check this out in the future.

    • Hi Minhaj,

      K-Money Mastery is an excellent product that you will not regret buying. Stefan is very thorough.

      I haven’t tried any of his other products as this was the main one that caught my eye. The trial is very informative and I was pleasantly surprised by the in-depth training. Definitely worth the investment.

      Let me know how you get on when you check KMM out.

      All the best!

  8. Hi Stella,

    Besides building my websites, I really considering going into the eBook business. But before I take on new ventures, I always choose the right courses to learn from (or at least I try to).

    The beauty of living in the Internet age is that there are SO many opportunities available to us… We just gotta take advantage of the. Don’t you agree?

    Thank you for your review,

    • Hi Zarina,

      I am glad you took a look at K-Money Mastery. It is expensive, however I see you are concentrating on building your sites. We are going through a steep learning curve!

      If you do think about writing a book in the future, I hope you find the right and proper course to learn from.

      All the best,


  9. Thanks so much for sharing. I have not known that there is so much research before writing your Ebook. Based on your experience with K-Money Master, do you think it will work for non-native English speaker as well? Do you have any tips or recommended resource for us, non-native English speaker to go through?

    • Er Jack…as I only speak English myself I do not know any resources.

      I suggest you ask other WA members who are within the top 200 who speak your language… 

      Hope this helps!  All the best,


  10. It is good to know that such a course exists. I always saw the kindle ebooks and wondered how could someone publish through it. The more appealing thing is, and I couldn’t tell from the review, is how much does someone actually make money through kindle and for how long? 

    • Hi Mahmood,

      Just keep on writing books and you will get very good.  Some books will be better than others.  Just like some articles in a newspaper or blog are better than others.

      When you have written a best seller, just make the hardback copy, the paperback copy and the audiobook…of it

      Just like Mills & Boons, a best seller can sell for years to come.  Or even like Michael Jackson albums…They will never go out of print…

      Hope this answers your question and all the best to your success,


  11. It is a program that looks very detailed and friendly to the beginner. Can you use it for any niche you want? I would be interested in writing about the area of my blog that talks about biomedical issues. I would also like to know if once you write the book, this program helps you to promote in different online channels.

    • Hi Tommy,

      As long as your book is easy to read and you have defined your audience…You can sell your book on any online channel you like.  

      KMM is more for Kindle publshers on Amazon though…Kindle Money Mastery…

      Like I mentioned to someone else, you have to practise writing your book for your audience, not as if you are an expert but rather in the sense that you understand people’s problems and are willing to help solve them.  Once they smell THaT, they will buy your book til it is out of print!

  12. Very great review.

    I am on my book right now and will really need to know how to get it on Kindle! However, this course is quite expensive for me now, though its worth it. Still a student.

    I hope to have gathered enough before I launch my book next year January. I’m really interested iin getting this course.  I hope my plans work out. Wish me Godspeed.

    Loads of love.

  13. I have always wanted to create my own ebook for my affiliate niche sites, but I haven’t ever really gotten around to it.

    Even better is using the Amazon platform to sell eBooks.  I know some experienced marketers that do it all the time.  It’s a good way to get lots of sales.

    However, I do have a question about Amazon eBooks.  It’s it possible to use your Amazon affiliate links in your eBooks?  Years ago I think Amazon didn’t allow that, though.

    • Hi Garen,

      When you make your paperback version, you can put the affiliate link discretely at the back.  Or even better still sell it as PLR material….which is another topic entirely.

  14. Hi Stella,

    I really enjoy your style of writing.

    You should write a book!

    I enjoyed your very comprehensive cover age and review of K Money Mastery

    I have been looking for a program as I do have a couple of ebooks on kindle but I would like to improve my results.

    It seems there is good support.

    I also liked that the program is updated regularly.

    What would be very interesting to me is the promotional training.

    Can you give me any idea of what is included in that?


    My Life Is My Passion

    • Hi Tim,

      To save your time and mine, just take out the 7 day trial for KMM  yourself and check it out..

      The website will explain it in full detail dear…

      All the best,


  15. Hi Stella

    This is such a nice surprisingly coincidence to land on your review, because I never wrote a Kindle ebook and thought about starting with it a few days ago. This training will come in very handy.

    You really did a good job with this review and what I like even more is the bonus lessons not included in the normal price. To have your own virtual assistants is also a good idea and the best is that you can train them yourselves to get exactly what you want.

    I agree that it is a bit pricey, but as you said it can be a very good investment.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nicolaas,

      Yes, KMM is pricey but worth it…If you put the work in and follow Stefan’s instructions to the letter, you can’t go far wrong..

      After putting in the foundations to my sites and getting the snowball rolling, I will definitely publish a few books as well.  Multiple income streams are important I have learnt.

      All the best,


  16. Your review covers the basics of the K-Money Mastery 2.0, the free 7 day trial which is good, I am not too impressed with the add on fees. I guess you have to pay that if you want to do Kindle publishing or any sort of publishing.

    I am assuming when the guy says you can put an e-book together in less than 24 hours that you have something ready to be published. Otherwise 24 hours would be impossible unless it is a small book?

    Most of the free e-books that you get when you subscribe to sites are usually low end generic, put together you get what you pay for reading. You can’t go wrong if it is free or can you? You have just given away your email address.

    Finding writers to write in your niche could also be a challenge because I have seen so many articles in the health niche that are written by people that do not understand what they are writing about and present the wrong information. People need to do their homework before an article is published with the correct references and citations.

    Sorry getting a bit off of the subject here you can edit this out.  

    Yes the review is very helpful, when the time comes for me to publish an e-book I will definitely be looking at K-Money Mastery.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      In answer to your question, just Google more reviews online and Youtube about Stefan…He has 2 books as best sellers on Amazon and they are more than 100 pages each.  His course is also on Clickbank marketplace.

      I completely understand how you feel about upsells and courses by people with strange sounding names.  If I find something better I would tell you about it, but I haven’t at this moment in time.

      And at this moment in time I see KMM standing head and shoulders above the same kind of Kindle teaching on Udemy…So please do your research and if you find something better do let me know…

      We are all learning aren’t we?

  17. Hey Stella,

    Great review on K Money Mastery 2.0, you have explained everything KMM has to offer as a Kindle Publisher. I agree that the training does not included in copywriting is a big disadvantage, but they do teach you how to outsource your eBook writing to third parties. The structure of the training is properly laid out and easy to follow.

    I  will consider publishing digital book as an additional income stream, beside affiliate marketing/blogging.

    Thank you for sharing KMM 2.0 with us.


    • Hi Zeyn,

      I’m glad you found the review useful…KMM seems to be a very good resource for Kindle book publishers.  /tell me how  you get on.  It’s good to see progress!

      All the best,


  18. Hi there Stella

    I spent quite a bit of time researching this program about 2 years ago and really like Stefan’s persona and passion for what he was doing but unfortunately he lost me when he starting pushing the amazing selling machine products onto me a bit too hard.

    The fear I had was that all the money to be made went to the first to market writers (first to market that is with the new kindle technology) and the rest of us had missed the boat.

    Looking at the price of kindle ebooks now I can see the need to build up a solid and loyal fan base first (say with a website) before you try to sell them an ebook.

    • Remy,

      You are completely right.  Stefan’s course is good but quite expensive.  You are right to consider very carefully before  buying his products…

      Hence WA is completely cost-effective and later when you earn some money, you can re-consider Stefan’s book publishing offer.

  19. Hi Stella!

    Thanks for sharing your K-Money Mastery 2.0 proposal. It seems to be a great course and a product to sell. Having written eBooks and selling them can be a very good online business but at the same, it is also a very competitive one.

    There are many great tutorials about such business online presented and offered in various forms. The most important point is to start and write a book. The rest is then pretty easy to follow. The promotion is also very important.

    I have to admit that the entrance for your program is a bit costly, although I am sure it is a very valuable one. At the moment I am focusing on other things and so I need to pass the offer. However, I believe it is a great one.

    I wish you  much success
    Best regards,

    • Yes, Igor,

      I totally agree that if you are starting out, KMM + WA works out a lot of money.   

      It is better to stick with Wealthy Affiliate and then when you have made some money and set up a working knowledge of internet marketing, you can decide whether to earn money writing books using KMM.

      Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best!

  20. Hi Stella.
    Your post was about what K-Money Mastery is all about. Your review is excellent. The training system you mentioned is really enjoyable and easy to understand and do. I would like to use it and want to do something creative. You also mentioned the good and bad side of K-Money Mastery 2.0.
    It was really helpful for me to know details about K-Money Mastery 2.0. I will share your post.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Hey Stella,

    Thank you for writing an informative on what K money mastery 2.0 is about, and I truly enjoyed reading all the information that you had provided on how to create and publish an E-book! It kind of makes me wonder how do you incorporate what you learn from that training platform with WA’s rich and valuable training?

    Wouldn’t it be cool if maybe one day you can develop a downloadable spreadsheet so that it could help us organize our ideas for future Ebooks?

  22. The review on the course was good. An ebook of some sort is in my future plans but right now my main concern is writing content for my affiliate website. Your high ranking of the course shows that it should be worthwhile.   

    Since the first 7 days are free I am wondering if I should avert my attention away from my current training while trying to get my site ranked in Google? And the second question would be what all is included in the first 7 days? 

    Sitting here and watching Stefan’s video it all sounds really good. 


    • Hi Sonny,

      Right now, I would concentrate on establishing a firm foundation creating your first website…KMM is good but remember it is $67 a month membership.

      The first 7 day trial is just to get a feel for what you will be doing in your first steps for Kindle publishing.

      Once you have the meat of your site established, you can decide what marketing model  you will use eg, PPC, email marketing, book publishing, Youtube etc.  

      Pick one marketing model and run with it before moving onto a new model.  Personally, I will be concentrating on PPC, email marketing and a Youtube video channel.

      Remember each model is time-consuming, so you will have to consider how much time you will spend on each marketing model.

      KMM is really good, however, beware shiny button syndrome…

      Hope this helps!


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