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As a Wealthy Affiliate Member, the use of a keyword tool to help write articles, is important. I have found Jaaxy Keyword Tool and Niche Researcher very useful in helping me write articles that people will need and read.

In the internet world, there are plenty of people blogging and doing business online. There is also plenty of competition and, if you just write articles without doing enough research as to how much competition there is for a keyword or keyword phrase, you could end up on Page 8 of Google rather than Page 1.

This review is intended to explain more about Jaaxy and how it works so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you need it or not.


Jaaxy Tools


Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Website: Jaaxy.com

Price: Jaaxy Lite – Free to Premium Members

Jaaxy Pro – $19 per month for Premium Members

Jaaxy Enterprise – $49 per month

Overall Rank: 8/10


Product Overview

A keyword is a word or phrase that explains the topic of an article that you write. For example if I chose Skin Care this is my niche. I would then go on to use words that relate to that niche. ‘Dry Skin Remedies’, ‘Avocado Smoothies for Dry Skin’ are both keyword phrases that I could choose to write about in an article.

So when I input these phrases into Jaaxy Keyword Tool, it will come up with the same phrase or similar ones. There are statistics that it would bring up to inform me of the traffic of these keywords and if it is worth me spending time writing an article about.

The reason I say this is that there is a QSR factor. This means Quoted Search Results. If the QSR is above 300, it is regarded as having stiff competition and would be hard to rank for in Google and other search engines. 200 and below is Normal. 100 and below is Great. Less than 10 means there is hardly any competition, but it could also mean that hardly anyone is searching for that term or phrase.


Jaaxy Keyword Search


In the diagram above, you can see the ‘Alphabet Soup (the second row of words).  This simply means that if you choose this function, every keyword or phrase that you input will have the letter a, b, c, etc after it with keywords that begin with that letter and that also contain your phrase.  This gives you additional keyword phrase ideas.

Under the ‘Saved Lists’ category, you can save your keywords and phrases into lists that you can refer to when you need them.  Your search history of keywords that you searched for will also be kept along with their site rank and whether it has gone up or down in position  in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

‘Avg’ means the average number of searches that the keyword – in this case ‘Clickbank products’ gets.  ‘Traffic’ means the amount of traffic to your site if you achieve rankings in page 1 of the search engines due to people searching for that keyword.  What Jaaxy tool does is some maths to come up with the ‘QSR’ figure  which in this case is 299 and is classed ‘Poor’ in red letters.

Instead of going on and on, if you take closer look at the diagram there is a question mark in a circle next to each of the words after ‘keyword’.  If you hover over the question mark it will give you a short explanation of what each word means. Once you join up with Jaaxy that is.


A keyword tool is very good for giving plenty of related keywords and phrases that you can write a topic about. Everyone gets writer’s block – getting stuck for words and articles to write about when blogging. Jaaxy is useful for bringing up these phrases and being used as a ‘memory jogger’ for giving you ideas and topics to write about. In fact, you could end up having too much to write about! Not a bad thing..


As mentioned before, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join as a Starter Member. I say this as Jaaxy Lite is the free version of Jaaxy that everyone in WA, whether starter or Premium, gets in the beginning. There is plenty of video and written training in the course outline that explains and demonstrates how to use Jaaxy.

Take a peek at some of the training given in the Wealthy Affiliate Course outline.


Raving about the support in WA is something that every member does as it is quick and relevant to questions asked by people of all levels. Kyle, one of the founders, is on Live Chat at least once a day to give support. It is second to none.


Jaaxy Price levels

  • There are three monthly prices – $0 for Jaaxy Lite, $19 for Jaaxy Pro and $49 for Enterprise level. The price is reasonable for what is given, but remember that you will probably have bought your own domain for $13 (within WA) and also autoresponder for $19 (Aweber price). So the add-ons can mount up.
  • Personally, I settle for $19 per month (Jaaxy Pro) as I get more searches for Site Rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


  • All keywords tools are very close to accurate as there is plenty of statistics to put together and give rating under 10 seconds.  Jaaxy does not disappoint and I found that when I searched for particular keywords from my websites, I saw the page ranking of my site for that keyword and also its position.
  • The price is good  –  $0 for both Starter and Premium Members so you can try out and use Jaaxy for months before deciding to become a Jaaxy Pro member.
  • Jaaxy has an affiliate program and you can earn extra income depending on the number of referrals that become Lite or Enterprise members.


  • As a Lite member of Jaaxy, you only get 10 searches for your site rankings. After that you need to pay and become a Pro or Enterprise member.
  • In every keyword tool, the statistic numbers can be confusing. Jaaxy interface looks simple, but when I first joined if it hadn’t been for the training at Wealthy Affiliate, I would have been rather lost.


Final Thoughts           Final Thoughts

For what it provides, Jaaxy is excellent for its price and competes heavily with other keyword tools out there like Semrush which is very higly priced in comparison. The brainstorming part of Jaaxy is very useful and like I mentioned before, you will not need to worry about having writer’s block as you are given many similar keyword phrases to write articles for in your niche.

You really can’t go wrong and you would be hard-pressed to find another keyword tool that gives such results for the price.

So go ahead – check out Jaaxy Keyword Tool here, you won’t be disappointed!

Overall Rank: 8/10

26 thoughts on “Jaaxy Keyword Tool – Get Keywords, Write Article”

  1. This is a very informational article. I read it from top to bottom with no eye strains. However I do not understand fully what the traffic means. I thought traffic was the AVG. I think if I look up what traffic means I will get a higher ranking. Thank you for this article!

    • Hi Raymond, thanks for commenting…I did my homework and traffic means the visits to your site if ranked on the first page of the search engines.
      I have also updated my post…

      If you have any more questions, feel free to leave me a note…

  2. I read your article and found it interesting. I had missed the affiliate portion of Jaxxy when reading about how it worked. Have you had any traffic as a result of blogging about Jaxxy?

    • This is still a new site, just 2 months old…I have done paid advertising last week, but that was before I typed this post..

      Glad you find my article interesting though…

  3. Thanks for doing my homework for me, he he he! I am in the beauty niche and it never occurred to me that people were doing searches on “Avocado Smoothies for Dry Skin”. That is the power of using an SEO keyword research tool like Jaaxy. I am glad that you were able to open up opportunities in such a competitive niche like beauty, or skin care. Thank you for that. I really like the way that you said that everyone gets writers block from time to time. I know because I do every now and again. I am glad that there are tools like Jaaxy to jog our memories and get us going again. I was just wondering what do you do when you get writers block?

    • Hi, Jaaxy is great isn’t it? I have mentioned that I cure writer’s block by putting in a keyword in Jaaxy search and letting it jog my memory by getting similar keywords…then I brainstorm writing down everything I know about the keyword I chose for 20 minutes or so..

      Works every time! 

      What area of beauty are you in, may I ask?

  4. Jaaxy is an awesome tool, This tool is our online survival kit so to speak because this is one of the keys that is needed in order to get on googles first page and the other search engines also. I believe that for anyone who blogs and tries to make it without jaaxy is missing out big time.

    • Yes Norman,
      Jaaxy is useful isn’t it? I would say it is on a par with Google Ads keyword planner.

      Mind you, the most important thing is using keywords wisely at relevant and strategic places within each post. I am still learning that technique. Search engines look out for excessive use of keywords in posts as well…so one has to be wise when using them.

      It really is an art, don’t you think?

  5. as a wealthy affiliate member I am a regular user of Jaaxy to find keywords for my articles. It’s in a class of its own as you can see what the traffic is on any keyword on all the major search engines I believe? 

    I also like how you can see where your pages are ranking in google, bing and yahoo.

    Another feature I want to start using  id checking what keyword phrases are available for domain names as I want to start selling them. 

    Great and thorough article ! 

    • Thanks Darren,

      Yes. the feature showing site ranking is fantastic isn’t it!  I wasn’t sure how to use Jaaxy for keyword research, but with practice, become more understanding of it.

      Selling domain names?  That is new to me….we are here to learn though…

  6. Thank you for the useful info! I have not upgraded to a higher jaaxy account, so I’m just using the level that is free with premium. I find for my needs it’s fine, just annoying that it won’t search for my ranking beyond page 1 of google, and if I was page 1 I probably wouldn’t need a tool to figure that out, lol…But anyway, it’s hard for me to justify paying for an upgraded account at this time because I’m only 1 month into this and don’t have any traffic yet.

    • Hi Holly,

      You get good value using Jaaxy Lite although I find it better using the Pro version.

      As you have just started WA, take your time and get more content up.  This will also help your ranking as well.

  7. I have tried the free version of Jaaxy in the past, and it seemed very powerful compared to other similar programs including Google. It seems to me that now it has been enriched with new functions that are truly attractive to use, however, I have problems to decide which version would suit me at this time of a few months of development of my business. I do not understand very well the differences between the Lite, Pro and Enterprise version, could you help me?

    • Hi Tommy,

      With Jaaxy Lite, you get 30 keyword searches and 30 Site Rank scans plus other features.

      With Jaaxy Pro you get 2000 Site Rank scans plus all of Jaaxy Lite features

      With Jaaxy Enterprise you get automated QSR readings over manual. You also get  20,000 Site Rank Scans plus all of Jaaxy Lite features.  

      The above are just examples of some of the extra features in Pro and Enterprise.   For the full set, just click on upgrade within Jaaxy and you will see the feature comparison chart.

      All the best,


  8. Hi, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I use Jaaxy all the time.  It really is a great tool that helps you to analyze your competition.  I do like the alphabet soup method, and it helps me to come up with new ideas for articles that I would not have thought of.  I am happy with the free version,  but want to know how much more does the pro version offer?

    • Hi Jenny,

      All the features of Jaaxy Pro are listed in a comparison chart in WA.  Just click on Jaaxy Research and go to Upgrade on the Jaaxy Dashboard.  You will see all the features of Lite, Pro, I  and Enterprise.  

      Personally I prefer Pro version as it has more Site Rank scans than Lite.  There are also several extra features that it has  that Lite hasn’t.  

      Do check it out….but if you havr anymore questions, feel free to PM me.

      All the best,


  9. Very informative article about Jaaxy, explained in simple form. It is a great tool to use on Wealthy Affiliate and makes the difference in terms of ranking on Google. I love being able to create and save lists, also creating an article straight from the keyword that you searched, very handy to have.

  10. I’ve used Jaaxy for two years now and can confirm it right here that all you have said is true. Other wonderful features that raises this keyword tool on the top is the site ranking feature whereby you can determine the keyword performance on the search engines.

    According to your subscription option, you can track down the keywords position even upto 20, 50, pages of Google and plan on how to boost it climb the ladder. This and many more features as you have described can’t give me any chance to go away. Simply Jaaxy is the best!

  11. What I love about Jaaxy is that it’s straight to the point with few frills, making this an easy-to-use system once the learning curve has been established. I honestly love every part about Jaaxy, though I do agree that ten searches for rankings is too low, which has frustrated me a bit. I’m considering an upgrade to Pro in the future, but Lite still has it’s perks. 

    • Hi Todd,

      Remember there are 3 levels of Jaaxy.  The mid level is $19 per month and is what most people choose…

      However, if you do have the  money, go for Pro…

  12. Hey

    Great explanation of how to find and use keywords in writing articles. I agree with you that research is important before making posts. Jaaxy is a very powerful tool. I highly recommend it too. I like how you have explained the process in so detail. For now, I guess Jaaxy Lite is a good option but possibly in near future I might upgrade.

    • Hi, 

      I am glad you enjoyed reading the article.  Keywords in the right place are useful for ranking purposes. As time goes on, you will definitely want to upgrade for more advanced features of Jaaxy. 

      All the best!

  13. Hi, Stella thank you for explaining the differences in the three levels of Jaaxy. I would be lost without my Jaxxy lite. 

    I love the way it helps you get ranked in Google, and utilized properly you can write about most everything just need to learn how to word it, that is the real beauty of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

     I am really glad I can rely on Jaxxy to help me with SEO keywords considering I write between 12 and 16 posts a month. I love the brainstorming part of Jaxxy it gives me other titles to search on that I may not think of. 

    • Hi Lynda,

      Yes, Jaaxy is very useful for keyword ideas isn’t it?  With Wealthy Affiliate we have a one stop for all things to do with affiliate marketing!


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