Income League – One Born Every Minute

Every now and then, I pick a Clickbank product to review or promote.  As this one called ‘Income League’ looked interesting, I watched the video and paid £37 for it.


Then came the first upsell, then the next and on it went until if you really fell for the whole lot, would have cost you more than £500. Yes, there is a scam for every fool and there is a fool born every minute somewhere around the world.

So what am I saying here?  There is no harm in adding an upsell or two here and there. But more than 7 upsells all in a row is enough to set alarm bells ringing. I did not buy the next upsell which totalled £147 as I simply did not have that amount of spare cash to part with and I am very glad I didn’t.

In fact I did not buy any of the upsells.  Normally, I would buy the product and also the first upsell so that I can give an unbiased review of it.  However, upsell craziness put me way off.  And I am sure it will do the same for you no matter how tempting the video seemed to be.

So this review will be very short and I only have 1 thing to say about Income League.


I do not want to waste your time talking about the various ins and outs and other details of Income League because 7 upsells was a major turnoff.

Overall Rating  0/10

In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate training program not only starts at $0 as a Starter Member,  even the yearly membership does not justify how much you will learn and implement.  I have been a member for 12 months and I am always surprised at the level of support not just from the founders, but also other members of the WA community.

If you ever get stuck at any time of the day, there is always someone  on hand to help you out.  You even get detailed comments and feedback on your site as it develops.

Here is an Example  Picture of Thamk you note

I am still learning everything about building an income-producing WordPress site.  Their training even surpasses Site Build It and I used to be a HuGe fan of SBI. But don’t just take my word for it – check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself!





If you have any comments or questions – ask away and I will be pleased to help you out.

12 thoughts on “Income League – One Born Every Minute”

  1. Thanks for warning me off Income League, I have tried numerous types of these programs and lost $100’s while doing so, I guess that is part of the learning process.

    It’s important to be aware of what a scam like this one consist of as if you aren’t careful you could fall for the trap and the never-ending upsells that will leave you out of pocket.

    Hopefully people see this review before purchasing as its clear that this company is only out to get your hard earned money!

    Thanks for spreading awareness!


    • That’s alright Josh,

      Yes Income League videos were very tempting….I hope I have done them justice by warning people about it.

  2. Stella,

    Phew! I am so grateful that you gave this honest review of Income League. I detest upsells. If I pay for a product that purports to give me everything I need to do something, then I should not have to buy more stuff to make it work. Thank you for this brief review and the warning about it. I certainly don’t need to spend more money to try to make some.

    • Hi Karin, 

      I tried my best and am glad you are one of the lucky people that are NOT going to buy this product.  With Wealthy Affiliate you have a legitimate training program that is amazing value.  Stick with companies like this.

  3. Thank you Stella for alerting to “Income league”. You said it right, there’s a fool for every scam in the world. Only naive and unexperienced people will fall for something with 7 blunt up-sells.

    It takes not only common sense, but also a lot of online experience to identify a scam program right away. For those, who can’t, people like you are priceless. An honest opinion of someone, who bought and tried it himself, weighs out every sales funnel in the world. 

    • Hi Felix, 

      Thank you….I am looking for ways where I don’t have to spend so much money before doing reviews though.  Trials are better and cheaper…

      I will find a way!

  4. if it wasn’t forPeople like you willing to pay money to check products are scams online then there would be a lot of people in this world parting with money they simply haven’t got.

    A lot of things that are online are just  feeding on peoples hope of trying to escape the rat race and become financially free.

    I very rarely use clickbank because they only go digital products and  more than likely there will be Upsells in the products. I could not promote these products as I would not be earning commission honestly therefore I don’t promote them.

    Good on you for this review ! 

    • Hi Darren, as Clickbank hosts tonnes of different products and programs, you really do need to take your time to find the gems.  Not all of them have upsells.

      If you see average sale and no recurring it is very likely to be a one time offer.  However, upselling is all the rage now and it does seem like everyone and their Dad is doing it…

      We all need to be careful and set our sights on valuable products and programs.

  5. I totally agree with Wealthy Affiliate training, I have eight months and the truth is that I have not been disappointed at any time, on the contrary, the help and the comments I receive are very good motivation for me, the best thing is that the founders they keep up with your work and are always there to advise or help you when you get stuck on something.

    Definitely WA is highly recommended. 😉

  6. Well done for not giving this nonsense any review time.

    Over and over again we see this sort of junk peddled on Clickbank.

    No system requires up-sells. It’s the most tedious and frustrating thing to have to sit through, thinking that the system you have just invested in won’t work fully unless you keep investing in the up-sell.

    These products are highly polished, professional and have huge resources behind them. In other words they are manufactured systems designed for super affiliates to promote to huge lists of prospects.

    I’m not saying that the information in these products isn’t valid, but it’s nothing new, just very polished re-hashed same old, same old.

    Thanks for your honest review.


    • Hi Paul, yes it seems Clickbank’s reputation is falling due to the sheer amount of upsells that vendors put on their sales pages…

      Ah well we live to learn!


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