How To Build a Site People Want To Read

These days, building a site has become a lot easier without the need to know how to code.  You can build a website in 3 easy steps:

  1. Build a website using WordPress
  2. Create content
  3. Drive traffic to your website



I will explain each point so that you know what is involved.

Firstly, when you build a website using WordPress as  a Starter Wealthy Affiliate Member, you just need to go to the blue button that says ‘Build Website’.  You simply follow the instructions and within 5 minutes you have created the bare bones of your site. As there is great support with a quick response rate, you will get any questions you have answered in a a short period of time.

There is a course outline to follow. If you take the time to follow each lesson, you will find that the lessons learnt will remain and then you can pay it forward by helping others.

Secondly, you will learn how to create content on a consistent weekly basis.  Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, goes into detail about writing your blog posts regularly to gain trust with Google and also be seen as an authority in your field. You can write on any of your passions that you know enough about to write content for at least 1 year.

Thirdly, using such platforms as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) you will learn how to effectively drive traffic to your site.

You can also use Youtube to drive traffic to your site.  For those of you who do not like to have your picture taken, you can use webinars rather than Youtube videos to engage with your target audience.

Paid advertising on Bing or Facebook, is another way to drive instant traffic to your site.

If you are a beginner when it comes to blogging and site creation, I want to bring to your attention Email Marketing.



Email marketing is a brilliant way to engage with visitors to your site on an ongoing basis. You will need to have an opt-in form (to collect email addresses) on your homepage.  Also you will need to join an autoresponder service that will allow you to create emails that you send out manually or automatically depending on the size of your email list.

There is an art to sending out emails and it is useful to give a free offer of tips, a free guide or bonus to encourage readers to put their email address into your opt-in form.

Sometimes email marketing can be regarded as spam and many people end up putting their emails into the junk folder.  However, if you genuinely want to help people solve their problems then this will come across in your mail letters and you are more likely to get a higher response rate.


So How Do You Begin?

Simply by joining Wealthy Affiliate training program.  I cannot emphasise this enough. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything I know.  Yes, I did know about internet marketing to some degree before I joined in 2017, but I only knew about parts of internet marketing and needed further training to tie all those parts together in a way that helped me to progress.

Whether you are a stay-at-home Mum (like Littlemama  from WA) or someone who wants to change their career and get out of the 9-5 rat race, there is something online for you to do and earn a passive residual income that can start small and snowball as the months and years unfold.

Online marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and if anyone tells you that money can be earned ‘tomorrow’, they are really trying to kid you and get you hyped up.  Also, I have noticed that quick riches can really spoil you unless you are a really grounded person.

So take your time and build the site at your own pace…even if it’s just 2 posts a week.  That’s 8 posts a month – That’s 96 posts a year!  That would be a good start don’t you think? The stream of articles will become a little river which will  become a mighty lake or ocean dedicated to helping people across the globe enrich their lives through whatever subject you enjoy writing or thinking about.

And don’t worry, if you ever suffer from writer’s block, here are some tips I have written.  Just write ideas down in 3-word phrases…After you have taken  a 15-minute relaxing break by listening to soft music or taking a walk in natural surroundings like a park.

Remember this, some people are more articulate than others and enjoy speaking. Maybe they could learn how to do webinars  or Youtube videos.  People are visual by nature which is why there is a high viewing rate for people who have polished their speaking gift.  Also interesting videos that make people laugh in a clean way is very enlightening and stress relieving.


If you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and do the tasks set out for each part of the course, you will be successful.  There are a lot of members who are quietly making a packet who do not disclose their earnings to all and sundry, but are active on the site.  The Top 200. You will be able to engage with and learn from them.

I have looked high and low and am yet to find a membership training program that offers so much training for such little cost with such great support.  There are no massive upsells to get more training at a high price.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED for you to make a thriving business.


If you want to know more about building a site, please feel free to leave a comment or question here below.





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