Email Writing – 4 Golden Rules

Emails are the modern way of sending letters to your target audience, whether friends or clients.  You build trust as you pass on valuable information that will encourage people in your audience to think of you as a friend rather than the happy-go-lucky spammer.  And there are plenty of those…  The first golden rule of email writing and marketing is this:

  1. Give 80% value and 20% promotion of your bonuses and offers of your product or services.

The second rule is easy to remember and is this:

  • Lead With Intrigue 

One of my friends once told me “Don’t tell them everything at once!”  She was right. If you can write a snippet of an email that is of interesting  value to your readers, you can lead them up to a second one without mentioning what the offer is just yet until the or third or fifth day.  By doing this, they will be more eager to read your email and if you do have an offer…be more willing to buy from you.    Slowly Does It!



  • Email Headlines

Note the use of exclamation and question marks. (? and !) Questions make people think.  Exclamation marks stress a point.

Bold letters in capitals – just in one or two sentences for every three paragraphs or five, draw eyes to those points.

Also, do not crowd your email with graphics or large images.  They can be pretty and pretty distracting.  LESS IS MORE.



  • Understand Your Audience

Put yourself in their shoes…What are their likes and dislikes about the challenges they face?  What is your light-hearted but useful solution?  Give useful and beneficial solutions as you get to know them so that they can make an informed decision and even thank you for it!

Email marketing is really customer service – so your communication has to be polite yet to the point as people do not spend a lot of time going through their emails unless they are interesting.

You could include open-ended questions like;

  • “Would you…?”
  • “Could you imagine….?”
  • “Do you think…..?”
  • “Isn’t it………?”

Feel free to fill in the blanks!

Emails are not meant to be spat out like chewing gum…Rather to be thoughtfully crafted with the end goal of having a satisfied customer who values your service and products.


  • Email Tone

  • Emails can be funny, (in a tasteful way)
  • interesting
  • captivating
  • thought-provoking
  • centred around hobbies
  • friendly
  • polite
  • inspiring
  • encouraging
  • ….The list goes on!


Email Autoresponders – What Are They?

Still keeping to the point of writing emails, you will need an autoresponder service to create your emails in and also either send them out manually as an immediate broadcast or a drip campaign  where you create several emails and drip feed them to your email list over a period of say, 10 days.

The most popular autoresponders are;


Get Response


amongst many others.  Aweber is the most highly rated autoresponder and has been around the longest.  They are user friendly and have many email templates and optin-forms that you can use.

When using an email template, the simpler the design looks the better – almost like black letters against a white background as in a hand-written letter.

An Opt-in form is the sign in part of your page where people put in their name and email.  A free bonus or offer is normally given to encourage them to part with their details.

Personally, at first I thought that an email list did not really matter and would do a paid advertising campaign without collecting emails.  As the years went by however, and the emails I received from advertisers grew to  over 20,000, I realised how much I was leaving to chance by not communicating using  this method.

We all love to be listened to and understood rather than “known”.  You see, your readers may want to learn more from  your website as time goes on.  And writing your emails from an understanding perspective will help your readers make a mutually beneficial decision.

It is often by the 4th to 7th email that people begin to build their trust with you and buy your products or services.  However, if you write with your readers or viewers in mind, then it is likely to be much sooner.


Everything I tell you in this article I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate Training.  You can try it out as a free Starter Member.


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20 thoughts on “Email Writing – 4 Golden Rules”

  1. Hi Stella, thanks for this post, I have just started my online business and haven’t yet implemented an email sign up for users, I am looking at setting this up now, to ensure I don’t miss any further opportunities.

    Your tips on email writing will come in very handy, especially the point on Bold Letters in capitals for every 3-5 paragraphs, I had never considered this until now but will be including it from now on. I am also going to look at Aweber as an auto responder, and set up a drip campaign.

    This post has provided such a wealth of knowledge to me and I really appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,

      I’m glad you found valuable information here.

      Aweber gives top-notch service and I am sure you will not be disappointed. A drip campaign is a good idea
      and I am pleased you are implementing it.

      I wish you all the best and if you need any help, just let me know Nicole.

    • Hi Connie,

      The more tips the merrier! Glad you liked them.

      No, an autoresponder is not a wordpress app. It is a service run by a company that specialises in sending out emails to your people on your email list.
      It is usually a paid service.

      There are quite a few autoresponder services available on the internet, some cheaper than others.

      Aweber has the longest standing record and is very well known. Their package starts from $19 a month.

      I hope you make a decent choice. All the best Connie.

  2. I want to setup some sort of email subscription but I have yet to reach my target daily audience number. My website is only a month old, and I only get around 2-5 page views a day (not including my own clicks). Thanks for this information though, it was truly helpful.

    • I’m glad you found the information useful Ty.  

      Little by little, every day we learn something new in the field of internet marketing. The main thing is to enjoy the journey…

      All the best, 


  3. There are some really great golden rules here! I have so much trouble writing emails, what to say, how to say it, will I push for sales or not. I really like how you point out to give 80 percent value and 20% promotion. I found in the past doing 80% promotion and 20% value just doesn’t work, people just leave or don’t connect at all.
    It is so important we get this right to have the best chance of helping our customers get what they want.

    • Hi Kris, 

      I’m pleased for you!  You can actually get more email writing tips from Aweber, once you join up with them.  You can also look out for email writing courses on Udemy and other places on the net.  Put the practice in and you will get better with time.  

      All the best.

  4. What great tips, Stella! I just started with email marketing to my audience and so far I have 5 subscribers. Its a start. I have only incorporated it for 5 days, which is not bad. But I must say that your tips have come to me in the nick of time, because I was looking for information like THIS! How to keep my subscribers happy and have them eventually buy from me.

    I particularly love the advice you give about not telling them everything from the get-go. It certainly will have them waiting for your next email with more juicy information.

    Thanks for the great article!

    • Yes, email marketing is here to stay Reyhana!

      It is something we take for granted but really works…and
      I am glad it is giving you results.

      Email marketing is an art and has several twists and turns as you learn to apply what
      we are taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

      More grease to your elbows!

  5. Thank God I stumbled upon this piece. I am on the verge of starting email marketing, and I need all the info I can get. This post has really helped me. Been wondering about the best autoresponder to give a try. I also love the part about getting them curious enough to anticipate your next email, quite catchy. Very informative. Thanks.

  6. This is a great article with a lot of great tips.  I am very new to email marketing.  In fact so new that I havent even chosen a platform yet.

    Its nice to see you have a few options in your article.  I have heard a lot of good things about Mailchimp as long as your site isnt about affiliate marketing.

    I do have a question and that is what is your open rate.  Meaning how many people on average actually open your emails?

    I look forward to hearing your answer.


    Thank you

    • Hi Dale – good question,

      I am beginning an email campaign this week so will have to wait and see.

      On the whole, open rate depends on a good headline.  It has to stand out from the rest. Also, it should be 80% content and 20% offers.  So my emails are more to inspire rather than bulldoze readers with offers.

      If you write with your reader in mind – your ideal audience, you are more likely to have a higher open rate. But like I said, I will check and see by the end of next week for the results. of my campaign. 

  7. I have been told that I am missing out on great opportunities by not implementing an email subscription yet, so I have decided to give it a try and hence my search on the net on how to get started.

    Your article has been really helpful, as I have learnt a great deal as to the steps needed to get started.

    My greatest pick is the using a captivating and engaging content, in order to capture my audience attention, that really blew my mind as I tried to put my self in my readers shoe.

    It would feel great to read something that will keep me engaged and interested, so I guess it does apply for me to do same for my audience.

    Thanks For also listing the autoresponders one can give a try. That Aweber does sound great, will take a further look to see all it has to offer.

    Thanks for this great piece..

    • Hi there,

      We definitely need to use email campaigns to keep loyal followers that we find from Paid Social Media advertising and PPC (Paid Search).  

      It works like this;  you set up your email campaign and letters.  Decide if it will be a drip campaign or a broadcast. 

      Choose a good autoresponder service like Aweber as I said.  Then when you drive traffic from Bing Ads or Facebook advertising to your site, the optin page (the door to your email campaign) captures their email address and you then offer to your list things to purchase 20% of the time.

      To continue getting new material to write in your emails, I suggest using idPLR (a PLR company).  They have more than 12,000 ebooks, video and audio that you can use as bonuses or offers. This way you will not be inundated by doing all the writing at WA, your websites and also reviews.

      IdPLR is very high quality and their products are for a wide variety of niches. 

  8. Stella, excellent post about email. I have bookmarked it for future reference  You have provided the valuable information anyone needs to get started building a email list. I agree with the training that states a well maintained email list is the most available asset that a digital marketer can possess.  I will get started today.

    • Hi Tom,

      Please check out the training by Jay (Magistudios) on email marketing.  Circa March 2018.  His webinars will set you in the right direction.  

      All the best,



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