Does Your Work Ethic Deliver Results?

Does Your Work Ethic Deliver Results?

I have noticed that in the world of internet marketing you are often seen as smart if you can travel around the world and work from your laptop while hardly doing any work. Now if your work ethic is to deliver results, you will quickly find that this attitude to working is really not a good idea.

Someone once said to me “nobody did a 4-hour week while inventing the Apple computer” and “If you notice, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, did not work only 4 hours a day while inventing Facebook. According to the movie about Facebook’s beginnings, you will notice that he was always at his laptop working feverishly away until he came up with results. Look at him now!

Personally I realised that if I was busy and stuck fervently at what I did, my results were quite good, but then when I compared it to some of the Wealthy Affiliate members on the training programme I’m on, I noticed that my work ethic could go up a few notches.

Because This Was My Day; 

  • In the morning I would wake up at 7am
  • Have breakfast and then
  • Work about 3 hours on my sites then
  • I will have lunch and besides that
  • I would go to my nearest shopping centre to do some window shopping then
  • I would come back home by bus and I would notice that
  • I would be too tired to carry on working and
  • I repeated this for months

And I’m sure like some of you, I was wondering why I wasn’t making any money? Simply because my work ethic was the Lazy Man’s Road To Success and it did not work!

So what did I do? I looked and observed the website and blog posts of successful Wealthy  Affiliate members and decided that if they did 2 posts a day I would do 4. I have two sites and decided that since I was at home for most days all day, I could manage to do 4 blog posts a day per site.

I followed Kyle’s suggestion (he is the the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate) . and decided how to use speech-to-text software like Google Docs Voice Typing and, I decided to forgo the window shopping and sit down for 3 days solid working on my sites.


It is important to prepare and set your goals for your day and working week. So this is what I did;

Instead of working 3 hours in the morning I committed to work  4 hours in the morning before having lunch then resorting back to work for 3 more hours in the afternoon.  I decided not to have a heavy dinner but have protein and salad by evening so that I would wake up full of energy in the morning to start the day. This meant I would be able to concentrate on my work.


Focus – Laser beam Focus

  • To focus on my work, I set myself some ground rules;
  • I would not be picking up the phone for anybody who called me and I would not be making calls
  • My hi-fi would be off and
  • Even if the postman came to deliver letters I would not pick them up til I had a break
  • I would batch  cook my food in the morning so that I would not have to repeatedly go to the kitchen to prepare meals.
  • My aim was to post in the morning edit, add  photos, publish my posts and then repeat doing two more new posts in the afternoon,  both edited and published.

Write it down

It is really important to write down your goals. When you see them on paper and look at them several times a day you will be more likely to accomplish them.  I carry a notepad around with me and several pens to make sure that I am never without a pencil or a pen that writes. Any ideas I get are quickly written down o

Keep on looking at your written goals during the day

Now if you’re like me and you love your sleep, you are probably also the kind of person that will go to bed late and wake up late . But if you want to go to bed early you will wake up early ready to start the day. Now as I mentioned before, if you eat junk food your head will feel like there’s junk in it and you will not be as sharply focused to carry on with your work and put in all your energy.

Writing Takes Energy From Your Brain

Because writing takes energy from your brain, it is important to eat brain boosting foods such as sunflower seeds. If you soak them for several hours that would be even better. Because the protein content will multiply.

Fish. Especially fish like herring, trout, salmon or mackerel. Steamed!

Avocados and plenty of salads. A word of caution though – do not eat bean sprouts after 4pm in the evening otherwise you’re not be able to go to sleep when you want as they give you that much energy.

Be Accountable To Someone You Can Trust

In the early days of your goal setting and improving your work ethic, you will notice that if you have a partner or a family member that you can be accountable to they will keep you up to speed. For example, if you are feeling lazy and not matching your goals they will give you a Call to Action to get with the program. Find a partner to be accountable to. This is important! Because we all know how to get lazy as the days go by…

Persistence is key. Now if you’re a Blogger or do affiliate marketing with review sites, you will notice that you may have to blog every day before you see any results or traffic coming to your site. make sure that you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate very closely, not skipping any steps like I did in the beginning. Why? Because if you skip ahead you may confuse yourself as to where in the course outline you jumped from and jumped to.

So as you can see, improving your work ethic delivers results is possible.  Try it for yourself and see. If you do not work at the moment,

  • Give yourself a goal of 3 solid days working full speed ahead.
  • Write down all your goals,  how many posts you are going to write a week, how much money you want to earn,
  • What kind of friends you might have to let down and cut off so you can concentrate on your work,
  • How much time you’re willing to spend on your work
  • How you’re going to guard against distractions and also
  • How much time you’re willing to research affiliate marketing
  • How much time you will allocate for sharing posts on Social Media

You may also decide to find out how much money you are willing to invest in affiliate marketing training because this is important.  Affiliate marketing is not a free journey.

You must invest in yourself. Why? The reason is; just as you would pay thousands of pounds for a university course, online marketing is something that we need to learn.  It is not something that we can just trial and error. if you decide to do it the long-winded way you will find that you are getting scammed more than getting results.

So there you have it. All you need to do is put your head down, eyes forward and never look back.  If you want your work ethic to deliver results then do not compare yourself to anyone else. If you find someone who works harder than you then try and work twice as hard because if they are successful then you will be too. It’s a given. Do not reinvent the wheel, find one mentor and copy their strategies.

If you would like any help on this topic, then let me know. Also any questions that you would like to ask,  leave them in the comment section down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

24 thoughts on “Does Your Work Ethic Deliver Results?”

  1. Wow. All I can say is wow. You truly exemplify how to be effective in your blog writing. I can’t even just type right now. I’m like literally blown away and still taking it all in. I like how you keep it so transparent. Who you were before, your strategy for improving your outcome, and your application of the same. 

    I‘m just like, yo! Wow. I really thank you for sharing this from the bottom of my heart. If I examine myself, I can say, I can do a lot better as well. Thank you for this. I currently use apple’s speech for text, but I will try Google Docs for my next endeavor. I know google is really good about keeping their software up to date. So maybe their speech recognition software will be helpful too. 



    • Thanks for the compliments Eddie, much appreciated.

      I think the real people we have to thank are the ones on Youtube who are always sharing their tips and techniques of how to make online marketing and writing easier.

      One of them recommended Voice Typing to me.  Very useful isn’t it?

  2. This post is really helpful and it has changed my view as to how I picture affiliate marketing, I hardly get a post to publish on my site due to unnecessary activities that I imposed on myself. 

    I have no goal just working on my site and hoping for the best but now that I learn the importance of setting a goal on my writing am sure my results will improve. You have really walked me through the process of succeeding in the online marketing business and I will implement all the strategy you outline so that success will be mine lol.

    You suggested some fast way of writing content such as Google doc voice typing, how does it work?. I will like to know-how i can apply this on my writing to get my work done fast.

    Thanks for sharing this ideas with everybody and hope to read your reply.

    • Hi Sumani,

      I wrote a post called Speech to Text Software for Efficiency.  You can find it in ‘Affiliate Know How’ in the sidebar menu to the right of my site.

      It definitely is a game changer and is very easy to do.  To save your time, it is very simple.  Just open up a blank document in Google Docs, click on Tools and select Voice Typing.

      A microphone icon will appear on your screen.  Just click on that and the microphone will turn to a red colour which means it is ready to record.

      Start speaking and watch the magic as words appear on your screen!.  You have to edit it afterwards as you have to include full stops and commas. However, if you say ‘New Paragraph’, the software will create a new paragraph for you. Remember to copy your document to your email (Gmail or Hotmail).  Then simply copy and paste to Site Content.

      All the formatting remains the same. Just adjust any headline sizes as necessary and you’re good to go.

      I hope you have fun using it!  Any problems, let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

      All the best,


  3. This is was a great post. 

    I like the intellect on mind mapping, I know this is relevant for most people in today’s time, to include myself. It will be very helpful to those who definitely overload their thoughts day-in and day-out without having a chance to actually lay everything out! 

    Thanks for posting this.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, David.

      Researching ideas for topics to write about gives us plenty of ideas.  It was fun to write and share this with you.

      Have a great week ahead.

  4. Great insight. It is easy to get sidetracked when you are working from home. You need to set designated times and commit to your goals or, you are right, you will not be as successful as you want. 

    I have not been as dedicated, this summer, as I should have been and have made a goal to have a “better work ethics”. Thank you for your post and the motivation it has given to me.

  5. Hi Stella, 

    I am.really grateful for your post because it comes at the right time.

    I am just a new user at Wealthy Affiliate, it is as if you know what I am facing in the business. I am.not doing my work ethic properly because I didn’t map out my schedules, I have learnt a lot from your post to double up so that I can see result. 

    Your post is helpful I will be sharing it on my social media so that friends with any business can learn from your post.

    • Don’t worry,

      We all have to begin somewhere.  It is better to know where you need to improve rather than waste years going round in circles and learning nothing.

      Wealthy Affiliate is full of hard working people who lean over backwards to encourage one another.  So if your friends have a great work ethic, tell them to join up!

  6. Great information and an inspiration, I find that I have a lot of distractions, between work and then house chores, it makes for limited time that I would like to put into my business.

    Something that I like to do is as if I was to put blinders on so that way I can concentrate on looking forward and not getting distracted by other things that are non business related.

    • Hi Neill,

      I find writing a To Do list for each day helps a great deal.  I also put them in order of importance and allot a time for each task.  The housework gets done last.  Even the dishes!

      But at least it gets done.  I also do not like working in an untidy environment, not even my desk.  I find that if my working space is tidy, so is my mind.

      We are all at different stages of development, but the main thing is to work on our weak points and hone our strengths.  Don’t you think?

  7. Stella, you have shared so much wisdom here. 

    I have taken notes and will put the advice into action. Because nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished without action. You are truly a massive action taker. For many years I have practiced the technique of writing down my goals and reading them over and over, it has served me well.  

    A To Do List works wonders for me, although a To Do List may not work for everyone however, they should give a try and see.  I agree with you on healthy eating habits and early to bed, early to rise. Thank you for this value packed content. 

    I wish you much financial success, cheers.

    • Thanks Tom,

      I must admit, I do get ideas on topics to write about whilst reading other people’s posts.  I just write them from my point of view!  

      It seems the internet is full of respun content, but we just phrase things differently.  Obviously, I don’t write about everything, just what peaks my interest.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it though!

  8. Hi STELLA,

    Good timing to read your article today.

    I’m also working to build up a blog to start working from home, some days I can stay focused on some day I need some motivation to keep on it.

    I took a few notes that I’m sure will help me to keep working on my blog, 

    Thanks so much for sharing valuable tips!

    • Hi Alejandra, 

      Glad my post was timely for you.  And you took notes…brilliant!  It will sink in better that way, don’t you think?  It’s my pleasure to share tips that will help us be more productive.

      All the best.

  9. Thanks for this great article. I think that you have a very good understanding of work ethic and how it relates to getting results. One thing for me is that I really like weightlifting and so I do a lot of that and then I get good results. Basically I do as much as I can Without over training. I don’t really think of it in terms of work ethic though because it’s more of something that I like to do so it’s not like I have to really try hard or anything.

    Honestly for me my online business is pretty much the same because it’s something that I actually like to do and it just comes naturally to me to do it. So honestly I don’t think of my life in terms of work ethic as much. But I do see how doing more activities can bring about more results. And I think the way I go about my activities brings about results that I’m happy with.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

      It seems you already have a grasp on the idea of a good work ethic and it has turned from discipline to delight.  Some of us were well trained at home and have a strong work ethic, while some of us have to learn it.

      The main thing is to improve on what we already know to reach a standard of excellence.

  10. Thank you Stella, I really like what you have written here. Personally thus write up has given me some sort of self realisation. I can see why what I do doesn’t yield the result I so desire. I don’t write down what I want and what I expect. What I want to give in and what time and money to put in the business. All this is really important. I notice that I also lose focus at times. Your tips, I’ll make sure to adhere to from today. Thanks again.

    • Hi Henderson,

      I wouldn’t say I am perfect, but have my good days and my better days when it comes to work ethic.

      I think the main thing is to realise what can be improved on and focus on taking baby steps daily. Before you know it, you will be walking and running and even teaching others what you have learned.

  11. You have written a fantastic post and have explained some important things in such a simple way that one could be able to comply your guides in a daily blogging with ease.

    This work ethic is what I truly had been neglecting for a long time, but honestly I am going to be taking it seriously and do my daily tasks according to your guidance soon. 

    I was always stuck in writing and publishing posts. I liked your idea about voice typing tool, as it would be a lot handy to improve my writing skill  going forward. Thank you

    • Hi Shirian,

      I am glad you found some points to use in your writing.  The voice typing tool is very good and I absolutely recommend it for saving time and energy.  Your production rate for post publishing will rely soar.

      All the best!

  12. Does your work ethic deliver results? If not, this post will help! 

    You have mapped out your basic day before deciding to change your work ethic and a lot of us can agree, this sounds familiar 🙂 

    The changes you made to improve your work ethic sound almost empowering! I like that you have implemented healthy eating habits into your routine as well. This is something I never even considered doing! Some mornings I feel sluggish and don’t want to get up and do any work. This nutritional advice is going to change that for me! Thank you so much!

    So many people do not have a great program to work at home with and cannot choose to learn from or emulate someone who “has made it to the top” so my question is, what is it about the Wealthy Affiliate program that makes you recommend them and can a person find a good mentor or person to emulate who has “made it to the top” there at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Amelia,

      Well I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for 8 months when you include the time when my computer played up and I couldn’t use it.

      The mentors at Wealthy Affiliate that I look up to are of course Kyle and Magistudios (Jay Neill).  The Live Webinar weekly sessions have really helped me understand email marketing and how to put an effective email campaign together.  

      People like Littlemama, Jerry Huang, Boomerg, Lauren Kinghorn, Dylan Rieger…these people have been here for several years and they all have their different spin on how to be successful online.

      Why do I recommend WA above other programs?  Because their methods are very solid and can set you up on a firm foundation.  The price is extremely cost-effective and the support is priceless. In fact, I have not found anything to match ono the entire web and I have been searching for 12 years to find an online solution to my affiliate marketing questions.

      It is hard work, but I enjoy it!


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