CB Passive Income 5.0 – Are You Ready?

CB Passive Income 5.0 is a program created by Patric Chan.  He is well known for several bestselling Amazon books on affiliate marketing.  Clicks For Cash being one of them.

How would you like to use his done-for-you system where you do not need;

  • a website
  • autoresponder
  • email list
  • to know any code

All you need do after joining CB Passive Income 5.0 is promote links of 7 products ranging from books to webinars.  Patric and his team will do the rest and you will be paid money into your account.

To be fair, Patric does not presume you know anything about internet marketing or Clickbank.  He says that you only need 2-3 methods of promoting your unique links. He recommends these;

  • Solo Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Youtube Video ads

Of all the above 3 methods, Solo ads is the most expensive, but fastest way to promote your links.

To me, CB Passive Income is like a mini Clickbank where you promote links of products you feel will sell well.  Fortunately, Patric has done all of the guesswork for you and all you need is to promote his products and earn an income.

I will use Bing ads as I have used them before.  You can learn all about Bing Ads here. It is not as expensive as Solo Ads and is easy to learn.


So What Products Are in CB Passive Income?

  • 5 Minutes Funnel


  • The Book Funnel –

A 196 Page Amazon Book Containing 72 Internet Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business Today

  • The Evergreen Webinar Funnel


How to start an eCommerce store business and 9 other models you can use online.

  • Evergreen Offers
  • Super Affiliate Online Training –

a 3 part series of a mid-priced product.  All part of a funnel including a 40% bonus for customers.

  • Affiliate  Contents Offer 


This is an affiliate marketing software that can help your customers to make affiliate commissions by sharing 3rd party content on Facebook.

  • Build and Grow Your List Fast ebook

Targeted at the Internet marketing niche.  This teaches you how to build and monetize your email list if you have  one.

  • Operation Quick Money & Software


You can give it away to earn passive income. Customers get free access to the web-based Operation Training and Offer Finder App Software.

Bear  in mind most of the products on offer refer to you making money with Clickbank products.

These are picked by Patric as he understands what makes a “hot” product on Clickbank.  Read my article here to understand more on how Clickbank works.

For The Record

Your Unique Link gives you LIFETIME affiliate commissions from different Clickbank merchants.

Also, your customers receive promotional offers in the emails sent by Patric Chan’s team.  Your job is only to drive traffic to the promotional offers using the methods I mentioned above. Your unique link is embedded into the offers you promote.

Every 30 days comes a new offer.  So be aware of this..


InBox Pro Version 


For a further $97 you can build your own separate email list besides Patric Chan’s email list. Obviously, you would need your own website first to use your email list.

Please note; if you begin your traffic training and sign up to Inbox Pro you will be given the opportunity to add your previously built subscribers list into your own autoresponder automatically.

You will not be able to sign up to Inbox Pro or use an automated autoresponder service if you have already started getting traffic to CB Passive Income Products.  I think this is because it will be rather fiddly for Patric Chan’s team to set things up for you.



This is one of the few done-for-you programs I feel confident about.  I have read other reviews about CB Passive Income 5.0 and joined after another Wealthy Affiliate member had written a review on it.  I am already part of Patric’s email list and know his products are top notch.


It can get pricey if you want to go yearly; $497 OR $47 monthly

Rating;   8/10



If you are a newbie and want a quick way to earn an online income, CB Passive Income could be the one for you.  You are only promoting Clickbank products chosen by Patric Chan.  All you do is promote your Unique URL and watch what happens.

As someone who has earned money with Clickbank before, you are really being spoilt here as this kind of product was not online when I started promoting Clickbank products.  I did have some training, but it was not as simple as this.

So what are you waiting for…Happy PROMOTING!

If you are still not sure about this and have questions to ask about CB Passive Income 5.0 just leave a comment in the section below.



26 thoughts on “CB Passive Income 5.0 – Are You Ready?”

  1. It sounds like a decent system but there’s just one thing that’s bugging me slightly, and leaving me slightly worried – the advert reliance. 

    I’m wondering how much extra the Solo Ads, Bing Ads and Youtube Video ads are going to cost, AFTER you’ve paid to get your foot in through the door with the product fee?

    • Well personally, I will only be promoting using Bing Ads as I do not know how to do the other 2 methods well.

      With Bing Ads you set the target.  I will only set mine at £50 each time.  Patric does mention working up to 1000 subscribers to make it worth your while. That costs about £200.  I will take my time as that is a bit much for me right now.

      The idea is to make your money back and reinvest it into CB Passive Income.

  2. Stella, Patric Chan is a prolific producer of affiliate marketing products. Some would consider his products spammy. But he has made millions. Not so sure about those that market his products. But the income potential is there if those selling his products can get them in front of enough viewers. Particularly those willing to pay for the upsells.

  3. Hi Stella.  There seem to be so many ways to make money online.   Thank you for this review of Patric Chan’s materials.    I must be honest though.  I do not think this will be a program that I pursue.   I am on a very tight budget right now.   

    In order to do another program like this, I would have to give up my Wealthy Affiliate membership.  On a monthly subscription basis, Wealthy Affiliate costs about the same.   Granted, Wealthy Affiliate is much cheaper if you sign up for the six month plan or yearly plan.    Anyway, I would prefer to stick with Wealthy Affiliate because they offer a lot more services for the money – to include website hosting with SSL certificates in addition to the training.   Wealthy Affiliate allows me to understand why I need to be doing something rather than being told, “Do this and you will make money.”   Understanding the “why” will allow me to grow my own business that will not  be dependent on a boss or some other marketing guru.  

    Yet, for other people, Patric’s program might be great.   Regardless, I wish you the very best.  

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion Sondra,

      As I am reviewing this product, I bought it to see if the program really does work  The only way to do that is promote it and watch what happens.  

      I will update this post in a month’s time to give people feedback.  I will only be using Bing Ads though as I would have to pay for video editing software like Camtasia.  Another learning curve!

      Solo ads is more expensive and very new to me so will not be using that either.

  4. Thank you,

    I have tried myself to promote click bank a few years ago, with no results whatsoever.  Is interesting that you have someone that knows what they doing to come up with a lot of it.  Can imagine that would be helpful to a new comer to online marketing.  How are you finding the results yourself?

    • Hi Sam,

      I have used PPC methods to make money from Clickbank products before so know how promoting links works. Patric Chan is a well known affiliate marketer and is now on No. 5 version of CB Passive Income.

      He obviously knows what he is doing.  I only joined the membership yesterday and will be updating this post in a month’s time with my results.

      Til then, all the best!

  5. Good afternoon Stella,

    Thank you for your review of CB Passive Income 5.0. To tell you the truth I had not heard of it before. 

    I understand the concept but I think it is a bit early for me. I do promote seminars or products on my website but have not reached the point of where I pay for adds. First I would like to earn enough money to be able to invest some of it again. I hope that will be in the near future so I will have to wait with this. Thank you for the information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Yes, Taetske

      CB Passive Income is actually all over the net.  It was because a fellow WA member recommended that  thought to check it out.

      I will update my review in a month’s time after using Bing ads to promote the products.  It is better for you to stick with Wealthy Affiliate if you are new.  Paid advertising is mentioned in Affiliate Bootcamp in WA.

  6. Thanks for the helpful and informative post! I’m hearing about CB Passive Income 5.0 for the first time and found the money making system very interesting. It’s great to know that I don’t even need an autoresponder, a website, coding, or an email list. This is awesome.

    I also love the rating and the way the program is promoted. This would be a suitable money making program for most newbie bloggers I guessed. Your post is highly-informative and is full of awesome money making programs. I will also give it a try. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    • Hi Israel,

      I am glad you found this review helpful to you.  Please be aware that to make money you will have to invest money.  In this case using Solo Ads, Bing Ads or Video marketing.

      Just pick 1 method and get really good with it before going off to the next method.

      To Your Success!


  7. Click Bank has a good reputation, therefore i think I can trust this product. Can I try this program, let’s say for one or two month and then cancel it in case it won’t be “my cup of coffee”? Do they offer a money guarantee? I am a newbie and searching for different opportunities to earn money. Thank you 

    • I am not sure about a 60 day money back guarantee.  I would say if you cannot afford to lose money do not try it. Remember you will also be spending money on Bing Ads, Video creation or Solo Ads.

      So either way money is spent.  I would check my budget and first create a site that has some traffic before using CB Passive Income.  Yes, it is true you can do this without a site, but you would be throwing leads away.

      Hope I have made this clear.

  8. Stella, Good article, I did not know of CB Passive Income 5.0 until I read your blog. How would this fit in with the training that goes along with the other affiliate programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate? I will go check this out, it sounds like a great program!

    • Hi Steve,

      Just write a product review of CB Passive Income on your site and be an affiliate of it as well!
      This is what you are meant to be doing if you have a site about internet marketing.

      If not, think about creating one!

      To Your Success!

  9. Mmmm, a best selling author on affiliate marketing on Amazon… I had no idea it was a thing. In other words, I had no idea such thing even existed regarding the bestsellers on affiliate marketing. I will definitely need to check out that guy Patric Chan. 

    The products in the CB Passive Income look really nice. I bet I would especially enjoy the super affiliate online training and the list building ebook.

    I do find the method itself though very little of value providing. I mean, obviously it sounds like an awesome system, however, I do feel it might not be the thing that I’m looking for. Namely, I’m not into this online marketing thing just to make some money.

    Making an impact is much more important for me. And I’ve no idea how to do it any better at this time than through a website.

    I do, however, appreciate all the insights! 🙂

    Thank you, cheers, and have a Great One!


    • Hi Matiss,

      I am not sure if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate or not, but creating a WordPress site with their training will give you a skill that will yield you great results in the future.

      Maybe CB Passive Income may not be for you right now, but as you said, check Patric Chan out first before making a concrete decision about using his products.

      To Your Success!


  10. Hey, there, Stella! I really enjoyed your review.

    I’m extremely certain this is way more easier than actually creating a solid website in terms of actually earning something online. Creating a solid, money making website can take years. I do know that there are people, who somehow manage to do it in a shorter time-span, but I do feel however that it certainly takes time (generally anyway).

    Truth be told, I’ve never tried using paid ads as a way of promoting products. Certainly it’s not for free so I don’t believe this is an option for me right now. And this despite the fact that I would actually be really excited to try this.

    Either way, I deeply appreciate all the details and insights you provided. I bookmarked your page for later reference. I might come back to it when I’ll have the capital.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Hi Rasa,

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this review about CB Passive Income.

      Pay Per Click advertising is very easy to learn and do.  You basically play around with interesting and catchy titles for your ads and scale the winning ad.  That is PPC in a nutshell.

      Looking forward to hearing from you as time goes on.

      To Your Success,


  11. Hi Stella, thanks for sharing your review. I’ve heard of CB passive income but I think I didn’t see too many highly positive reviews on it.

    It’s interesting to hear this perspective, and that’s good you’re able to use it aside Wealthy Affiliate also.

    Do you use this method to promote Wealthy Affiliate, or do you just stick to Clickbank offers?

    Also, is it possible to start making money soon with this method or will it take a few months like blogging?

    Thanks and look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      It was actually due to another WA member that I joined CB Passive Income. All you need do is drive traffic to the web pages you are given. You can use the same traffic methods to promote either Wealthy Affiliate or the Clickbank offers from CB Passive Income.

      They do their own email marketing for your list. What I want to learn from CB Passive is traffic generating methods. I could also have learned the methods from Clickfunnels, but at the moment, CF is way too expensive.

      Depending on how large your budget is, you can start seeing some income coming in almost immediately. Remember paid traffic is instant traffic and it is not about how much you blog but rather how much you are willing to invest in PPC or Solo Ads. Aim for high CTR (click through rate for cents or pennies rather than dollars).

      Patric advises people to aim for 1000 people on their list. This number is more likely to yield sales.

      If you need any more help, let me know Stephanie.

  12. Stella, thanks for taking the time to write your review and helping others to understand CB Passive Income! 🙂

    Usually, a WA member will just hammer my product to clickbait them to their own offers, but you don’t do that, you act very professionally and I admire that.

    With the right attitude as this, it’ll bring you closer to success, faster than you can imagine. Keep up the good work.

    Patric Chan

    • Hi Patric,

      I was really surprised to see your comment here. Thank you very much! It shows that you are very hands on and care about feedback about your products.

      I am very impressed and really grateful that you took time out to reply. Thank you for encouraging me.
      To Your Success,



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