ArbiCash System Review – What You See is What You Get!

I normally look out for sites on Clickbank that are moderately priced and interesting too.  Well, Arbicash caught me by surprise.  It’s moderately priced and then some…Continue reading to see what I mean.


Product:     The ArbiCash System

Website:     Arbicash.com

Owners:      Eric Holmlund, Jeff Hunt and Paul Courts

Price:           $17 – ArbiCash System

1st Upsell: $97 – ArbiCash Intensive Pro Upgrade

2nd Upsell: $197 – Website Investor



ArbiCash System Overview

This product, which was hiding away in the Internet section of Clickbank marketplace, had a sales page that was so interesting, I purchased it at the introductory price and also the first upsell!  The system draws traffic to any site with the arbitration method.  This means that you buy ads, at a low price, which draw traffic to your site(s).  This ads could be contextual, that is in relation to site content, or ‘interest ads’ based on what is trending in the news, TV, radio and the internet. You can then monetize the ads.

The ads are different from classified ads as they are meant to look like articles that are on yours or other people’s sites.  Big companies, like the Daily Mail and Washington Post, use native ads to drive traffic and create more news.  Anyway, the ArbiCash System really interested me as I have already been clicking on a lot of these ads – simply because I love reading!

On downloading, I found easy to follow instructions and explanations about;

  • What a Native Ad Is
  • Setting Up Your Arb (arbitration) site
  • Content Research
  • Article Creation
  • Monetizing Your Arb
  • Setting up Traffic Accounts
  • Uploading Your Ads
  • Managing Campaigns
  • Improving Profitability
  • Scaling Up Your Business

Arbitration simply means buying something for one price and almost instantly selling it at a higher price. Instead of just being reserved for Forex traders, Mums and online entrepreneurs can use the same principles – find a profit and scale it up.  In the digital world, if you earn ‘A’ dollars, there are many ways to scale to ‘A’ x 10 dollars.

Native Ads Are…

Ads that have been all over the internet for years.  You can find them below articles of every kind of blog, info and news site. Big sites like Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Sport Illustrated, Daily Mail, to name a few.  They look like related posts going by such headlines like;

Around The Web

What’s Popular Now

Sponsored Content

Trending Articles

They are also images with a controversial headline such as;

10 Money Saving Tricks For Insurance

Lose 10 Pounds Avoiding These 10 foods

The interesting thing is that they are like articles but are NOT!  They are paid advertising.  Contently conducted a study and found that in some tests as much as 80% of readers identified native ads as articles rather than paid advertisements. This is exactly why large brands use them.  People ave become banner blind and just ignore banner ads.  Pop-up blockers have also been invented to prevent ads disturbing your viewing experience.

Native ads, on the other and, look more like articles and also have informational content.


  • Write good content
  • put it on their website
  • buy online advertising which points at the content
  • build trust and autenticity

Enter Arbitrage

Native Ads have 2 attractive traits;

  • They are cheap

Prices vary depending on device type, topic, geography, providers and other strategies.

The arbitrageur (yes, quite a fancy name) can often get premium clicks for USA desktop traffic for 6-20 cents.  3-10 cents for mobile.

  • They are easy

Anyone like myself, who as ever tried Adwords, Facebook or other advertising platforms knows that it takes some real expertise to create profitable ad campaigns.  This is much easier with native ads because there are not nearly as many moving parts. Most ad campaigns only have a handful of parameters, so the steps of setting up a campaign are quite simple and easy.

Yes, you need finesse and expertise to achieve profitability, however this is a lot simpler than learning Adwords – believe you me.


How Does Native Ad Arbitration Work?

  • You simply create a website with interesting articles, usually newspaper gallery style (pic)
  • You buy traffic from a native ad provider then send it to your site
  • When you earn more from clicks on your website than it cost to buy the native ads traffic, you buy as much as you can afford and rake in the profit.
  • If you lose money, you tweak and optimize your ad campaigns  If you are still losing money you try again with a different article and ad campaign.


You will Need;

A Website

  • A theme
  • A pagination plug in to page through galleries of images


  • gallery style articles or…
  • content articles with an affiliate link (if you choose not to monetize the ads)

A Traffic Account

  • Outbrain
  • Tambola or both

Revenue Accounts

  • Adsense
  • A different native ad account from your traffic account like Content.ad or Revcontent

Tracking System

  • A spreadsheet


I did notice that it was better suited to WordPress users with at least intermediate experience though.  The download skimmed over domain naming, theme selection and adding specific plug-ins.



Training and Resources

This is more of a how-to-guide than a training course guide.  For $17 you get the Arbicash ebook in PDF version with the following bonuses:

  • Video Module for Non-Arbi Sites
  • 6 Bonuses including Content Creation Templates, Google Trends Video, Campaign Tracking Spreadsheet and Revenue Tracking Spreadsheet

Also included for your introductory $17, if you choose to be an affiliate of the Arbicash System, you also get The Newbie Accelerator pack – Parts A-D

There is also bonus training about website investing rather than building which is a hidden further upsell of $197.

I found the ebook to be really interesting and even created a mini site to practice how to set up a Native Ads niche site.  It is still in draft and under construction.

The $97 Arbicash Intensive Pro Upgrade is the next upsell that is the video version of the Arbicash System, including examples and full explanations. I bought this as I was so intrigued by the arbitration concept.  I needed to see how it worked and why. I was not disappointed.


Final Thoughts

My overall view of  Arbicash is that it definitely beats banner advertising. It is subtle and if done correctly could earn you quite a good passive income.  The owners are all Fathers with families and come across as decent people who walk the talk.  They are very experienced in their field and know the art of upselling!  I did not think twice before I got the first upsell like I’ve already mentioned.

There are more upsells including a private coaching package which has an introductory offer of $4.95 for the first month, then….!  It was because of this quiet but steady stream of upsells that I give Arbicash System an

Overall Rank of 8/10



Arbicash is a different way of earning cash online.  You do not need to know much besides wordpress site creation which you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate.  Everything else you need is in your download.

As I have already mentioned, there are upsells but only a few. You can go up to the first upsell and put Arbicash System to work for you.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.








  1. Hello Stella,

    Interesting review on arbicash system. Ill have to try it myself. So is the 17 dollars a one time thing? Or is that the price per ad campaign? I just a little confused with that. It sounds like it would work out very good. Have you seen a huge difference in traffic after using this?


    • Hi Johnny, just to clarify – you pay $17 at the beginning, then there is an upsell of $97 followed by another one of $197!.  I was keen to know more about the system and do a thorough review so I bought the first upsell of $97.  

      The good thing is that once you have bought it – it’s yours.

      I still have to complete the review listing pros and cons.  One of the pros is that you can expect a quick profit – one of the cons is that the upsells can take you by surprise…

      Hope this helps,,,

      If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

  2. Wow, Great Post! I really like how you give us (the readers) an in-depth look at this product and you show us, both the good and the bad. I wasn’t familiar with this product or the program until reading this review. And I have to say, that initial price is pretty convincing, However, after being scam by a similar program that offered the same initial price, I probably won’t be spending my money on this anytime soon. Really nice work with the format of this review.

    Thanks for this!

    • Thanks Emonne, glad you liked the post.

      I aim to give value and an honest approach to my reviews.  Arbitration is a good way to get traffic to your site.  I am still learning about it and see that the founders are all Dads with families.  They are very down to earth so even though ArbiCash seems pricey, the information given is very well put together by decent people who know what they are talking about.

      I went from not knowing about arbitration and how it works with native ads, to understand it from a marketing point of view.  It is a fairly new Clickbank product (ArbiCash) but the idea of arbitration has been around for a long time.

      I do not see it as a scam, but rather as value.  As time goes on, you will see what a scam is and pointers to it versus the real deal.  

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi there Stella

    Can you please clarify what you get if you only pay for the $17 package? just like Johnny asked.

    Can I still create a website with articles, then buy traffic from a native ad provider and repeat the process with the $17 pack?

    What exactly is the first $197 upsell?

    Anyway, it seems like an interesting product, I’ll be waiting for your response and any updates on this product


    • Hi Tasos, I have updated my site and give details as to what’s included in the $17 package.

      Yes you can create articles on a site then buy traffic as mentioned.  In fact, what I mentioned in the description of Arbicash was all from the ebook.

      For the $197 upsell which is the second, you are taught about website investing where you buy an already established site from Flippa (example) and use it for arbitration purposes.  It is more expensive in the long run as you have to buy the site which could be thousands of dollars.

      Hope this is clear..

  4. Hi Stella,

    I am always interested to find any service or product that helps drive more traffic to my site.

    As long as it is good quality traffic.

    Arbicash sounds very interesting!

    i am curious, what kind of results did you get from the program?

    This would be very helpful to know.

    Thanks in advance!


    My Life Is My Passion

    • Hi Tim, 

      I am concentrating on content creation with my sites and driving traffic to them at tthe moment. Native ad companies like Taboola prefer sites to have a sizeable amount of traffic before doing business with them…

  5. I am new guy that has just begun my affiliate marketing journey and thanks to your post, I have leant a new thing to integrate into my website 🙂 As the price is a bit pricey, I wonder how these ads can attract the right audience as to me when I came across these ads, they look a bit cheap and the content is quite irrelevant sometimes?

    • Sorry,’ Jack are you talking about the ones on the first page of Google?  Every time you search in Google where you see the word Ad above the first 4 or so site rankings above the fold, you can see that they are not cheap…Look at WA ads for example when you search for Wealthy Affiliate…

      Come back and let me know after you have spent a few hours practicing playing with words and re-wording sentences.

      All the best,


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