5 Ways to Avoid Shiny Button Syndrome

You may find, as a newbie trying to make it online, that you may acquire Shiny Button Syndrome.

“What is that?” You may ask. Shiny Button Syndrome is basically this;  you arrive at a sales page online that tells you weird and wonderful ways of how you can make a million pounds in 24 hours. It seems too good to be true and because you’re a newbie you are not aware of the pitfalls of this kind of scammy sales page, so you quickly read the  sales page with your enthusiasm getting higher and higher and press the buy button before you can blink or think.

You then realise after not quite understanding what you have bought  in the download page, that you have been taken for a ride and there is no person to support you or answer any of your questions. Never mind a refund.

So what do you do? Simply go onto the next new sales page with a bit of a more wary eye and repeat Episode 1. Shiny button syndrome is bad in the sense that you can actually waste a lot of money if you have it and even if you don’t. The only good thing I can say about this is that  you will become increasingly aware of what is a good product or program to join as opposed to a bad one.

So Here Are Five Ways to Avoid Shiny Button Syndrome.

Number One Read my post  on How to Spot a Scam Site. This will show you  how to recognise a scam site before you click on the buy button.

Number Two  Always be accountable and ask your closest friend or wife to read the sales page. You will see that a fresh pair of eyes will help you make a better decision.

Number Three  Never make a purchasing decision when you are tired as you are more likely to make a bad one.

Number Four Set financial spending goals for your online spending  and write down a budget that is realistic enough for you to stick to.  Put it beside your PC or laptop and make sure to look at it whenever tempted to buy a new shiny object.

Number Five Put your credit card away far from your reach. You will find it is all too easy to spend money that you don’t have  and max your credit card out as some online training programs cost thousands of pounds.

I used to suffer from this and was rescued by none other than a very vivid dream the day after I had made a very bad shiny button decision.

The story goes like this; I just happened to look at my email and my interest was sparked when I saw that a webinar  was starting in exactly 1 minute’s time from an expert guru that I respect.

The email and webinar were very enticing and by the end of the webinar when a promotion was given to join and travel to the States for a 5-day seminar and  1 to 1 mentorship, I jumped at the chance. Now bear in mind that at the time I was on benefits and received only £250 every fortnight. Leaving me with hardly any money to spare

So how much was this  5 day seminar and one to one mentorship? You may ask. Well I found out the following day that it would cost me £12,000 plus £11,000 in interest. But the real crux of the matter was that I had had a vivid dream which warned me about blowing money that I did not have.

The dream went like this;  I was seated in a yellow 178 bus and as I traveled along the road I noticed some covered up oil wells. There was no final destination for the bus. Also I saw myself standing in a room with some packed black suitcases having a very confused look on my face. I also was about to ring a friend of mine who is very financially smart. She appeared in the dream as well…

The following morning I had an email from two companies that were going to lend me this money. but unfortunately by then I had had the dream and realised that it would be a very bad idea to acquire a loan within a week to the tune of £23,000.

These days it is all too easy to acquire a loan even if you have a bad credit rating and have a guarantor who will pay for the loan if you cannot come up with the goods.

So what do you think the dream meant?

I wasn’t too sure myself so it occurred to me to check my Bible and look up Isaiah 17:8, Jeremiah 17:8  and Ezekiel 17:8. This is what Jeremiah 17:8 says starting from verse 5 all the way to 8;

“Thus says the Lord  – Cursed be the person who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm and his heart to depart from the Lord. He shall be like the heath in a desert and, shall not see when good comes but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness.  In a salt land and not inhabited.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters that spreads out her roots by the river and shall not see when heat comes but her leaf shall be  green and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from you yielding fruit”.

Now as you can see from the above statement this was a very clear warning to me. That I would never be able to repay back that loan and it was a very bad decision I had made in trying to get  one.   And as you can guess I had also made the decision to find the money at around 12 midnight – bad timing!

I hope that you can see how it is possible to be made almost bankrupt by falling for shiny button syndrome almost every time you see a great offer. Because not all offers are great – some may have a very high price tag attached to them and you could find yourself paying back a loan for years to come.

I understand not everyone is fortunate to receive vivid dreams to halt them in their Shiny Button tracks, but I am sure God will find a way to reach you if you believe in Him.  If you don’t – you may well only have a bad gut feeling instead, but at least I tried to warn you with this post!


The Psychology of Debt

In her book, Think Like a Bank,  Norma Cassius explains about the psychology of debt and I just want to refer to a few paragraphs so that you may further understand why you are more susceptible to shiny button syndrome than others.

For example,  When your financial judgement has been impacted you are more than likely to make unhealthy choices,  Such as purchasing unnecessary items that you can’t afford and then experiencing emotional disturbances such a sleeplessness, problematic eating habits, disruption to your daily routines, lack of peace, depression, anxiety and stress.

Being in debt for long periods of time can cause you to go through a cycle of repetitive emotions from worry to despair which may leave you feeling emotionally drained.  Do not worry as there is help for those who are in a situation.

So what are the possible outcomes? You either stay in debt for a long period of time accumulating further debt or pay off what you owe.  Norma goes on further to explain that all is not lost; getting into debt did not happen overnight and getting out of debt is the same. Don’t be too hard on yourself,  this is a process.

Think of it like you are on a journey to a secret destination and along the way you are discovering and learning different things about yourself such as how you can find alternative creative ways to manage and maximise your money from a psychological perspective. This should be referred to as self-actualisation.

You can relate self-actualisation to money management as follows; Once you have had exposure to the knowledge and skills of how to start managing your money and making it work for you, you can use the information to start developing skills that  could help you maximize your financial potential.

Being mindful of your thought processes, that is, thinking clearly and  staying focused. These may seem like simple concepts but they are powerful mind processes. It is actually a skill to be able to control your thought processes and as a result be rewarded  by healthier financial choices Now one thing I can take from one of her tips to help you get started in making better financial choices is this;

Cancel any outgoings that are unnecessary.  Anything you have not used for more than 6 or 8 weeks you’re more than likely not going to use.  Examples include gym memberships and subscriptions. Norma also says that you should find cheap providers using comparison websites such as moneysupermarket.com for bills and purchases.

If you have been with a provider for a year or more, ask if they have any loyalty packages.

Without going into great detail, you can see that there are many ways of overcoming shiny button syndrome. I have just mentioned a few that will help you get going on the road to achieving financial success.

As I said before,  How to Spot a Scam Site is a post created to put you on the right road to avoid Shiny Button syndrome. Once you read that you’ll be clear in understanding what are the differences between a good sales page from a decent online site and also how to spot a bad one.

If you have any questions or comments, please see them down below.

20 thoughts on “5 Ways to Avoid Shiny Button Syndrome”

  1. How I wish I have read this important guidelines before when I was starting few years back as an online marketer. 

    I admit I was a newbie that time and I just kept on searching “how to make money online” and before I even search or read reviews I have already bought this and that. And later got me broke without even starting with my goal on starting my online venture. 

    The shiny object syndrome or button, as others call it, has caught me many times. It’s good I  came to my senses and tried to focus and start one thing at a time. 

    I hope many other newbies will be guided by your article.

    • Gillian,

      We all live to learn.  Unfortunately, the hard way, but the main thing is to LEARN…!  And you have done that.

  2. Hello Stella,you are spot on with this article of yours and shiny button syndrome can actually cause a wreckage to a person’s financial stability. I’m glad you didn’t make the purchasing decision. Thankfully to your dream. I fell a couple if times for this when I just joined the making money online and I got sold out to couple of times. 

    The truth is, if it looks too real to be true, then it is and should not be given a chance. Also, getting others to read on the sales page too is also a very good addition to my knowledge. Thanks so much. Great post

    • I’m glad you learned a little from this post.  We all need to encourage each other about the pitfalls of Shiny Buttons…

  3. Hello my friend, I can very well relate to the shiny button syndrome. I wish I had this information 12 years ago. That’s when I was really naive. 

    I didn’t know crap! Spending money i didn’t have. Getting scammed left and right. No help from programs I was involved in. I know I was not alone in this struggle, in this battle dealing with online crooks. With the emergence of WA, things are so much better for beginners starting up a business.

  4. Very intelligent post my friend, you are correct. It certainly is hard to avoid all these scams when they promise to turn you into a millionaire over night and deep down you know it isn’t possible. Thanks for sharing with me on how to avoid this! I have shiny button syndrome for sure!!! But this article a tally helped me.

  5. Excellent tips. Especially number one! 

    There’s a relatively new scam site/sites circulating, and it’s all about getting referrals. The site is called Viral Dollars, but more and more sites exactly like it are popping up on social media and I keep seeing people fall for it and sharing rubbish links! Thanks for writing this up and hopefully it helps keep people away from bad sites. 

    Way too many people signup for anything because they have shiny button syndrome.

  6. Yes, yes, yes!! 

    We must be very cautious to signing up to programs that promise us so much even though our circumstances may not be financially well. Normally if it sounds too good to be true, it is! 

    The gym membership thing that was me!! I had a gym membership for about a year and a half and went less than 10 times and I was paying monthly all that time! Money I could of saved or used elsewhere. 

    Thank you for providing me with these important steps as an affiliate marketer otherwise because I am just starting out and need all the help I can get!

  7. Wow!  Nice website I learn so much from this site.

    I don’t have any suggestion but i have many questions. I hope you can help me in my problem. I  am a newbie in here and for the past years I am looking for a stable job but until now I can’t find the right one. 

    Your website tells all the details of how to be a top affiliate marketer and I salute you for that for doing a great job.

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks for the kind compliments given.  I really appreciate that.

      I must warn you in advance that affiliate marketing and building websites is simple, but requires a lot of hard work for at least a year before you see results.  Especially if you are new.  

      If you go through the course outline step by step and make sure you thoroughly understand each step before moving on, you will succeed.  Take your time and apply what you learn. Take the time to spend at least 3 hours a day minimum on your sites and marketing strategy.

      If you get stuck, ask for help in Live Chat or Help Centre. Someone will always help you out. However, we all here to encourage one another.  I have only been here for over a year.  Not very long…

      All the best,


  8. This is a spot on post Stella. 

    I’m happy you’re discussing this unconventional topic here on your site. You see, the issue of the shiny button as you have put it is really disturbing and it’s a menace. 

    Sometimes, I can’t get my hands off my credit card and I just subscribe for things that come my way. I was taught a big lesson though and all these things changed. Sometimes, we need to learn the hard way

    I’m glad you didn’t make the purchase though and that’s all thanks to the dream that was an eye opener. I hope someday I have.

    • Yes it was mighty close wasn’t it?  I don’t have warning dreams like that every night, but I do dream in colour and some of my dreams come true.  

      So I pay attention to them!

  9. Hi Stella,

    Your post is true and very helpful. if I have once been awarded as discussed in your post I won’t have been in debt. Although I learnt my lesson that’s why I agree with your post. 

    I am using this medium to tell all newbies to internet business to read this post so that they won’t fall victim. To save someone I will be sharing your post on my social media.

    • Hi there,

      This could turn out to be very interesting.  I am only sharing things I have learned from wiser people than mys=elf. And putting them in my own words.  I find it intriguing you want to share this on social media as it is not ‘hot’ news.

      Just common sense…However, if you feel the need to share it still.  Go ahead and do so.  

      I am glad to be of service.

  10. I certainly fall into that shiny button syndrome. 

    Personally, I was like that mainly because I entered a new venue that I do not know about and everything looks so lucrative, Who doesn’t want to make loads of money in a day? Then I can eventually leave my horrible job, yes please!  But boy did I learn that the hard way.

    Your number 2 suggestion is genius. I find that most of the time I am blind to all the sale’s page and a second opinion might just be what I need. I will read how to spot a scam site after this post. 


    • Hi Nuttanee,

      I think most  people online have been through one or two shiny buttons.  So you are not the only one…

      The important thing is to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.  I am pleased you’re enjoying my articles. I would welcome more feedback from you if possible.

      Wishing you all the best,



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