10 Little Strategies For Social Media Marketing

10 Little Strategies For Social Media Marketing

As you are dealing with people of different types of age groups and location, it is very important that you narrowly define your target audience so that you get a better response to your social media marketing efforts.

  1. In this instance, all you  need to do is make a picture of your ideal customer. Write down their demographics; that is their age, gender, education, region in the location, income bracket and whether they are a family with children or pets and love the out doors.


  • Make sure to be relevant when you are posting and make sure that you post 80% Inspiration and 20% Call To Action to purchase or promote a product.


  •  In Twitter you can only write for 140 or so characters in each tweet. This makes you think of ways to write short and punchy sentences.  Short catchy phrases are also a good strategy to use when you are doing your pay per click ads, for example, on Facebook.


  • You can combine social engagement with social media advertising. By this I mean on such sites as Facebook, you can post and also advertise your links to your website.  You do this by Boosting your posts for as little as $20 for 3-5 days.


  • Boost your post to get a good feel of how  to target your audience and how they will engage with you. Only do this for about a day then adjust your ad for the rest of the ad campaign.

  • Look at the analytics of your engagement.  This means, is your audience staying on your page for at least 6 minutes?  If not, you may have to read your posts to discover the most viewed ones.  Then make your lesser viewed ones, more engaging and relevant to your audience.


  • The time of day you post is also very important. lunchtime and dinner are very good times to post in the Western hemisphere for example between 12 and 2pm for lunch and between 5 and 7pm for dinner.  Find out if you can set your ads to display at certain times of the day for better exposure.


  • You can also schedule your ads and schedule your posts.  You can download Tailwind app to schedule plenty of pins in Pinterest in advance.  You can also use it for scheduling your Instagram posts.


  • Hashtags are very useful for enabling quicker searches for your content. When posting tweets or pins, hashtags make your your posts stand out more.


  • Make sure that your images for pinning, which you can make in Canva, are very clear and relevant to the blog post that you apply it to.


And that’s it! I hope you learnt a lot from these strategies and that you implement them to your delight. Let me know your feedback as to how you get  on.

6 thoughts on “10 Little Strategies For Social Media Marketing”

  1. Hello Stella, I believe that this are all really good strategies to follow when one wants to become successful in social media marketing. I have never gave it a thought but I see a lot of people writing about it. I think it’s really a good avenue to meet with alot of people and focus on your target audience. Based on my knowledge, I think another thing to add is to do contests and giveaways. This way, you can engage your followers and get potential customers too but this might be difficult for someone whose just starting. Overall this are great tips and I’ll be sure to bookmark this post for future reference. 

    • Yes, contests and giveaways are a very good idea to get people interested in your offers down the road.

      I am not looking at that avenue at the moment as I am concentrating on sales funnel creation. I plan on giving bonus content as a freebie though…

      I am glad you enjoyed this post enough to bookmark it!

  2. Hi Stella! I am trying to learn more about internet marketing. I found your article very helpful and I wanted to know what avenue do you find the most beneficial? I know facebook ads can be pretty costly…Which ways do you promote your website the most? Any information would be great, just want your personal advice. Thanks

    • Hi Nikki,

      To tell you the truth I am only just getting my feet wet when it comes to promoting my content.  Yes, Facebook ads seem costly at first, but it is cheaper using Facebook than Google or Bing Ads…

      I just found out a free way to use Facebook Groups to grow your audience, but I only learnt about it yesterday and am yet to apply it.  It is all above board though.

      It looks like we’ll have to keep in touch so that I can update you.  If you are a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you will find the course training very easy to follow.

      From what WA members, TDomena, and Littlemama have shown, Youtube videos are the way to go moving forward.  You do not have to show your face if you don’t want to .

      I am looking into a moderate priced video creation software at the moment.  It seems Filmora at $59 is a decent price.  The good thing is, it is for life.  No upsells are included.

      I hope this helps!

      All the best, 


  3. Nice collection of Social Media tips, thank you.  

    I personally use Hootsuite and Tailwind, because Hootsuite will do everything for every account, without switching, but Tailwind comes with nifty hashtag suggestions and best time suggestions, and it’s crazy good!  I love that service.  

    I’m a huge believer in social media scheduling and strategy to make your social media marketing a success.  Giveaways and freebies are also a great big draw as well for your readers.  

    Thanks again for the tips.

    • My pleasure Selenity!

      Yes, we need social media scheduling to make our live easier.  The more automated our marketing strategy, the less work we have to do.  Instead, we can concentrate on content creation and also have more time for enjoying life!

      But then affiliate marketing is very enjoyable, don’t you think?


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