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Affilorama was created by Mark Ling, an affiliate marketer who gained success by creating niche websites.Though a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I still look around for similar programs to compare and see how they stand up against Wealthy Affiliate in terms of value.

The First Thing I Notice with Affilorama Is

Instead of using social media and adverts to attract traffic to his site, Mark specialises in email marketing and email list building. His stance is that with an email list and 90 emails spread over the course of a year you can build trust with your subscribers.

You can promote up to 20 products over the course of a year gaining clients much easier than if you have ads that are clicked on. With ads a person may click on your ad, then away from your site never to be seen again. However, with emails you can gain trust and build a steady stream of subscribers who are eager to buy from you because of the  trust you have gained.

What makes Affilorama stand out is that you are given a skeleton of email scripts to write from. No person has the same writing Style or tone. So you can make these scripts your own. However you are given prompts by the in-house writers who create done-for-you email scripts. You are also given 5 websites to play around with. With Wealthy affiliate on the other hand, you are given 50 websites – 25 are free and 25 are paid for to use at your discretion. Affilorama focuses on building a sub-niche of a niche. And also states that the most valuable and niches are about 18 subjects and you can build solid content around them.

I discovered, with Wealthy Affiliate, a lot of new people find it hard to understand what a niche is and what to call their domain.

A niche is simply a topic you know so much about you can write at least 50 pages on it over the course of a year. It should be evergreen – that means it will never run out of fashion and be profitable as well. It should also solve a pain point or a problem whereby you give solutions to your readers.

This means that your subject is always in season whether it is summer or winter.

Affiliate Networks To Join

Clickbank is an affiliate network hosting thousands of affiliate marketing products. It is very easy to join. Other networks are suggested such as ShareAsale, Linkshare and Commission Junction. Clickbank is the easiest network to join and also make a profit from.

But those of you who join the pro Verision of Affilorama the price jumps very high to $997 – a huge jump in price from the free version. You do however, get everything from email letter scripts to content ideas. You can even hire a writer from Mark Ling if writing is not your strong point.

Personally I like to write and can write up to 1500 words in one sitting with ease. I am not too sure about hiring a writer or what price they are but I know that it is not $5 a piece as you would find with Fiverr.

These writers are of high quality so you will be expected to pay them accordingly.

A Firm Foundation For Your Internet Marketing Ventures

Wealthy Affiliate encourages and teaches you the Foundation of affiliate marketing. The step-by-step Online Certification makes life a lot easier for newbies and advanced internet marketer alike.  As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will know everything from the ground up. You’ll also receive live webinars that are aired weekly. in addition to these webinars you are given instruction on topics such as search engine optimisation, that is, SEO, Email Marketing, creating valuable content including Youtube videos, website structure, outsourcing, etc.

These webinars are all part of the yearly fee of $359 per year or $49 per month if you prefer to go the monthly payment route. To become a Premium member it costs $19 for your first month then $49 every month after that. You get a discount if you pay yearly and another discount if you join at The Black Friday special in November which is next month.

The 5 main differences between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate training are these;

1. The price. Remember the emphasis on email marketing strategy. Over social media marketing strategy or Pay-per-Click strategy.

2. 5 websites vs 50, 25 of which are free for Premium Members.  The other 25 are domains which you purchase at $13.99 each a year and are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.  As you are building authority sites, you will find you only need to start of with 1 or 2 sites at the most.  There is plenty of work involved insluding answering comments, SEO, editing and of course, writing posts at least 3 times a week.  For at least 2 years!

3.  Traffic is gained from composing emails from email and content skeleton scripts for you to amend vs writing your own with guidelines from the course outline in Wealthy Affiliate

4. With Affilorama you can outsource your work from professional writers at an additional fee. With Wealthy Affiliate you are given instructions on how to effectively outsource your work to professional writers outside of WA.

5. Once inside the members area of Affilorama, you are introduced to a quick start guide to affiliate marketing. This is very useful as newcomers to online marketing do not understand the term. Let me break it down for you; affiliate marketing is simply being paid a commission for promoting niche related products on your site.

You simply sign up with an affiliate network and promote their products on your site or blog.

When a visitor comes to your blog and buys a product, you get paid a commission from the affiliate network you joined. You do not need to buy any inventory or deal with Customer Service. The one good thing about it is that you can automate a lot of your work. Which means you basically can make money in your sleep.

Your audience is worldwide on the web and the web is worldwide; with a touch of search engine engine optimisation or SEO you can rank high in the search engines.

Then people who are actively searching for the products you are promoting or, who find your site, can buy from you. It seems easy, but the trick is to find winning evergreen products to promote.

In Chapter 3 of Affilorama, the four steps to building a successful affiliate website are these;

1. Market research to figure out what affiliate products you going to promote how to promote them and whether  and whether they are  profitable. Getting this  right will save you time, money and energy.

2. Build your website With Affilorama you just click once and your website is built for you, with software. it is based around a simple theme.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can choose from more than 4000 free themes. Now this can be confusing, as you may not know the best theme design suitable for your chosen niche.  The good thing is, you are given guidance from the Top 200 Wealthy Affiliate members on what are the best themes to choose from. Ones that are customisable.

3. Get visitors to your website; Affilorama mainly uses email marketing and social media to attract traffic, gaining trust in the longer term.

This is more effective than Pay-per-Click or paid ads which can end up being costly. Lots of effort with little results.

4.  Optimise your website for sales. This is important. Site structure, for ease of use, helps visitors navigate through your site easily.

To succeed as an affiliate you need to write daily, your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Then your 6-monthly and 5-year goals. Once you have this on paper and refer to it several times a day, you’ll be more focused and press on when the going gets tough and distractions arise.

5.  Balance, Research and Action; there are many ways to do affiliate marketing. There are also many experts’ websites and resources teaching you how to do your research. Affilorama’s advice is spend 20% of your time learning and 80% of your time doing. Which means taking action!

This could be; building content for your site, doing market research, building your email list, writing content for the email list of subscribers, doing SEO, writing and creating videos, etc. If you purchase a course, buy them one by one and go through them thoroughly. In order of importance and relevance to the stage of affiliate marketing you are at.

When I went to a seminar 7 months ago, I was told about funnels and low and behold Wealthy Affiliate training has four recorded webinars on email structure and layout and how to use autoresponders. I watched these webinars repeatedly.  Took notes and practiced creating opt-in forms, thank you pages and how to set up a funnel sequence.

These are evident from the sidebar on the right of this page.  Like I mentioned before, Affilorama emphasises building long-term relationships and trust with your visitors and subscribers.


1.  You make more sales when a relationship is built up.

2. You can sell multiple things to the same person over a period of time.

3.  Even if someone never returns to your site, the emails are there to keep in contact.  So unless they unsubscribe, you can still promote products to them.

4. You can let people know when you add new content to your site, list and give you a boost of publicity. 

5.  If your traffic sources dry up, that is, search engine rankings drop, you can keep making money and that is very very useful. You can let your subscribers know of upcoming promotions and also set up your emails so they are totally automated. Using an autoresponder such as Aweber or MailChimp, Get Response, etc.

Mark Ling recommends having an email sequence spread over the course of a year; This means writing everything in advance! if I use the free version of Affilorama,  you have to come up with your own email contacts and letters. But those who soldier on and  and pay the $997 for a AffiloJetPack, are given several tools including email scripts and hints.

These tools are;

1.  90 + expertly crafted emails designed to build trust and make sales.

2.  3 free reports to be used as a bonus on your opt-in page.

3.  A beautiful website built on WordPress using a one-click set up. 12-month hosting is included for the first year. in pathway to set this retailing at $37 you are given a guide that gives you a road map to success.

You will learn:

1. How to find profitable niches or products

2. The 11 best niches to  get into

3. How to compete in a competitive niche by “sub-niching”, angle and value proposition.

4. How to track your chosen audience

5.  How to write ethical products reviews

6. How to monetize your pages

7. How to use 5 ‘readiness levels’ so you know what to say at a given time to potential customers

8. How to create content that attracts links.

9. How to attract more authoritative links.

10. You also get 20 content cheat sheets that contain research ideas and gold nuggets of information to create seriously valuable article number.

11. 18 profitable niches to choose from.

And the Cost For You?

The total cost AffiloJetpack is, as I mentioned earlier, a great $997 and this is where I look Wealthy Affiliate and see how great a Foundation is being taught.  You learn to really be original, and, also learn from the Top 200 Wealthy Affiliate members and get your site reviewed and giving feedback on so they can make the necessary adjustments. All at no extra cost!

I have discovered the only way to learn something is practice it for at least 3 weeks. For example, Eat, Sleep and Breathe emails, copy email experts that are sitting in your inbox. Write and copy them until you can begin to naturally write in the same style. It will take you at least 3 weeks of hard work, but at least you will have gained a lifelong skill for free.

Look at this post by Kyle – one of Wealthy Affiliate’s founders – ‘How You Can Get Good At Anything’

i hope you can see the main differences between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, not only are you given a foundation of how to start a successful affiliate marketing business but you have the Top 200 of the thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members to ask questions from. Well, whether it’s in the Live Chat, Help Centre or on your WA blog, people respond in minutes..

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a foundation that you will never forget and will take you on to greater things. I’m not saying that it’s not hard work but it’s the kind of work that you can take away and use for other things. You will learn how to prioritise, how to focus, how to copy the style experts that have been in Wealthy Affiliate longer than you.  (With their permission!)

You will learn a lot and if you’re stuck the support is there.

If you are a newbie and want to skip the learning curve, then maybe  Affilorama is much better for you.  But with Wealthy Affiliate you have a firm foundation in internet marketing. I have seen people whose first language is not English, yet they have succeeded making money with Wealthy Affiliate training. So therefore you will be hard-pressed to make a decent choice between the two programs.


I’m impressed with Affilorama because I’m very much into email marketing strategy but as I mentioned in my own article I will copy at least one person who is good at email Marketing from my own inbox.  I’ll write out every single one his emails to get a feel of his writing style and tone of voice. Also learning how to write with value in mind. I will save myself a lot of money and I hope that you will too.

Here Are The Overall Ratings!

Affilorama:                   7/10

Wealthy Affiliate:       9/10

If you want to find out more about starting up a free website and earning and learning with Wealthy Affiliate all you need to do is click on this button below and I will see you on the inside…


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