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In your search for ‘How to Make Money Online’ it can take up a lot of your time sorting through the thousands of affiliate programs and ways of making money with them.  In this review of Wealthy Affiliate, I will be giving you information that will save you not only time but hopefully, money as well.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means that every time a person  visits your  website and, ends up  buying a company’s product or service by clicking on one of it’s links – the owner of the website (you) receives a commission. It is an art which some people have mastered while some people are relatively new at this way of making money online.

Personally I realised that not only did I need to learn how to do affiliate marketing properly, I would need a mentor who really did know this business inside out.

Whether you are new to online marketing or are a veteran who is highly experienced, there is something for everyone of us to learn at all levels. There is also email marketing, where you write emails to your readers on a regular basis. Video marketing and also marketing using Social Media can both require a steep learning curve.


Enter Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of a training program, owned by founders Kyle and Carson, that goes into great detail on how to become a successful affiliate. Other aspects of earning money online are also taught. Here are some more details and ratings that you may consider:

Website URL:                               wealthyaffiliate.com   9/10

Training;                                        8.5/10

Support;                                        9/10

WordPress Hosting;                     9/10

Research Tools;                           8/10

Price;  Starter Member (Free)   Premium Member $49/monthly or $351 per year;   9/10

My Overall Rating: 9/10

This score may seem high, but unless you join and find out for yourself why this training program scores this  high, you would be none the wiser.  I suggest you join for free on a Starter membership and have a look around Wealthy Affiliate website for yourself. Once there you will be able to see  how your earning potential can really skyrocket with the training  provided.

I have used and tried many methods of learning and earning money online, but most programs are lacking in one thing or another in quality, pricing or support. In Wealthy Affiliate, I was surprised to find out so many methods of learning, and excellent support all in one place.

Training – Visuals Included

Like I mentioned earlier, whether you are new or an advanced online marketer, there is always something new to be learned or improved upon.

To begin, click on the ‘Get Started Here’ button. This brings up the Certification Courses where there 5 Phases each having 10 lessons. There are tasks at the end of each lesson that you can tick off  on completion.

The courses are in video and text format.  If you run into problems with carrying out the tasks for each lesson, you simply type in a question in the search bar at the top of each page and the relevant ‘Classroom’ will show up. If not, you can still put up your question and have the option for the Wealthy Affiliate community to answer it.

The Live Chat section is for immediate answers and there is always someone there even at 2.00am in the morning!

You can also send more experienced members a Private Message to ask questions or leave them a comment.

Personally, I have become more confident in using WordPress themes, editing and customising visuals that are relevant to what I write. This is mostly due to all the expertise given freely by other more knowledgeable affiliate members of WA.  Normally from the Top 200.


Site Rubix

This is the content writing and hosting platform for up to 25 sites with your own domain.  You also receive 25 free sites as a Premium Member.  Or 2 free sites as a Free Member.  This is quite a high number of websites for the price. Personally, as my sites are built up over the course of a year, I only plan on creating 2 brand new sites per year as the workload plus the course load is quite a lot.  Because of all I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, I find I am now confident when it comes to website creation.

I love to create engaging content that ranks high in the Google, Bing and Yahoo – even in the early days of creation.  I am sure that as you build your own sites, you will get to understand how effortless the whole process can become.

Site Rubix is easy to use and in the Site Builder, you can create a wordpress site with just 3 clicks using in-built WordPress Express plugin.

There is also a comment and feedback section where you can ask other members of Wealthy Affiliate their opinions as to your site layout and design as well as content.  This is a welcome add-on to the training program and allows you to test the waters as to the relevance of your site to the online community.  It is also like having a free proof-reading service!

Come and see what I mean.  Below is a training by one of the experienced members of WA.  He has created  a 4 part live case study of how to build a niche site.

Training also comes in the form of;

  • Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons)
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Text-based tutorials
  • Video tutorials
  • Online Certification Certification (50 lessons)

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The Wealthy Affiliate training program is for people who have tried on  their own, had little success and need the specific training modules.  This could be for students of different aptitudes, stay-at-home mothers or people who are tired of the rat-race and simply want a change of career.

I must emphasise that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  You will have to put in the work and research.  You also need to be dedicated and learn from mistakes made. And if you are new, there will be quite a few (pardon the pun!).


  • I find the support within  the Wealthy Affiliate community to be second to none because not only is it accurate, but fast. There is always someone at hand who has the answer to your question and who can become your friend.
  • The training is given step-by-step in both video and text format.  If you do not understand something, you can stop the video and ask questions in the Live Chat section.
  • This training program suits most people’s budgets.  If you are really strapped for cash, you can start the training at the Starter Price, which is free.


  • This training program is for  English speakers. If English is not the first language, then a newbie would have a steeper learning curve as they would have to get the training translated for them.  As there is a lot of training – this would seem like information overload.
  • To gain access to the more elite aspects of this program, like the Jaaxy Keyword Tool which gives site rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo, you would have to become a Premium Member.  Also as a Premium member you get up to 25 free websites, but only 2 as a Starter member.



​You have heard it from me as a current member and also as one who returned to Wealthy Affiliate after a few years.  Now it is up to you to make your choice.  There are other training programs out there, but this one has the fastest rate of response to any questions you may have as you progress through the courses in the training program.  This is the main reason why I returned and am determined to stay with it this time.

So don’t just take my word for it,


Just to Let You Know…

I have a special bonus for you if you join up as a Starter Member.  Yes, try it for yourself and get started on the training.  It is very clear and detailed.  I will make sure I contact you within your first day of joining.  All you have to do if you do join is set up your profile account.   It is really easy and you will have company and support especially mine.

This is The Added Bonus

If you join up and decide to become a Premium member in your first 7 days, you will get a 59% discount.  This means your first month as Premium will only come to $19!

This is what I did and I am enjoying the journey. I have learnt from experience when I am getting something of value, so jumped in with both feet..There’s no point  in swimming with one leg unless that’s all you have..

Once you are in, I will give you more information about WA and how to get started.  I will also help you to claim your bonus.  If you put the work in and follow the course outline closely you will go from newbie to experienced marketer like many other WA members have.

You will be glad you did!

Want To Convert More Visitors Into Leads?

You may have to follow a very clear strategy… Here is what Mike Kearns posted for us to read…

I will let you in on it….Just Click Here

If you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will get back to you.

16 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Training – Top Rated”

  1. Very informative! I have to agree that affiliate marketing is probably the best type of online business a person could get into. Of course, that’s provided they’re willing to put in the work. Wealthy Affiliate is great, because no matter what type of business you get into, you will need a web presence at some point. This can be an expensive pain in the neck for someone who’s never even heard of SEO and has to pay someone to do this for them. Even if you never promote anyone’s products with your knowledge, you’ll learn so much about website building that you could make a decent living just putting sites together for others.


  2. Hi, Stella. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for just over 3 years, I fully agree with not only the high rating that you gave to this training program, (9 out of 10 stars), but everything that you stated on just what is offered to people who sincerely wish to learn how to run a profitable online business for themselves.

    Everything regarding the amount of training, tools to build a website, (and have it hosted) and the large community of people who would provide sage advice and help if needed allows me, a bit biased, to state that Wealthy Affiliate goes unmatched in what it has to offer as a whole. There is also the tremendous tech support staff available 224/7/365 should a member have any issues with his/her website.

    I do agree with you that the one minor con, a lack of training for non-English speaking people would be a problem for those individuals as they attempt to learn the ropes through the courses, tutorials and live training that is provided on the site.


    • Hi Jeff, 

      Fully agreed.  The support is amazing and there is also unending classroom training to further help with understanding what to do.  One just needs to go through the training step-by-step to come out the other side of the tunnel smiling…

      Your comment is very much appreciated!

  3. I’m a member since last May and all I can advise you if you read my comment is:” Try at least the free version”. What do you have to lose?

    I remember when I read a Wealthy Affiliate review and I was thinking: “Is it possible to be that good?”. But I wanted a chance and since it was free and they didn’t ask me for credit card info,  I said:”Why not?”.

    A year later, I tell you that it was the best decision of my life. I’m relatively young -25- but I’d love to have learned about WA earlier in my life. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jenny,

      I started learning about affiliate marketing around the time WA began.  I would be earning a lot if I started earlier!

      Anyway, at least we are both here now!

  4. Hi Stella.
    Thank you for your post. I agree with you that WA is the best way of earning money online. As I am new to WA I don’t know much information about WA. Your post able me to know about what is affiliate marketing, WA as a top rated training program, the details about the training method, who will be benefited by WA and so on.
    Thank you so much for providing such a informative review of WA as a top rated training program. I will definitely share your post to others.

  5. Hi Stella, thank you for reviewing this training from Wealthy Affiliate. I was actually looking into affiliate marketing for a while, because it seems just the thing for me. Out of the products and programs I checked out, Wealthy Affiliate seems by far the best – and it also has many positive reviews and praises. So I’d be interested in joining in. The price of $19 per month seems really good for me, but I’m a student right now so I can’t afford paying more. I say this because I read that the price increases after the second month. Do you think I could earn some money from the first month and use those to pay my subscription in the second month? Even some of that amount could be enough. If this wouldn’t be possible – do you have any suggestions on ways to earn a few dollars per month via Internet? I would really appreciate any suggestion.

    • Ashley,

      WA is specifically for people who are committed to spending at least 4 hours daily on creating an authority site.  Even though you are shown step by step what to do, you still have to spend time setting it all up.

      I do not know any one on WA who made money in their first month.  Maybe they exist, but i have not met anyone who has achieved this yet. 

      Affiliate marketing is all I have ever been interested in because I simply love writing and marketing. 

      You may have to join Warrior Forum for ideas.  A website forum aimed at new and experienced internet marketers. Don’t worry it is free and hopefully you can get an answer to your question.

      Meanwhile, I will research for ways to make money online fast. 

      Thanks for inspiring me!

      Many blessings,


  6. Hi Stella, thanks for your review about Wealthy Affiliate. A while ago, I started to make my own website with Blogspot. This was taught by my previous mentor, but he is so busy that I don’t understand anymore what should I do. Another friend recommend me Wealthy Affiliate, and I have seen it got many good reputation. I like there is a community to help, but is there any mentorship system? I’ll try to check the free version too. Thank you.

    • Hi Alblue,

      Go ahead and check Wealthy Affiliate out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The more experience you get from WA, the more you will be ale to teach others and lead the way.  WA was designed to be cost effective yet over deliver on content and support.

      Like I said, this is the real deal and I am not going anywhere else!

  7. Hello there and thank you for sharing all those detailed explanations on Wealthy Affiliate. I am already a member of this amazing community but haven’t been very involved lately. So there are new things that I discover everyday about it. I have one question and maybe you can help me with. I am a native English speaker but I also grew up speaking French. So I would like to start a website in French, as the competition would be a lot smaller. Do you think the keyword tool from Wealthy Affiliate could work for French words? I don’t know if you tried using it in a foreign language, but maybe you can help. I’m not very familiar with the keyword tool yet, that’s why I prefer to ask someone more experienced, and you really seem like the right person. Maybe you can help – thanks anyway, Heather.

    • Hi Heather,

      Unfortunately, the Jaaxy tool is only available in English.  You have to search for keywords in English and then translate into French.

      The only thing is translation tools are still fresh on the market and are not accurate.  Unless you want to do the translation yourself.

  8. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was clueless of what I engaged myself into. I didn’t know anything about the terms niche, SEO, Jaaxy, etc. I don’t even know that it’s possible for me to put up my own website. I became quite knowledgeable in making a profitable content because of WA’s training and webinars. I am only in my first month but I am proud of myself for learning so much. I am not an expert but I’m getting by. Anyway, I don’t expect an overnight success because I know I still have so much to put through. 

    My plan is to make WA known in our country. Hope I can make it possible that’s why I wanted to learn a lot so I can be of good assistance to others just like you. Thanks for sharing this, Stella!


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